Philip Fennessy
Attack Of The Four Stars
Windy City Comics

This deck has done good for me. If don't think so check this out

Monsters w/o effects
Blue eyes white dragon
Dark magician
3x la jinn
3x battle ox
3x harpies bro
3x darkfire soldier 1 and 2
3x girochin kuwagata
labyrinth wall
mystical elf
prevent rat

Monsters with effects
Barrel Dragon
Shadow Ghoul
2x mysterious puppeter
2x 4 starred ladybug of doom
2x ameba

monster reborn
dark hole
pot of greed
3x ground collapse
soul exchange
change of heart
3x horn of the unicorn
3x malevolent nuzzler
2x germ infection
3x fissure
2x axe of despair
2x de spell
2x remove trap

magic jammer
2x trap hole
ultimate offering
call of the haunted
spellbinding circle
2x fairys hand mirror
light of intervention

this was my first tourney and the kids thought i was sucky. before the tourney started i checked out the competion (if there was any) i dueled some kid before it started and i demolished him. No challenge

Duel 1 Round 1
basically just say have you ever seen a 1700 with 2 horn of unicorns and a axe on it.
first he was shocked and i did uh 4100 damge to him. Then he dark holed it. I did magic jammer and he was mad He lost

Duel 1 Round 2
Lets just say he had crap and he couldnt do anything and he lost

Duel 2 Round 1
This was the kid that i was duelin earlier. he won because the other person only had tribute monsters. I had out my Barrel Dragon and i was killing off all his monsters with it and thats all i needed out.

Duel 2 round 2
this time it was the same thing except i did it a lot faster and he was pissed

Duel 3 round 1
this kid i was nervous on because he was beating every1 by getting all exodia pieces in every duel. HOW CAN YOU DO THAT. well anyways this time he had i think 3 of them and no monsters out and i had La jinn boosted up farther than a blue eyes. he lost and his next two draws he would have won

Duel 3 round 2
ya this time he beat me lets just say that ALL 5 PIECES

Duel 3 round 3
this time he didnt get anyof the pieces and no monsters all he was looking forward on was the pieces and using the magics/traps to slow me down but in the end i won

Final duel round 1
this kid was stacked against me his deck was like 100 cards I couldnt believe it.
I wasnt worried until he summoned a GATE GUARDIAN. well to his diadvantage he didnt know about my power ups. BYE BYE GG. well then after that it went all downhill for him

Final duel round 2
well this time i lost beause he got out a blue eyes and i didnt have nothing to kill it and i didnt have any power ups to kill it i lost

Final duel round 3
Ya this time it was exactly opposite from the last he lost and i won

Yeah i won 2 boxes 1 LOB and MRL. Yeah. Next time they wont underestimate a new comer. I still havent opened em so dont ask me what i got