Beatdown, Froilan, Collector’s corner, Oakland, Ca.
Feb. 15, 2003, 16 participants (upper deck tournament)

My deck: 44 cards Monsters: Summon skull Jinzo Goblin attack force 3x 7 colored fishes 3x harpie’s brothers 3x la jinn the mystical J’s Mask of darkness 2x man eater bugs 3x magician of faiths Witch of the black forest Cyber jar 2x hane hanes Traps: Mirror force Imperial order 2x trap holes Dust tornado Seven tools of the bandit 2x magic jammers Magic drain Waboku Magics: Dark hole Change of heart Snatch and steal Raigeki 2x tribute to the doom 2x heavy storm Monster reborn Premature burial Sword of revealing lights Pot of greed
I like playing in this place because they have so many great duelist.  I seldom advanced to the finals when I play at this place because to the players.  The west coast champion play here, and also his brother.  But today, they were not in attendance so the opponents was pretty average.

1st duel:  me vs. 7 year old kid
No need to brag about this duel because I beat him so quickly.  He didn’t know how to play.  Sorry for that kid.

2nd duel: me vs. jonathan (exodia deck)
I always see this guy in this place and I always chat with him, but I never played him.  This was our first official match.
1st match:  he started with sangan face down.  I put down a 7 fish to attack it, and he extracted one of his exodia pieces.  His next monster was a witch so he attacked my fish with a witch to pull out another piece. On my next turn,  I put down another fish, and I attacked.  I brought down his life points to 2000, when he finally pulled out Exodia. The first match go to Jonathan.
2nd match:  this one went quickly because he didn’t have any monsters to put down. I brought down his life points to zero my using Jinzo, summon skull, and la jinn in two turns.  This match goes to me.
3rd match:  this match went the same way as the second one.  He didn’t have anything out so I just assaulted him with two la jinns, and a 7 colored fish in two turns.
The duel was won my me.  I survived Exodia only for the second time during my three months of dueling out of four matches.

3rd duel: me vs. frank (beat down with axes and hayabusa knight)
I just want to make this short, pls don’t be disappointed because you won’t  be.
1st match: It went to Frank after we traded blows per blows, and him being the  better duelist for the moment.
2nd match:  This one went to me since he didn’t have any monsters out on the field for two turns and I attacked him with a summon skull, a Jinzo, and a magician of faith (hey 300 damage is better than 0).
3rd match:  I really cherished this match because I think I made him mad.  During this match, he only damaged my life points by 1800.  I’ll just tell you about the last sequence of our match.  He used cyber jar to clean up the field.  I had Jinzo out so I was kinda disappointed that he was destroyed.  But guess what I got from the effect of the cyber jar.  A raigeki, a monster reborn, a magican of faith, a fish, a summon skull, and  trap hole.  So during my turn, I raigeki his monsters and I flipped the magician to get it back.  I sacrificed the magician for summon skull and I attacked him including the fish.  It was his turn and he was kinda irritated of what I did, I guess.  This was the climax of our match.  I have a trap hole, mirror force, and a 7 tools of the bandit on the field.  On his next draw, I saw his eyes get so  big and excited because he drew the hayabusa knight.  He put it down in attack mode, plus to axe of despairs.  He thought he had me.  I didn’t trap hole it because I wanted to use my mirror force just for the fun of it.  He proclaimed an attack, I smiled at him, got a surprise look on his face, and then I showed him my mirror force.  The duel was mine.

Finals: me vs. Randall (Exodia deck again)
I played Randall before like a month ago.  He had a beat down then, and I beat him badly on our first meeting.
1st match:  this one went to Randall because he had his gravity bind out on his second turn, plus, it took half of my deck to get my heavy storm out.   By the time I got it out, he had to sangans, and a witch on the field.  I heavy storm, and I attacked all his face down monsters.  Sangan and the witch went to the graveyard.  He pulled out the remaining pieces of Exodia.  The match goes to Randall. ((d*mn gravity bind!!!)

2nd match:  I beat him so quickly this time.  I was in a hurry, too, because I have to go to work at three and it was around 2:40 pm already.

3rd match: Randall won this last game since he pulled out Exodia in 5 turns.  I didn’t really care right about then because I have to be at work and I’m just so happy to be in the finals for the third time in four months.
Just to let you know, I didn’t get anything from my packs….L.

The collector’s corners people are so cool.  Thanks guys.