Deck Name: NeoBeatdown

Duelist: Neo386

Store: Books-A-Million

City: Rocky Mount North Carolina

Date: February 15th 2003

Entry Fee: 5 Dollars (US)

Participants: 19

Prizes: 1st place- Any two American Cards (Excluding Mech. Chaser)

             2nd place: Any one American Card (Excluding Mech. Chaser)



3x Goblin Attack Force

3x Harpie’s Brother

3x 7 Colored Fish

3x Summoned Skull

3x Man Eater Bug

2x Magician of faith

1x Witch of the Black Forest

1x Cyber Jar

1x Dark Elf



3x Axe of Despair

3x Mystical Space Typhoon

3x Tribute to the Doomed

2x Heavy Storm

1x Dark Hole

1x Reigeki

1x Card Destruction

1x Change of Heart

1x Monster Reborn

1x Pot of Greed

1x Premature Burial

1x Swords of Revealing Light.



3x Trap Hole

2x 7 Tools of the Bandit

1x Call of the Haunted

1x Mirror Force

1x Imperial Order

1xMagic Jammer

1x Solemn Judgment


Side Deck

 3x Nimble Momunga

3x Malevolent Nuzzler

2x Fissure

1x Nobleman of Extermination

1x Confiscation

1x Delinquent Duo

1x The Forceful Sentry

1x Magic Drain

1x Maha Vailo

1x Lajinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp




This  Deck is my main tournament deck, as it is my most competitive (my hand destruction deck doesn't to as well in this environment).  we have had a few tourneys at BAM!, but this is our first Semi-official one, so I am totally stoked and ready to Duel!  It turns out that we were pressed for time, so it was Single elimination except for the finals, which was Match format.


----> Side note: me and my friend Sano are the two favorites for 1st and second, so hopefully I will not have to face him early on!


Match One: Neo386 Vs random Kid (Odd beatdown)

I had a great opening hand of Man eater Bug, Reigeki, Dark hole, GAF,and Summoned Skull. I set MEB and pass. he matches me by putting one Def. mode Mon and places a M/t. I draw a Harpies Bro and MST his F/d (Waboku). I flip MEB to destroy his FD Mon, then Sac it (MEB) for SS and attack directly.  on his turn he Change of Hearts my SS and tributes it for Twin Headed Fire Dragon, and attacks directly. On my turn I play Reigeki, and summon GAF and attack. I end Turn and he plays a Def Mon.  my next turn I draw SORL and play it, activating his cyber jar. I get a GAF and a Harpies Bro, and a MEB summoned, while he gets 2 Def Mons (Forgot what they were), I also got a TTTD,and MST. so I flip the MEB, sac it for SS and attack with both GAF and Skull for the win.


Score: 5800-0


Match Two: Neo386 Vs Mercedes (LP Gain/Stall)

Round two I faces Mercedes, who I had never lost to.


 First turn she Nobleman of Crossouts my Magician of Faith, Noblman of Exterminations my Trap Hole,  gets out a lajinn and attacks me directly. I TTTD her lajinn and do a lot of damage to her with my SS and a GAF, but the blows were softened by her Solemn wishes and her Momungas. I had a Def GAF and a SS out when I played SORL to activate her cyber jar. I got MEB and a GAF out of the cyber jar, and she got like 3 Mons which I reigeki'd and then Sacked the MEB for SS. I attack with both and I pass.  She has no defenses and on my next turn I play an axed 7 Colored fish and attack for the win.


Score: 6200-0


Match Three: Neo386 Vs Nobody!

There was an odd number left, so we picked randomly to see who got a bye for this round. I got the bye, w00t.


In the meantime I watches Sano And Adrian duel. Adrian has a beatdown/exodia deck, its very odd indeed. anyway he stalled for nearly 30 turns with gravity bind, but Sano finally heavy stormed, Dark holed, Reborned Adrians BEWD, Triple axed it, played GAF and attacked for the win.  Me and My friend Stephen just Sat back and laughed at the Mad Combo Sano just pulled.


Match Four: Neo386 VS Jon T

I had played Jon M before and never had a problem, he plays an Ok Beatdown with Maha Vailo, and lots of power-ups,  But no Axe of Despair....


This was definitely the worst duel in my dueling career. my opening hand started out Monster reborn, Premature Burial, Axe and The forceful Sentry. he goes first, plays a F/d Mon and sets a M/t. on my turn I draw, getting a Call of the Haunted. I place Call of the Haunted and use Forceful Sentry to put SS back in his deck. I pass.  he plays Wall of Illusion in Def Mode (I know that is what it was from The forceful sentry) and passes. I draw, getting a harpies bro (Finally a monster!), I summon Harpy with an axe on it and attack the F/d Mon that I wasn't sure of, turns out to be 4-starred Lady bug of Doom (grrr....) so my Harpy is destroyed, but I bring it back during main phase 2 with Monster reborn.  Ok his turn, he summons a Maha vailo with a Horn of the unicorn on it and destroys my harpy. I draw and get an MST and use that on his horn of the unicorn, then attack his Maha vailo. I then pass. on his turn he Reborns the Maha and attaches Nuzzler to it and destroys harpy.  I go, and draw imperial order. I set imperial order and flip call of the haunted to bring back the Harpie yet again.  I pass and he obviously kills the harpy and over the next 3 turns 0wn3z me with the Maha.  I think I skipped a few turns where we both had no monsters to attack with, in the end the game lasted about 7 turns (Each player) and I had drawn one monster. That totally sucked.


Score: 0- ????


Props And Slops!


Props to:

Stephen the gym leader for Putting up such good prizes

me getting the DL-1 promo's Buster Blader and Thousand Eyes Restrict

Me at least getting third, though I know I should have placed 1st or 2nd

The Hot and Now Krispy Kreme Doughnuts we had after the Tourney

Sano, for winning 1st and Representing our town!


Slops to:

Jon T, for cutting my deck and putting all my magic's at the top

Sano, for getting a Jinzo and keeping it secret for a week.

Me not winning anything other than the respect of the People I beat

The Soda machine outside the store not accepting Dollar bill



Bah.... I feel like a newbie now, I had never lost to anyone at league before, even Jon M, but now my record is 53-1 instead of 53-0....Grrrrr.......I will get them back next time.....




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