Subject: Tourney Report Removal Deck Baltimore MD

Deck Name – It’s a Barn! Moo!

Name – Morgan Lister

Location – The Joystick Lounge, Baltimore, MD

Date of Tourney – 2/15/03


Deck –




[3x] La Jinn

[3x] Maha Vailo

[3x] Hayabusa Knight

[3x] Man Eater Bug

[2x] Magician of Faith

[1x] Cyber Jar

[1x] Witch of the Black Forest

[1x] Barrel Dragon

[1x] Jinzo




[1x] Monster Reborn

[1x] Change of Heart

[1x] Pot of Greed

[1x] Raigeki

[1x] Swords of Revealing Light

[1x] Dark Hole

[3x] Axe of Despair

[1x] Heavy Storm

[1x] Premature Burial

[3x] Tribute to the Doomed




[3x] Trap Hole

[1x] Magic Jammer

[1x] Imperial Order

[1x] Mirror Force

[1x] Ceasefire

[1x] Seven Tools of the Bandit


TOTAL – 41




[2x] Mystical Space Typhoon

[1x] Magic Jammer

[1x] Dark Elf

[2x] Waboku

[3x] 7 Colored Fish

[3x] Harpie’s Brother

[1x] White Magical Hat

[1x] Robbin Goblin’

[1x] Exchange


Now, onto the report


Morgan vs. Jessica (9 People Remaining)


Jessica is a good duelist, she runs a Gravity Bind deck. I thought I would lose this, because I didn’t have enough protection from her Gravity Binds and MoP’s. Anyway, I remember having a Maha Vailo, a Jinzo, and a Hayabusa Knight with an Axe of Despair equipped to it, but couldn’t do anything because of that damn MoP. I think I eventuall Heavy Stormed or MST’d it, but I know I won this one.


I really can’t remember if I won this one or not..I think she did, with her direct attackers. I’m pretty sure she won, though.


Damn, I can’t remember this either. I know I won though. Good job, Jessica! Wee!


Morgan vs. Cori (5 People Remaining)


I drew nothing good this round, only a few monsters and magics. He kept removing my monsters with NoC and TTtD. Nice round.


I slowly came back from the first round, doing what he did to me this time. I kept attacking with Hayabusa’s and Maha Vailo’s for the win.


I swear I played my Jinzo about 4 times. First, it got Fissured or something, then I Monster Reborned it, then I Premature Burial’d it, and a lot of other crap. I know I kept removing his monsters, and my Maha Vailo’s kept attacking him for the win. Good job, Cori! Wee!


Morgan vs. Richard(3 People Remaining[Cori and Randall had a redemption match, which Randall won.])


I really thought I was going to lose here, because he has always beaten me near or at the finals. But luck was on my side today, and I activated Ceasefire somewhere in the middle of the duel to deal him 2000 damage. Later, I used Raigeki, then brought out Hayabusa and dropped two axes on him for the win. Whew!


I really don’t remember what happened here, all I know was I took no damage. I do remember Change of Hearting his Gearfried, with my Hayabusa and Maha Vailo on the field near the end to attack for the win. Finally!!!!!! Good job, Richard! Wee!


Morgan vs. Randall(2 People Remaining[duh!])


Actually, I’m not sure on what happened here, but I do remember him using Exchange to take my Pot of Greed instead of Tribute to the Doomed(WHY!?). Oh well, he played it, and I then used that TTtD =/. I then brought out Hayabusa and attacked for the win.


I remember him playing Sonic Bird and some other 1400 attacker, and clearing my field while I couldn’t draw anything good, and he won this one. Good round!


I remember him playing Exchange yet again, and I attacked his MoF for him to get it back..then I just played all my good cards face down =P. After awhile, I played my Tribute to the doomed and kept attacking with Maha Vailo and Hayabusa. Good Job, Randall! Wee!


YAY! I WON! WEE!!! The prize was $25 store credit, and since we can’t buy boosters with it, I bought a DVD PS2 Wireless Remote. Haw! The game I wanted to get, Onimusha, was gone this week..oh well.



Me for winning!

Randall for trading that Imperial Order to me



Brock for not having tourney packs in yet


Thanks for reading my Report..IM me on AIM sometime – Gotenkz1025

Or E-Mail me –


Thanks! Bye! Dfjksal;fj!

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