The Legend of the Shadows Deck
Matthew "The Shadow" Sita
Wizards of the Coast
Springfield, VA
January 18th, 2002
1st Tournament: 6 participants; 2nd Tournament: 32 participants

     How in the world can I have such a good month?  The Shadow has been able 2 make 2 killer deck reports b4 the Towson, MD Mall Tour that I'm participating in this Saturday and Sunday (, u kno that I sent you LoS Part 6).  Neways, The Shadow had to think and ask myself, why am I not able to make 1st in the PM Tournament?  Well, a little while back, I was able to receive a look alike of the Millennium Puzzle and I have never worn it in a couple of months, so maybe I thought that I should wear it and my lucky blue Nike hat for these tournaments.  Neways, I think I'm boring you by accident so I'll just introduce 2 u guys, The Shadow Deck.

Shadow Deck 7.0

Monsters (23):
2 Masked Sorcerer (Drawing advantage)
3 Man-eater Bug (Field advantage)
1 Witch of the Black Forest (Searchin 4 my Jinzo)
2 Wall of Illusion (Like the name says, it's a wall.)
1 Morphing Jar (Like I say, use it, n abuse it's advantages)
1 Goblin Attack Force (Or as I like 2 say, the one-hit wonder)
2 Hayabusa Knight (Double Strike assault...shibby)
1 Cyber Jar (3...2...1...0WN U!)
1 Jinzo (It's time 2 Jinzoize.)
1 Barrel Dragon (Let's play Russian Roulette)
1 Dream Clown (FEAR MY CLOWN!)
2 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp (So far, until Gemini Elf, the best, and easiest to get, beatdown card.)
2 White Magical Hat (Hand advantage)
3 Magician of Faith (Oh what 2 get?)

Magic (14):
1 Premature Burial (Yay! Barrel Dragon's back!)
2 Heavy Storm (Destroy those traps, FOO!)
1 Raigeki (Shocking, ain't it?)
1 Exchange (Ok, I'll take your Raigeki and you can have the only card in my hand, a Dream Clown.)
1 Swords of Revealing Light (Seal their fate my swords of light.)
1 Delinquent Duo (Who doesn't like 2 demons with numbers on their heads.)
1 Monster Reborn (Ok I'll take ur Jinzo thank u very much.)
1 Change of Heart (I'll take ur Jinzo n offer it 4 my Jinzo then Reborn ur Jinzo...HA-HA!(That's a lot of Jinzos))
1 Snatch Steal (Rn't I just a thief?)
1 Dark Hole (Fall into the vortex!)
1 Axe of Despair (Where's the skull?!)
1 Pot of Greed (I'll draw then draw sum more.)
1 The Forceful Sentry (HEY! U JUST TOOK MY JINZO VIA MY EXCHANGE!  Ok. I'll just shuffle it back into my deck!)

Trap (9):
1 Mirror Force (Take it back!  Literally!)
1 Call of the Haunted (This + Jinzo + H Storm = a free Monster Reborn (Just in case u foos didn't kno that!))
2 Trap Hole (Barrel Dragon go down the hole.)
2 Waboku (Protection...yay!)
1 Ceasefire (Wow.  That's a lot of Effect Monsters.  I'll set and activate this...U LOSE!)
2 Magic Drain (Yay! They offered their Dark Hole to use Tribute to the Doomed (True story))

Side Deck (15):
1 Serpent Night Dragon (Beat Jeffery Aguilar with this!)
1 Dark Magician (I like this card so SHADDAP!)
1 Graceful Dice (GO, DICE ROLL! (Always wanted to say that!))
1 Chain Destruction (I chain u foo!)
1 Confiscation (It's ok, but Forceful and Exchange 0wnz it.)
1 Goddess of Whim (Not bad coughwhimpcough)
1 Limiter Removal (Machines go BOOM!)
2 Nobleman of Crossout (Whenever I feel risky)
1 Mirror Wall (They hit their reflection (Well, not really.))
1 Shield & Sword (Y is this here?)
1 Soul Release (Good-bye, Exodia)
1 Solomon's Lawbook (It's a book of laws.)
1 Thousand-Eyes Idol (The best card in the game!  j/k)

23+14+9=46 cards in my deck.  Of coarse, The Shadow's deck is the Anti-Exodia/Beatdown Deck.  The reason the AM Tournament was only 6 people was bcuse of the snow we got here in VA, so it was a very bland tournament with 1st getting 3 booster packs, 2nd getting 2, 3rd getting 1 and 4th getting diddly squat.  Neways, my first opponent was a person that was not only a Yu-Gi-Oh! player, but also a Pokemon player (I should kno bcuse I was one of the best ppl in Pokemon at WOTC until I quit and started Yu-Gi-Oh!).  To top it off, he had a catch phase.  It was "I am so overcome with joy." (Very annoying in his voice.)  Anyways, he just started, so he was in a way a warm-up match not only 4 these tourneys, but most importantly, the Mall Tour.

