Subject: RE: Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament Report: Beatdown Equip Deck Augusto Mota Rookies & Allstars Comic Book Shop

Deck Name: Equip Beatdown
Name: Augusto Mota
Location: Rookies & Allstars Comic Book Shop
North Hollywood, CA
Date: February 15th, 2003
Participants: About 20-30 Participating in Tourney

Monsters: 19

3 Harpie's Brother
3 Goblin Attack Force's
2 Maha Vailo's
2 Hayabusa Knight's
1 Summoned Skull
2 Magician of Faith's
2 Man-Eater Bug's
1 Mask of Darkness
1 Cyber Jar
1 Witch of the Black Forest
1 Sangan

Magic: 13

3 Axe of Despairs
1 Heavy Storm
1 Giant Trunade
1 Raigeki
1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn
1 Premature Burial
1 Nobleman of Crossout
1 Swords of Revealing Light
1 Change of Heart
1 Pot of Greed

Traps: 10

2 Trap Hole
1 Imperial Order
1 Magic Jammer
1 Seven Tools of the Bandit
1 Solemn Judgment
1 Mirror Force
1 Mirror Wall
1 Call of the Haunted
1 Ceasefire

Deck Total: 42


Side Deck: 15

2 White Magical Hat
2 Giant Soldier of Stone
1 Magician of Faith
1 Sangan
2 Prohibiton
1 Card Destruction
1 Exchange
1 Infinite Dismissal
2 Acid Trap Hole
2 Light of Intervention


I've been looking for a Jinzo to add for my deck cause they simply own in these type of decks or any in fact. Speaking of Jinzo, this is the only card that screws me over when I'm in the losing situation. Then again, when doesn't it happen to anyone. Well, that's the only thing that worries me. I'm pretty confident that my deck will do well even thought I haven't been there for like a week. On to the tourney....

Round 1

Me vs kid with a cap

This guy seemed pretty cool. At the beggining of the match, I thought his deck was a little too big, but then my friend John does pretty good with a 50 card deck.

Match 1

I began by setting a Man-Eater. He attacks with a 7 Colored Fish. From then on, I keep attacking his life points with Harpy's and Goblin Attack Force. I play Swords of Revealing Light to insure that my Goblin can stay on the field long enough in order to attack. I finish him off with Harpy's, Hayabusa, and Goblin.

Match 2

He had a really good start with a Maha Vailo with 2 Malevolent Nuzzlers. I get a lucky pull and I draw Raigeki and use it. From there, I attack an Axe on my Hayabusa and he Wakoku's. From then on, he has no cards to stall with so I obliterate his life points with Hayabusa with the help of Harpy's.

Round 2

Me vs Jose Torres or something (I knew his last name was Torres for sure)

I had to judge for this guys match for his first round so I had an idea what he had in his deck. He prety much had similar stuff I had except in less quantity, and didn't really think well during his first match in his first round.

Match 1

He goes first so he sets 2 cards in his Magic/Trap zone and he sets a monster down. I go and i Pot of Greed. Then I Heavy Storm and he counters with Imperial Order. I wondered why he didn't counter my Pot of Greed with it. Then I play Maha Vailo and I attack. He flips his Magician of Faith and he gets nothing because he has nothing in his graveyard. He draws, discards Imerial Order and Raigekis. He then attacks me with a 7 Colored Fish. I then draw and pull out a Dark Hole and use it. I then summon Maha Vailo and attack an Axe to it and attack directly. He then draws and sets. I draw again, and i play Hayabusa Knight, and attack with Maha. He flips his Man-Eater and eats my Maha for some strange reason. I then attack twice with Hayabusa. Then he draws and gets no monster. I then finish him off with Hayabusa.

Match 2

Same thing as first round except I use Goblin Attack Force along with a Summoned Skull with an Axe

Round 3

Me vs John Porter

This guy's pretty cool. He plays a very well balanced 50 card deck. Sometimes he doesn't pull what he needs. But I think the 50 card deck works for him. He does some amazing stuff with it.

