Subject: super beatdown deck from Gametech in Minnetonka Minnesota

super beat down
By Tyler Clatanoff
Minnetonka Minnesota
Febuary 11, 2003
About 30 or so participants.

Hi all my name is Tyler Clatanoff and I went to a tournament yesterday… before I say my deck list and all that ima make a few things clear so you aren’t like WTF wile this is going on. I went with one of my friends who also plays and his brother. My friend is really good and seems to be the only one I have problem with beating. His brother has a shitty deck that we made the day before with all our extras… surprising as it is he made it to the round before the semi finals. Not bad. I directly asked the store manager to put us in different brackets so I wouldn’t face my friend to the finals. But he pus us in the same bracket anyways. If Kevin wasn’t so cool id be pretty mad. O well here is my deck list.

R Pot of Greed
R Change of Heart
R Dark Hole
R Raigeki
R Monster Reborn
R Mirror Force
R The Forceful Sentry
R Snatch Steal
R Cyber Jar
R Swords of Revealing Light
R Witch of the Black Forest
R Imperial Order
R Jinzo
R Premature Burial
R Call Of The Haunted

1 sangan
2 Heavy Storm
1 Magic jammer

1 magic drain
1 Lajinn
1 Fish
2 Gearfried the Iron knight
2 Harpies Brother
2 Goblin attack force
3 trap hole
2 Summoned Skull
3 Man-eater bug
2 Magician of Faith
2 Fissure
1 Mask of darkness

Tribute monsters: 3
Non-tribute monster: 19
Traps: 6
Magic: 13

Total: 40’

I’m not 100% sure about those totals… I fix this list whenever I change my deck but I think its up to date…

Well here we go.

1ST round me vs. annoying as all hell kid who played solemn wishes just to make me mad.

This kid had all defense mons and nothing to attack and 3 solemn wished in his deck… I think his plan was to make people deck out or something I’m not sure. All I know is I kept score and it had Tyler on one side and Kid Who Should be shot on the other. (later I found out his name was Sam witch is ironic cuz he looks exactly like Sam from LOTR except for 11 and fatter). Anyways I owed this kid up… even though he drug the match out forever. I ended with like 5 cards in my deck and the bottom 2 were heavy storm.


2ND match was against a kid who also used solemn wishes. But he wasn’t near as bad.

I beat him the first round vary violently and got too over confidante and lost the next round . I slapped myself and owned him the last round again.


( if you are wondering why I’m not going into detail with the battles it will come… the just these went anything exciting.

3RD round: me vs. a little kid who wasn’t half bad. I went first and drew these cards: mirror force, ragiki, goblin attack force, Jinzo, change of heart and a heavy storm. I put the mirror force and GAF down. It was his turn. He put a magician of faith and 5 trap cards down face down and ended. My turn I heavy stormed, change of hearted flipped got back change of heart tributed for Jinzo and attacked for like 4700.. the next turn he put down a la jinn in defense mode and ended hit turn . I summoned my own la jinn change of hearted his lajin and attacked him for game. It was creepy cuz the 2nd round happened almost EXACTLY the same


the round before the semifinals, as I predicted my and my friend and I were probably gunna have to face each other . I had to face the sore owner’s son and he had to face the storeowner

4TH round.

Me vs the store owner. Its sad I’ve been to that store like 5 times now and he is there every weeks and I still don’t know his name. His deck is almost exactly like mine except he used equips… that’s his downfall. He has 3 axes and a fairy meter crush in he deck. I went first and drew like 5 traps and a mask of darkness (one of the traps was an imperial order and another was a magic jammer so I want worried about him heavy storming). He then went and I trap holed his fish. Then he monster reborned for some weird reason. I was thinking of stopping it but I didn’t. But its all good. I drew a fissure and fissured his fish and flipped my mask and got back my trap hole. I then attacked for 900. he then laid down a card and ended his turn . I drew a change of heart and flipped it. It was a cyber jar. I love main phase flips. I drew a bunch of good cards like a Jinzo and all he drew was a magician of faith. I ragikied it ( cuz I drew a magician too and attacked for 2400) he held off for a wile but I eventually won I had like 5000 LP left. The next round he owned me. Im not sure what happened but he owned me bad. I don’t recall ever getting a hit off on him. He had a
summoned skull with a fairy meter crush… it was ugly. The 3rd round I came
back and owned him pretty bad. it was like the previous round but in my favor. I ended winning the duel.


I had to face my Friend who until now I don’t think had lost a single round. I know I was going to loose from the start. His deck is exactly like mice but he has hand disruption (delinquent duo, forceful century, confiscation) he also has 3 magicians of faith and 2 sangans and a witch that eh always gets the magician of faith with. You never have a hand when playing him. I tried the hand disruption but I cant seem to get it to work.

I got him down to 1300 and 1800 life both duels but I went 0-2 just like I thought. I just never had a hand. O well I got 3rd place, not bad. I ended up getting 4 packs. Meh could have asked for more but what are you gunna do. That’s less that 2.00 a piece for a pack. I got a twin headed thunder dragon in one pack and 2 dark elves and a sward and shield. Nothing fantastical, but not crap either. My friend ended up winning the tourney just as I had guessed. It should been me and him in the finals but the store owner was just too busy to put us in different brackets. We were the first 2 there too it kind of makes me mad.

Pros: getting 3rd and some decent cards.
Pissing off a crazy guy who always goes to the tournaments named terry. Having fun. Seeing my friends older bro do good with a deck of all commons and rares and a mirror force.

Cons: that annoying kid Sam who should just die.
Watching my friends brother get owned by they guy who made it to the finals Kind of getting ripped off by trading my 2nd extra magic jammer for a sujin
and 7 tools ( he really needed it though and I have 3)

Well that’s all I have today folks. I’m not gunna give out my e-mail cuz I
don’t want any Spam. But my screen name is Clat87 im me to tell me
what I need to change in my deck or just to talk about yugioh I’m on a lot.

Advertisement: One of my other friends made a counter strike server but no one playes in it. Cept bots. Go to and search for Bad Hal for exact ip. Play there its a lot of fun.

Note technically I finished 3-4 cuz I never played Paul who also lost in the semi finals… but ima say 3rd because my lifetime record with Paul is 4-0 and my deck is better now that it was 2 weeks ago when I beat him and got 2nd place. Scene I can beat Paul for the most part I said 3rd