Athipoo Phahurat

Vintage Stock

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Entrance Fee: $ 5.00 each

Date 2/15/02 (Staturday)


There Were About more than 30 people I think.


1st place 5 booster pack of your choice

2nd place 3 booster pack of your choice

3rd place None L

My Deck name Is: Beatdown Deck!

So Here My Deck Are:



Jinzo (no Trap For You!)

Summoned Skull (6 Star 2500 atk)

Gearfried The Iron Knight x2 (Beatdown)

Harpieís Brother x3 (Beatdown)

La Jin x 3 (Beatdown)

7 Colored Fish x3 (Beatdown)

Mat-Eater Bug x 3 (Your Dead)

Magician of Faith x2 (1 Raigeki isnít good enough for this duel)

Cyberjar (Clear The Field!)

WotBF (Get My Jinzo!)

Total: 21 Monsters



Monster Reborn (Reborn my Jinzo)

Premature Burial (same as above)

Dark Hole (Clear the field)

Raigeki (Clear the field)

Change of Heart (Your monster is now mine)

Snatch Steal (same as above)

Nobleman of Crossout x2 (Bye Bye man-eater-bug)

Fissure x3 (destroy monster)

Mst (Bye Bye Mirror Force)

Axe of Despair x2 (+1000atk)

Heavy Storm (Clear the field)

Pot of Greed (I draw 2!)

Total: 16 Magics



Imperial Order (No magics for you!)

Mirror Force (Your forces now is destroyed)

Waboku x2 (Our Defenses)

Call of the Haunted (Reborn my Jinzo!)

7 tools of Bandit

Magic Drain x2

Solem Judgement

Total: 9 Traps

Now My Report:

Round one:

Me vs a guy with 10+ 2000 def monstersÖ..

He went first and lay a monster face down, I knew he had a monster that have 2000 def monsters so I played my cyberjar face down and Waboku face down. Then he play another monster face down I flipped my cyberjar and I got all 1800 monsters from cyberjar so lay them all in atk mode he got like 3 of 2000 def monster. But it doesnít matter I play raigeki, tributed one of my harpie for jinzo end dueled.

Me 8000 opponent 8000-0

Round two:

Me vs a kid who doesnít know how to tributeÖ..

However I went first play my WotBF in def mode face down then he play 2 monster on the field face down I was like wtf..

So I taught him that u can only play 1 monster per turn. Then

I tribute my WotBF for my SS equipped with axe destroy his monster then he play another def face down monster I play my La jin attack his weak def monster SS atk directly with 3500.

Next turn I tribute my La jin for Jinzo then Raigeki ended duel.

Me 8000 opponent 8000-4500-0

Before round 3 started I was surprised that Jesse who beat me twice last two tournament lost to a 50 yr old guy who beat Ben the kidís brother who I beated last tournament too.

Round three:

Me vs 50 yr old guy (Beat down deck also)

He went first and play monster face down and 2 m/t my turn I play my MeB in def face down and few m/t. Then he play changed of heart tribute both for his Sanga of Thunder. He Atk my Life point directly for 2600. Then I play snatch steal his sanga and play 7colorfish atk for 4400. He then play a La jin and atk my 7colorfish and fissure my sanga or his J ended his turn. Then I play monster reborn his sanga and play harpie atk life point again for 4400 and its game.

Me 8000-5400 opponent 8000-3600-0

Round four:

Me vs Jon (Beat down deck who beat my lil bro)

I donít remember much this duel but I know I beat him with my Jinzo.

Me 8000? Opponent 8000-0?

Round five (Final):
Me vs Tim (Burning deck heís my cousinís friend)

I think I went first and play WotBF face down then he play a nimble in atk mode? My turn I play a MeB face down he played Ceasefire for 1500 (ouch). Then he attack my bug and witch then I play Raigeki which he solem judgemented. I then lay another MeB face down he atk and I Waboku. My turn I tribute it for Jinzo he activated another judgement (omg) his lp now at 2000 me 6500 then I play dark hole reborn wotbf play harpie and its game J.

Me 8000-6500 Tim 8000-4000-0

I Won the Tournament Woohoo my first time got 1st place!!!

I got 5 packs of Pharoah Servants.


-for won 1st in the tournament

-for get nobleman of cross out from the booster

-for my dad gave me a ride


-for getting crap out of tpack

-for getting crap out of other 4 psv packs

-for never have a chance to beat Jesse!


Aim Yugib0y


Thx For reading My Tournament Report.