Sword Hunter's Revenge

Root Beer Comics

Decatur, IL

Date of Tournament: 2-16-03

I'm glad that Root Beer Comics holds tournaments often. There weren't very many people here this time, so I had only 3 opponents this time. There were around 8 people this time. I've been tweaking my deck, so here is the deck and sidedeck I used.

Monsters: 24

1.Sword Hunter

2.Dark Magician

3.Blue Eyes White Dragon

4.Twin-Headed Fire Dragon

5.Curse of Dragon


7.Man-Eater Bug x3

8.Magician of Faith

9.Cyber Jar

10.Invader of the Throne

11.La Jinn

12.Neo the Magic Swordsman

13.Darkfire Soldier #1

14.Darkfire Soldier #2

15.Battle Ox

16.Girochin Kuwagata

17.Gearfried the Iron Knight

18.7 Colored Fish

19.Harpie's Brother

20.Jirai Gumo

21.Maha Vailo

22.Giant Soldier of Stone

Magic: 15

1.Graceful Dice

2.Ground Collapse


4.Nobleman of Extermination

5.Nobleman of Crossout

6.Burning Land

7.Change of Heart

8.Monster Reborn

9.Monster Recovery

10.Gravedigger Ghoul

11.Gravekeeper's Servant

12.The Reliable Guardian

13.Sword of Deepseated

14.Malevolent Nuzzler

15.Horn of the Unicorn

Traps: 13

1.Skull Dice

2.Major Riot

3.The Eye of Truth

4.Minor Goblin Official


6.Trap Hole

7.Acid Trap Hole


9.Forced Requisition

10.Skull Invitation

11.Enchanted Javelin

12.Shadow of Eyes

13.Lightforce Sword

Sideboard: 15 cards


2.Bombardment Beetle

3.Armed Ninja

4.Time Seal

5.Soul Exchange

6.Jigen Bakudan

7.Goddess of Whim

8.4-Starred Ladybug of Doom


10.Spear Cretin


12.Chain Energy

13.Just Desserts

14.Bite Shoes

15.Dian Keto the Cure Master


No one I knew was here this time. I bought a pack and hoped to get a Kisetai, but I didn't get it. The rare was Imperial Order. That card bites, so I sold it to the store and bought 2 Michizures and Messenger of Peace. After about 6 minutes of looking through my deck, the tournament started. And here's how it went.


Round 1: Rare Hunter X vs. A guy with an insect deck.

This guy said he built a Weevil deck, and he's undefeateable. I doubted that highly, seeing as Insects seem to be the weakest types in duel monsters. He won the cointoss and got to go first. He plays a Basic Insect in defense, then sets a face down Magic or Trap. My turn. I drew. My hand was Minor Goblin Official, Horn of the Unicorn, Neo, Michizure, Lightforce Sword and Jinzo. I played Neo and attacked his Basic Insect, then I set Michizure. His turn again. He drew, and then played Flying Kamikiri #2, and equipped it with the Lazer Cannon Armor, and attacked my Neo. I then activated Michizure. They both went down. It was then my turn. I drew and got Maha Vailo. I played her, and equipped her Horn of the Unicorn and then, I attacked his LP directly, with the pumped up Maha, taking a decent chunk from his LP. I then activated Lightforce Sword, and took a Stop Defense from his hand, out of the game for 3 turns. It was then his turn. So he went, drew, then plays a Killer Needle, and equips it with yet another Lazer Cannon Armor. He then activates Insect Barrier. Lucky for me the only bugs in my deck attack with effects and not power. My turn. I drew and got Skull Dice. I then attack his Flying Kamikari #2 with Maha Vailo, then set Skull Dice. His turn. He drew, and played a Yaranzo in defense mode, then activates Monster Reborn, and brings back his Flying Kamikari #2, and plays it in attack mode. My turn again. I drew and got good ol Sword Hunter. I then attack his Flying Kamikari #2, killing it again. He was down to about 3050 then. It was then his turn. He went, and played a Megamorph on his Yaranzo, making it's defense 3000. Yipe. My turn again. I drew and got Fissure. I used it on his Yaranzo, then I attacked his LP directly with Maha, then activated Minor Goblin Official. On the next turn he played a Kumotooko but I didn't attack, Minor Goblin Official finished him.

The next round was almost the same. He played lots of insects, which were taken down by various monster removal cards. I won a bit easier this time, due to him using lots of weak monsters like Basic Insect and Kumotooko. And I got Sword Hunter out.


Round 2: Rare Hunter X vs. A kid with a deck I'd expect Joey Wheeler to use in the earlier series.