# of people left: 6
Round 1
Shadow vs. kid that was so overcome with joy to see me (Don't know his name) (Mini-Beatdown Deck)

Match 1: Well, even though he was new to this game, I had to keep my guard up in this game.  He went first and set a mon in DEF mode.  I did the same.  He flipped it over and it was a MEB and killed MY MEB, then he offered it for the Summoned Skull and it my Life Points.  I drew and used Snatch Steal, summoned La Jinn, equipped SS with an Axe of Despair and it his Life Points.  For the next 2 turns, he didn't get nething out, so I soon plummeled him with his SS and my Jinzo and beat him in about 3 turns.

Match 2: He didn't get anything out so I took it to my advantage and brought out a Jinzo and a Barrel Dragon, reborned his SS and destroyed him.

     Not too bad.  I saw the other 2 matches and they were between another kid that was good in both Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon vs. Eric and his Offensive Exodia deck, and Alex with his "future version" of Jeffery's deck vs. a kid that was also not that bad in Yu-Gi-Oh!.  Alex beat his opponent by bringing out his Jinzo and Reborning his Jinzo and Eric won by summoning Exodia, but since Eric's opponent was dealing damage up the Yin-Yangs to Eric, he was qualified to the Top 4.  Here are the Top 4 for this tourney.

Shadow (me)
Eric (Exodia)
Alex (Nimble Momonga Beatdown (I HATE THOSE FLYING SQUIRRELS!))
kid that faced Eric (Gravity Bind Deck)

     Well, I had to face Eric and hopefully since he was using Exodia, I might be able to beat him a little easier.  Well, here's what happened.

# of people left: 4
Shadow vs. Eric (Offensive Exodia Deck)

Match 1: Well, I went 1st and set MEB in DEF mode.  He used SoRL so I had 2 kill my own bug.  Then he summoned WotBF and hit my Life Points.  I drew and set my trump card, the Morphing Jar and set down all my magic & trap cards so they couldn't b affected by the Jar.  He summoned a Mystic Tomato (or as he likes to call it, Mystic Tamale), and attacked my Jar.  He just stared at the Jar then at me then at the Jar then at me which kinda made me laugh bcuse he had 4 pieces of Exodia in his hand including the head which forced him to go to the offensive.  Well, he just took me down after that by destroying al the other monsters I would bring out and getting out Jinzo and beating me.

Match 2: He REALLY focused on getting Exodia now.  The funny thing was that the first turn was exactly like the 1st Matches' 1st turn.  I set my MEB down in DEF mode.  He played SoRL 2 make me kill my bug then hit my life points with the WotBF.  Well, things went from bad to worse then he summoned Exodia...STUPID EXODIA!

     Well, I lost so I had 2 struggle 4 3rd now and the kid that faced Eric in the 1st round lost 2 Alex, so he had 2 face me.  Well, knowing his cards, he only beat me in a duel one time and that was because people were giving him advice.  Right.  Neways, a duel is a duel.

# of people left: still 4
Round 3 (Winner gets noticed as 3rd place)
Shadow vs. Eric's 1st opponent (Gravity Bind Level 3 deck)

Match 1: Well, He did manage to Gravity Bind me, but then I summoned the almighty Jinzo n Jinzoized him for the win.

Match 2: He had the upper hand on me and brought out a Dragon Zombie with a Horn of the Unicorn, n 2 Malevolent Nuzzlers n 0wned me.

Match 3: I got my revenge on him by getting a HK and a WMH n they r both Level 3 so they could attack and I brought in my trusty BD and since I couldn't attack with it, I just used his effect 2 destroy his monsters and won.

     Well, 3rd Place ain't 2 shabby.  Out of my sole PSV pack, i got a Red-Moon Baby which i gave away ASAP.  I went with Alex who won the AM Tourney and got sumthing 2 eat at Burger King and decided to do sum Laser Tag and we agreed to make it 1-on-1 and i beat him with a final score of over 19,000 and he had only about 4,000 (he didn't kno where the bases were) and soon, it was time 4 the PM tournament.  The prizes 4 the PM tourney were 1st gets 10 packs, 2nd gets 7, 3rd gets 5, 4th gets 4, 5th & 6th get 3 and 7th & 8th get 2.  As determined as i was, i just had to open up my mind when i went to my seat to prepare for my duel, i had to face an old school bus friend of mine named Gary.  Gary was very experienced in this game and had a lot of potential, but even though he was my friend, i couldn't give him ne mercy.  I put on my Millennium Puzzle and all of a sudden, I felt in a way wiser, but at the same time possesed.  Neways, it's time 2 duel!

