Hey this is my super awesome deck that avenges Pegasus’s loss to Yugi.


Tribute Monsters:



1xSummoned Skull


4s and under



1xCyber Jar

2xCrass Clown

3xWitch’s Apprentice

3xLa jinn

2xGoblin Attack Force


2xSonic Bird



1xWhiptail Crow




3xMystic Plasma Zone

2xBlack Illusion Ritual

1xPremature Burial


2xNobleman of Crossout

1xMystical Space Typhoon

1xDark Hole

1xSoul Exchange




1xCall of the Haunted

2xMagic Drain

1xMirror Force

1xMagic Jammer


Now the tournament report


1st round Me vs. Ryan


This was over before it even started it was easy. I just attack him directly.


2nd round Me vs. some little kid


This was another easy match. I just kept attacking.


3rd round Me vs. Ben


This was really hard. Ben won the first season at our store. He never really went the offensive and just played Chorus. I noblemaned him twice and was patient. I attacked when I could and when.

4th round Me vs. David


This was even harder. This guy has won 3 of the last 4 tournaments. I was controlling this match until his Summoned Skull took my Jinzo. He got two attacks directly on me and then he played Shallow Grave. I brought back a Crass Clown then I got Relinquished. It was over that turn.


5th round(Finals) Me vs. Alex


I don’t know how he got to the finals but anyway this was won in three turns by me. I just used Change of Heart twice.



-Getting an easy finals match

-Getting another Nobleman

-Getting Goblin Attack Forces



-Not getting my third Relinquished


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