This guy said he's a rare hunter. I said, ''What a coincidence! We must think alike." Anyway, this duel was pretty easy though. But he had some ok cards. Here's how it went. I won the cointoss this time. And went first. I drew my first hand which was Graceful Dice, Monster Recovery, Girochin Kuwagata, Man-Eater Bug, 7 Colored Fish, then Change of Heart. I set Change of Heart, and played Man-Eater Bug facedown. It was his turn. He went, and played a surprising, Masaki the Legendary Swordsman. He then set a card. And then, he attacked my MEB, which destroyed his Masaki. My turn. I drew and got Ground Collapse. I used it to negate two of his monster spaces. He looked cross at this, I dunno why, but I found out later. I then played 7 Colored Fish and attacked his LP directly. His turn, he drew and then played a Dark King of the Abyss, and equiped him with a Dark Energy. My turn. I draw and get Jinzo. I tribute 7 Colored, and attack his Dark King of the Abyss, taking him out. I was starting to wonder why he's using all these throw aways. His turn again. He plays a Larvas in defense mode, and equips it with Beast Fangs. BTW, this guy was only like 11 years old. Anyway, my turn again. I get Major Riot. I set it for now. Then played Girochin Kuwagata, and took out Larvas, then attacked him directly with Jinzo. His turn. He plays Dark Hole, and gets rid of Jinzo and Girochin. He then sets a monster. I got Battle Ox. I played it, and didn't risk attacking. His turn again. He drew, and played a Turu-Purun and equipped it with two Power of Kaishins. My turn. I went, and drew Sword Hunter. I then attacked his face down card with Battle Ox. Twas a Hane-Hane. I then activated Major Riot, and special summoned Sword Hunter facedown, and then he summons two things face down. His turn again. He flips up his High Tide Gyojin, and attacks my facedown Sword Hunter, hurting himself. My turn. I switched Sword Hunter into attack mode, then attacked his High Tide Gyojin. He was down to around 2550 by then. And the card I drew was Minor Goblin Offical, So I activated it. 6 turns, he went down due to MGO. He couldn't play any monsters.

The next game was almost the same, he summoned weak monsters, used lots of equipment magic. I beat him with the Forced Requisition and Skull Invitation combo.


Final Round: Rare Hunter X vs. Thousand-Eyes Restrict Deck

This guy ran a Thousand-Eyes Restrict Deck and had three Relinquished and Thousand Eyes Idol. So he could get it out pretty quick. And he had three Polymerization. Here's what happened. I won the cointoss, my first hand was, Shift, Curse of Dragon, La Jinn, Ground Collapse, Cyber Jar, I then drew a Man-Eater Bug. I set Cyber Jar, and then set Ground Collapse. He then went. He plays a Karate Man in attack mode, and attacks my Cyber Jar. They're both destroyed. We pick up our 5 cards. He had Pot of Greed, Swords of Revealing Light, Polymerization, Relinquished and Black Pendant. Mine were Jinzo, Battle Ox, Graceful Dice, Skull Dice and Trap Hole. My turn. I go and play Battle Ox, and use Graceful Dice, I got a 4, so I attacked him directly. His turn. He drew the card that made him happy. He got the Thousand Eyes Idol.. He then fuses and gets his Thousand-Eyes Restrict out. I can't attack... x_x... He then uses it's effect to take my Battle Ox. He then attacks me directly with Battle Ox's stats. My turn. I got.. Fissure!!! ^_^.. I used it and got rid of his ocursed beast. He looked shocked then looked at his hand, then looked worried. I activate Ground Collapse, and then I play La Jinn and attack his LP directly. He then plays a Mystic Clown in defense. My turn. I drew Jirai Gumo. I played him, attacked his clown with La Jinn, then got the goodside of Jirai Gumo and attacked him directly. He keeps playing weak monsters in defense. By then I had Minor Goblin Official out. I attacked his LP with Jirai Gumo, and the La Jinn, and then Minor Goblin Official finished him off in 4 turns. I won.

This round was rough. I lost because he had 2 Relinquisheds and Thousand-Eyes Restrict out, and kept attacking me directly, and stealing my monsters powers.

This round was also rough. We exchanged blows and he got Relinquished out, which was destroyed by Fissure later on. I got Sword Hunter out, and killed most of his forces, and after 3 direct attacks in three turns from Sword Hunter, I won.


I got 3 Tournament Boosters and got crap out of one, but ther other two rares were good.


I got Dokurider and Rival of Dokurider. Cool ritual monster.

For Salsa Doritos tasting reallly good.

For my first opponent being a good sport.

For Ground Collapse being a better card then people think.


To the guy with the throw away monsters, and then being a whiney brat when he lost.

For getting a Blue Medicine in my other pack.

For the jerk that said Skull Dice is for babies at the begining of the tournament.


Need Help? Deck help? Wanna trade?

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