# of people left: 32
Round 1
Shadow vs. Gary (Beatdown deck)
Matches 1 & 2: As much skill he had, he had no idea how much stronger i was ever since the last time we dueled which was back in June as i used my Jinzo 2 assist me into my victories against him.

     During the rounds, Roy, who is about 10 years old, but a pretty good duelist, teached me how to play Dungeon Dice Monsters and agreed to become my manager when it comes to DDM since the GBA game just came out.  Gary said that I became better than how I was the last time we dueled and he swore that one day, he will defeat me (i seriously doubt that, Gary.  Trust me on that).  Well, the second round was about 2 begin and i felt that wisdom coming back to me as i took my seat...

# of people left: 16
Round 2
Shadow vs. kid that i forgot his name (Beatdown deck)
Matches 1 & 2: Well, his deck was okay, but because of my experience and my 2 HKs with one of them with an Axe and a WMH, i destroyed him.

     Yay!  I'm in the Top 8!  During the rounds, i talked to Alex who was still in the tourney and i also played a little more DDM on Roy's GBA.  Well, my next opponent was even more annoying than the kid that kept on saying that he's so overcome to joy.  His name was Corey.  He knew a majority of my deck and especially my Morphing Jar as that is one of my favorite cards to use.  Well, let me tell u wut happened.

# of people left: 8
Shadow vs. Corey (Hardcore Beatdown deck)
Match 1: Thank God that he made Jinzo.  He was my main man in this round as I Jinzoized him.

Match 2: Well, He really put the smackdown on me by getting out a Summoned Skull and Reborning my BD and beating me.

Match 3: To quote Goat: Close Match, but I won.
     WOO-HOO! I'M IN THE TOP 4, but unfortunately, Alex lost, but it was to Roy and his Exodia deck.  Well, here are the Top 4:

Shadow (me)
Roy (my DDM manager; Exodia Deck)
kid that looked like Mark Antony (Beatdown deck)
sum little kid that was good (Harpie's Brother Beatdown deck)
     Well, i had to face the little kid, so let me tell u wut happened.

# of people left: 4
Shadow vs. little kid (Harpie's Bro deck)
Match 1: He did pretty good, but Jinzo and BD were just too much 4 him and i beat him.

Match 2: This was where I saw things going very fishy.  When he had 3 Harpie's bros on the field, he hit my Cyber Jar and one of his cards was a 4th Harpie's Brother and Paul saw that and he was disqualified.  He was automatically 4th Place of what i heard.  Too bad.

     I can't believe it!  I'm in the finals, and my opponent was, ROY?  Roy who was my DDM manager is now my opponent.  Well, a duel is a duel and my "Yami" side came in and we began the match.

# of people left: 2
Shadow vs. Roy (Exodia deck)
Match 1: I couldn't let him draw out Exodia as I used Morphing Jar to destroy his pieces and summoned Jinzo to stop him from using Backup Soldier.  In other words, I won.

Match 2: I was in demise.  My half-psychic side of myself went off and i saw him with 4 pieces.  I felt that if I don't win this one, i might suffer being 2nd again and Exodia would finally become the champion.  Then i saw my mother witching the match and then i said to myself to not give up.  Hope for the best and most of all, believe in the "Heart of the Cards."  My felt my spirit rising and then i drew the card that just turned the game around, Exchange.  I used it and took the Head of Exodia from him (and he DID have 4 pieces).  Then I used Change of heart on his Mystic Tomato and summoned Jinzo and after 2-3 hits, I won.

     I couldn't believe it!  I'm now one of the best players in WOTC!  My mother was so happy to see me win my first PM Tournament!  I shaked Roy's hand as a sign of respect and received 10 boosters!  The best cards I got were Goblin Attack Force, Nobleman of Crossout, and Fairy Meteor Crush.  Well, Props and Slops time.

-To me for making a one of a kind deck that gave me 2 Legends in one month.
-To me for getting 1st Place in the PM Tournament.
-To the Morphing Jar for being there 4 me when I need it in my duels.
-To Alex for beating Eric in the AM Tourney.
-To my good booster packs.
-And finally, Luv that chicken from Popeye's!

-To me for getting 3rd in the AM Tournament (was hoping to do better.)
-To Exodia (It will die one day.)
-To anyone that tries 2 threaten The Shadow.
-To anything else I missed.

     Well, Part 7 is already done and I go to Towson as the PM champ.  If u want 2 contact me, E-mail me at or IM me at SpedyMatt. One more week until the Mall Tour here, so if ne of u Shadow fans want 2 see me duel or anything, I'll be at Towson, MD on the 22nd and 23rd.  Until then, have a nice day!