Beat down (no power ups), Froilan, World of Books, San Leandro, Ca.
16 participants (advance level)

My deck: 44 cards
Summon skull
Goblin attack force
3x 7 colored fishes
3x harpie’s brothers
3x la jinn the mystical J’s
Mask of darkness
2x man eater bugs
3x magician of faiths
Witch of the black forest
Cyber jar
2x hane hanes

Mirror force
Imperial order
2x trap holes
Dust tornado
Seven tools of the bandit
2x magic jammers
Magic drain

Dark hole
Change of heart
Snatch and steal
2x tribute to the doom
2x heavy storm
Monster reborn
Premature burial
Sword of revealing lights
Pot of greed

Today is February 16, 2003.   Valentines Day sucked for me because I have to work, and I didn’t get a chance to spend some time with my  baby..L.  Anyways, enough with my melodramatic sarcasm.  This day sucked, too, because it was kinda damp since it poured like cats and dogs the night before. The only good thing about this day were the amount of people that showed up.  The place was packed with duelist from the novice batch to the expert batch. I signed up for the advanced group.
1st duel:  Me vs. Connor (with his gf on side) beat down against dunno???
The duel went pretty quick.  I won’t even bother putting a lot of details on this duel because I beat him so quickly.  The only time he damaged my life  points was our first duel.  He hit me with a harpie’s brother, and that was it.  The rest was history.  My beatdown deck beat him down as quickly as I can since he didn’t even put a dent on my life points on our second match.
1st match me = 6200, Connor = 0
2nd match me = 8000, Connor = 0

2nd duel:  Me vs. Marcus( he beat me last time) beatdown vs. beat down w/ axes
1st match: I like playing him because he has the same deck as me, except for his axe of despairs, and his nobleman of crossout.  We flipped a coin to decide who goes first.  He won the toss so he went first by setting down his man eater face down.  On my turn I put down 7 colored fish and attacked his face down card, and with that action, he destroyed my fish with the bug’s flip effect.  He then set down gearfried the iron knight and hit me for 1800.  That was a bad start for me.  During my nest turn, I dark hole his monster and set down my harpie’s for and 1800 attack on his life points.  We traded blow by blow during this first duel until I ended up with 1200 life points with my opponent having 2500 attack.  This was the part of the duel when everything turned on my favor.  I put down cyber jar, and he attacked.  The result was pretty self-explanatory.  I got two magician out on the field with a harpie’s and a la jinn by their side. Since it was still his turn, he attacked but la jinn and my harpie’s with his gearfried and his goblin attack force just to try to get rid of my monsters, and also damaging my life points.  On my turn, I flipped the two magician of faiths, got my raigeki back and my monster reborn back. I raigeki his remaining monsters, and monster reborn Jinzo.  Match one goes to me.

2nd match:  this match went quickly because I didn’t get any monsters out, just like the first time we dueled.  I lost this game so badly that I don’t even want to talk about it.  His life points was 6200, and Me = 000.

3rd match:  I went first because I lost the second match.  I really wanted to win this match for the sake of revenge, and plus he irritated me when I shuffled his cards instead of cutting it.  He the gave me an attitude like a little butterfly (it’s to censored to typed in J).  I sat down my man eater the first turn.  He set down gear fried, he attacked by man eater, and then I say bye bye to his iron knight.  He then set two trap cards but the good thing about that was I have a heavy storm in my hand.  Heavy storm was played.  I set down my harpie’s, and then I attacked him for 1800.  He then have the goblin attack force on his hand so he hit me with that by attacking my harpie’s and giving me a 500 damage to my life points.  Marcus = 6200, Freakyfroi = 7500.  On my next draw, here comes cyber jar again.  I put cyber jar down.  He attacked with another monster,  I flipped, here comes our new sets of cards. Marcus got two girai gummo out on the field, a la jinn, a man eater on face down position.  I got two hane hane out, a haprie’s, a 7 colored fish.  During his turn, he attacked my harpie’s with his la jinn just to get rid of it.  He then attacked my harpie’s with one of his spiders but the coin flipped was a tail.  He lost half of his life points, 6200/2 = 3100.  Poor little butterfly…not.  So he had three monsters out on the field, two spiders, and a man eater bug in attack position which he flipped the previous turn. On my turn, I ended the game there.  I have a change of heart on my hand, with a monster reborn, a snatch and steal.  Check this out, I flipped my two hane hane to return the spiders to his hand, and then I monster reborn my Jinzo from the graveyard.  I forgot how it got there  but it was there.  I attacked with Jinzo, and the two hane hane, the game goes to me.
1st match me 1200, Marcus 0
2nd match me 0, Marcus 6200
3rd match me 7000, Marcus 0

3rd duel: me (beat down) vs. serf (my friend from high school who has a very good burner deck)
1st match:  Serf just burned me with just desert and ceasefire the whole time.  Serf won this first one.
2nd match: I beat him barely with me attacking with my la jinn, 7 colored fish, and a harpie’s in my last assault, but not before he flipped just desert. I hold on to 1900 life points.  I beat serf quickly, but I think it was by luck.
3rd match: I forfeit because I have to drive my companion home, a friend’s 7 year old nephew.  Serf hooked me up with one tourney pack for forfeiting, yeahey!!!