Match 1

He begins the match and Miror Force's early and summons Jinzo. I then Raigeki and summon with Goblin Attack Force and Monster Reborn his Jinzo. I attack directly. He draws and he does nothing. I draw and finish him off with Jinzo and a Hayabusa.

Match 2

Almost the exact same thing except he takes lead with 1800 beatdown monsters.

Round 4

Me vs Amir (Mullet Head)

This dude is an easy target when it comes to picking on someone, but he's cool with it sometimes. hahahaha!

Match 1

He really scares me in the beggining with some ownage with his Summoned Skulls. I then removed it from play and took control from there for a while. Then we kept using our counters against each other that resulted in a big chain. I beat him with a Goblin Attack Force that I had drawn. He tried fooling me with a Fissure he had set.

Match 2

Same thing, we got out our counters early. We then Miror Forced and Mirror Walled each other in other to protect our life points. I was forced to attack with a Mask of Darkness that I flipped with an Axe of Despair. When he finally got rid of it, he got 2 monsters out but I Mirror Forced again. From then on, I took control again and beat him wtih Maha Vailo with an Axe (Axe's own!!!).

Final Round

Me vs Nick

This was the final round and I hadn't lost any of my matches. I was hoping it would remain that way. I have never gotten this far considering that I have been beaten by some pretty lame things like an Armed Ninja and that kept destroying my SORL!!! This match was gonna be really hard. It was against my friend Nick. I got him hooked on this game, and now he is as good as me. Last time I played him in a tourney, I drew only magic cards for both matches and I lost against him. This was a sorta payback from last time. He was also claiming his retirement from Yugioh for a while. Well, here goes....

Match 1

He pulled Changed of Heart and he used it on my Man-Eater, he then summoned Jinzo and attacked. I couldn't use my Mirror Force. I drew a Harpy's brother. I equipped it with an Axe and destroyed his Jinzo. He then Snatched Stole Jinzo and equipped it with Malevolent and attacked. I pulled a Change of Heart and I used it on Jinzo, I then summoned Goblin Attack and destroyed his life points for this match.

He began strong with a Mad Sword Beast with a Malevolents. I then Changed of Hearted it and summoned my Summon Skull and attacked. He Mirror Forced. He then drew and summoned La Jinn and attacked me. I then drew a Magician and set it along with an Imperial Order. He then summons a Hayabusa and attacks my Magician with La Jinn and attacks directly with Hayabusa. I get a Change of Heart with Magician's affect. I then draw a Pot of Greed and pull out Hayabua and an Axe. I summon it and attach the Axe and kill 2 of his cards. For Main Phase 2, I set Call of the Haunted. He then goes and he plays Snatch Steal. I Imperial Order, then he 7 tools. He then attacks but then I activate my Call of the Haunted and revive my Summoned Skull. I draw and use Change of Hearts again and take my Hayabusa and attack directly. He then draws and sets a card, he also gets Hayabusa back. I then draw a Nobleman of Crossout and use it on his set card. It's a Cyber Jar, so I get rid of the one in my deck. I then attack his Hayabusa.. He draws and sets a card. My turn again so I draw and pull out Raigeki. I use it and I win!!!!

I win 3 of any packs so I choose Pharoah Servant even though it's not the best set around.

Props & Slops


To me winning the tourney
To me pulling out Chain Destruction
To my opponents who were very good sports
To John Porter and Nick for giving me great matches


To me pulling out a Gravity Bind which I don't really need
To me pulling out a Limiter Removal
To me for not having Jinzo
To this kid that didn't wanna trade his Jinzo in order for me to use Limiter Removal

Well, thanks for reading my really long report. Contact me throught e-mail at:

Or throught AIM (AOL Instant Messenger): KineticPimpX25

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