5 dollars to enter
winner get 3 psv packs and a choice of:
jinzo- relinquished- imperial order- 2 mechanical chasers- barrel dragon- and buster blader 2nd get 2 psv packs 3rd gets kicked out the door

All about getting my shadow ghouls out there with maximum attack
Giant germ x3
Nimble Momanga x3
Mystic Tomato x3
Shining Fairy x3
Mother Grizzly x3
Karate Man x3
Morphing Jar
Goblin Attack Force x2
Cyber Jar
Sangan x2
Witch of the Black Forest
Magician of Faith x2
Cannon Soldier x2
Catapult Turtle
Time Wizard
Mane eater Bug x3
Hane Hane
Giant Rat x3
Steel Scorpion x2
Harpie’s Brother x3

If u know what shadow ghoul does then u know y I have so many seemingly useless cards. By the time I decide to summon him he usually has at LEAST 3000 attack. In case u figured it out this deck was inspired by the TV show.

Pot of Greed
Final Destiny
Dark Hole
Card Destruction x3
Monster Reborn
Premature Burial
Painful Choice
Axe of Despair
Heavy Storm
Change of Heart
Mystical Space Typhoon x2
Tribute to the Doomed
Last Will x3
The Cheerful Coffin x2

Infinite Dismissal
Imperial Order
Metal Morph
Call of the Haunted
Mirror Force
Ultimate Offering

Round 1 NiteMare vs. (ooo my lucky day) kid with burner deck

This kid was helping me out so much it wasn’t funny. First turn he plays 2 card destructions and sets down a morphing jar. I set down a mother grizzly and end. He flips his jar and sacrifices for Jinzo and kills my grizzly I then special summoned catapult turtle. My turn I set sangan sacrifice him for my turtle and tttd his jinzo. He set 2 gravekeepers servants cuz he thinks im running exodia and sets down a mystical elf and ends. I feel its time for my shadow ghoul so I set wotbf sacrifice her wit turtle find my ghoul and activate ultimate offering to summon him stick on an axe and hes now up to about 5000 attack. I set imperial order and jus wipe him out from there.

Round 2 NiteMare vs. exodia guy
My friend lost to this guy and told me wut he played so I got a soul releases from my side deck (a personal anti-exodia fav combined with my morphing jar and card destructions) Apparently my deck is good against exodia because I have no intention of destroying his tomatoes, sangans and wotbf for a while. This took forever cuz neither one of us was even attacking each other. Finally I drew card destruction. I then got soul release to wipe away his last hopes. I then saw he was running low on cards so I set a morphing jar and played another card destruction and burned thru his deck.

8000-7800 (WOW)
Round 3 if I won this it was on to the semis
NiteMare vs. YUGIOH
He kept wanting me to call him yugi the king of games! I had no idea how this kid made it this far. he had practically every card from the shows deck even those like beaver warrior and the feral imp. he started off by setting a mystical elf and mirror force. I typhooned his mirror force and set giant germ he then set giant soldier of stone and ended this kid actually showed me his hand cuz he was gloating about how he was about to summon dark magician. so now it’s my turn and I set mother grizzly and MIRROR FORCE. he (of course) summons his magician and kills my giant germ and I set 2 more. I play tttd, summon a nimble momonga attach a axe to grizzly and attack him openly. he gets real mad cuz im killing him with wussy cards. his turn and he pulls nothing. im mad at him calling my cards wussy so I play my GHOUL and monster reborn HIS MAGICIAN attach a axe to my ghoul and wipe him out. (showed him for calling my cards wussy) 8000-0

Semi's NiteMare vs. Beatdown Bob
this was fairly easy I love my deck because I cant find a weakness for it. my deck is actually meant to be destroyed! and beatdowns do just that for me. this guy had at least 100 cards and I bet 90 of them were 1800+ attack monsters. I may have lost this because of him overpowering me but my dark hole really did me proud. I don’t know how this guy made it so far with so little magic/trap support. all he pulled on me was one trap hole. after that my shadow ghoul couldn’t be stopped 5450-0

Finals NiteMare vs. Umi deck

this guy was GOOD I saw him play earlier and I was kinda intimidated. his stinkin fisherman tore me up early on till I get cyber jar O YEAH I pulled 5 monster all in defense position he kept killing them I kept special summoning more till it was finally time for my shadow ghoul. I later got out Jinzo and creamed him with them after that but it was still real close. 1600-0 he then traded me 3 dream clowns for one of my axe of despairs (I have like 5) so that was cool (should I use them in my deck? and maybe add a gravity bind or mop?) I chose buster blader with my card pick

• Me for winning
• getting revenge for my friend
• WIPING THE FLOOR wit little yugi
• getting thousand eyes restrict AND another BUSTER BLADER (man im lucky) I traded those two cards for gravity bind, 2 mechanical chasers, relinquished/black illusion ritual, shallow grave, Snatch steal, and 20 bucks (THAT’S A REAL GOOD DEAL RIGHT?)
• and 2 the guy who traded me dream clowns and for being a challenge

None Great Day

daryl at dasamora@juno.com