Subject: DNA beatdown Andy Simmons The Game Corner
hello everyone!well have i got a tourney report! this tourney was on Feb. 14 2003. now before we get on to the good stuff, here's a look at my deck.

Deck: 55 cards

mask of darkness(get my traps)
big eye(eye c u)
magician of faith(get my magic cards)
x2 sangan(find my catapult turtle)
catapult turtle(launch biggies for direct attack)
x3 7 colored fish(1800 4 star yay)
dark elf(2000 4 star yay except for losing 1000 LPs)
barrel dragon(kill der monsters every turn)
cyber jar(dark hole + card destruction with no discards YaY)
x2 mystic tomato's(find my witches)
jinzo(trap prevention and 2400 atk yay)
x3 harpies brother(1800 4 star yay)
buster blader(use DNA surgey,turn opponents monsters into dragons and hes powered up yay)
Hayabusa knight(axe of despair + DNA surgery + Limiter removal= one (or two) hit KO
goblin attack force(offensive shield)
maha vailo(another axe DNA limiter combo)
white magical hat(another axe DNA limiter combo with discarding your hand too)
hane-hane(return to your hand)
blue eyes white dragon(need i say more?)
x2 La Jinn(1800 4 star yay)
Lord of D.(another DNA dragon combo)
x2 giant soldier of stone(defense! hoot hoot defense! hoot hoot)
witch of the black forest( bring out my skull or jinzo)
man eater bug(kills your monster)
summond skull(need i say more?)

swords of revealing light(i trap you for 3 turns)
tribute to the doomed(monster removal yay)
axe of despair(pump it up 1000 atk)
premature burial(combo with giant trunade/catapult turtle)
fairy meteor crush(breaking your defense)
limiter removal(combo with DNA surgery/catapult turtle)
insect barrier(use DNA surgery and you can't attack!)
giant trunade(return to my hand premature burial)
dark hole(destroy every monster)
monster reborn(bring back to life)
mystical space typhoon(destroy 1 magic/trap card yay)
pot of greed(draw cards)
change of heat(use your monster for sacrifice)

trap cards: 9
acid trap hole(no defense for you)
seven tools of the bandit(kill your traps)
mirror force(protection on my monsters)
DNA surgery(ah, my combo card)
michizure(if i go down im taking you with me)
x3 trap hole(kill your summond monster)
magic jammer(magic killer)

phew. now on to the tourney
6 people(including me)
3 rounds(2 people randomly selected to bye before each round)
1st place:1 season 1 tourney and 1 season two tourney
2nd:1 season 1 tourney
3rd:1 season two tourney
Me vs. brandon (hold deck)
1st duel
this kid went to the same school as me.he was very cool. i invited him to come. he was ok. the first duel he couldn't draw anything so i just clobered him with my La Jinns

2nd duel
This duel was alot better. first card he placed was a messanger of peace and 1 monster  card face-down. I drew.. my harpies bro. i played down the harpies just for a shield. brandon then flipped up his man eater bug and killed my harpies bro. he then put down his cannon soldier and 1 card face down he attacked my life point directly and then offered his bug for direct damage. i was down to 5650. i then drew my DNA surgery card! i had a limiter removal, axe of despair and mystic tomato in my opening hand. i laid down DNA face down and i laid my tomato in attack mode. i then decided to attack the cannon soldier. That way i could pull out sangan. and i now i was working on getting hayabusa knight out for the easy kill. it was now brandon's turn.he placed down his island turtle and attacked sangan.i then pulled out hayabusa knight. it was my turn. i pulled the pot of greed. i slapped it dow and drew.. my tribute to the doomed and typhoon. the oppurtunity had opened up. i then used those two cards to kill his messanger of peace and island turtle. i then went on with my combo and beat him.

round 2:bye (yay!!!!!!)

round 3:
Me vs. josh(exodia deck)
1st duel
josh was the oldest and hardest opponent next to me at the tourney.he tore through the 2nd round with his exodia cards(he byed the the first round). He was one of my friends,even though he was 18 and i was 14. any way, he couldn't draw anything so i just crushed him

2nd duel
this was a very hard duel. he almost got exodia out, but i had a cyber jar waiting in the wings. the head was placed on the field during the the 5 card drawing. i sacrificed my monsters i pulled out for my blue eyes and finished him

yay i won da tourney

for me winning
for josh getting second
for kyle getting third(blue eyes power-up deck)
for brandon coming to the tourney
for the dragon seeker i pulled in my tourney pack

for josh almost pulling exodia on me
for the burning spear i got in my other pack

well thats all guys

if ya wanna talk email me