McYugi's Food Deck
Collector's Paradice/Starbase
Calgary AB, Canada
Sunday Feb 09/2003

Hi, this is my first tourney report to POJO.COM, I take part in two tourneies on sundy. It helps that the card shops are about 3 blocks from each other. The first tourney at CP is not sanctioned, and the second tourney is decided before it begins. This week is tourney at SB was not sanctioned. As for the name "Food" is a title I came up with because I was hungry while is building my deck. It is an effect deck. I works ok. It is still in the making, cause I'm not made of money to buy the cards I need.

My Deck: (Revised 3rd Time)

Monsters: (23)
1x Witch of the Black Forest
1x Cyber Jar
1x Mask of Darkness
2x Sangan
2x Mysterious Pupperteer
2x Dark Elf
3x Karate Man
2x Magician of Faith
2x Man-Eater Bug
3x Nimble Momonga
2x Summoned Skull
2x Catapult Turtle

Magic: (12)
1x Pot of Greed
1x Dark Hole
1x Exchange
1x Tribute of the Doomed
1x Snatch Steal
1x Swords of Revealing Light
1x Monster Reborn
1x Change of Heart
1x Nobleman of Crossout
1x Tremendous Fire
2x Nobleman of Extermination

Traps: (12)
1x Ceasefire
1x Dust Tornado
1x Ultimate Offering
1x Waboku
2x Trap Hole
2x Magic Drain
2x Gravity Bind

Side Deck: (15)
1x Shadow Ghoul
2x Trap Master
2x Toll
1x Card Destruction
2x Prohibtion
2x Remove Trap
2x De-spell
1x Ultimate Offering
1x Dust Tornado
1x Wakobu
1x Minor Goblin Ofiicial

Like I said my deck is a effect deck, I use Gravity Bind to slow most people down, then I use my Turtles to launch my monsters at them. It works well expect against Jinzo Decks. Oh well the deck is still in the making.

//----------------- BEGIN TRANSMISSON -----------------------//

First Tourney @ CP, 9:30am
Winner: 8 packs, 2nd: 4 packs, 3rd & 4th: 2 packs
# of People: 12 (smaller than usaul), most points advance.

Round One
McYugi vs Danny (deck style: beatdown w/ Lord of BEWD)

1st Duel: I wasted him, By 4th turn. I had 2 summoned skulls out, 2 karate man and a turtle. I overran him.

2nd Duel: He won. When he won,I had no cards in my hand w/ two karate men on the field and gravity bind face down. He "Nobleman of Extermination" my gravity bind, then he summoned "Lord of D" and summoned two BEWD with the "Flute". Then overran my life points.

3rd Duel: I can't remember it to well. I think i won by just pinging his life points.

It was a good duel, I was glad I won. 2-1

Round Two:
McYugi vs one of Minh's Crew (deck style: Rush Deck)

1st Duel: This duel went fast he snatched one of my karate man and ragekied my field and rushed me. It was bad.

2nd Duel: Almost the same thing happened. He beat me in 5 turns

He's a good guy and it was fun to duel, even though i went down in flames. 0-2

Round Three:
McYugi vs Minh (deck style: don't know)

BTW: Minh is the best duelist I know. He comes in 1st all the time, and he almost makes it though the tourney with a perfect record.

1st & 2nd: I pulled nothing really good at the beginning and he killed me in 4 turns on both duels.

Nothing to say about this duel. 0-2

//----------------- Tourney Thoughts -----------------------//

Overall: I was elimated after the third round. It wasn't bad because I still had another tourney later. At CP I usually never make it past the third round. Minh and his friend are very powerful, and the really good cards are two hard for me to great.

//----------------- HOLD TRANSMISSON -----------------------//

Second Tourney @ SB, 1:30pm
Winner: 9 packs, 2nd: 5 packs, 3rd & 4th: 3 packs
# of People: 14, 2 rounds then elimation.

BTW: This tourney was hosted by my good friend Adil.

Round One
McYugi vs Some Chinese Kid (don't remember his name, deck style: beatdown?)

1st Duel: I was distracted in this duel by Minh. He didn't play in this tourney. The duel went down to about 300 life points for me then he CoH'ed me and won.

2nd Duel: This game was slow, it stayed 5000-8000 for a long time,but then I pulled my turtle and overran him and killed him by launching all my monsters on my second main phase.

3rd Duel: I Snatch Stealed his only monster on the fifth turn, and summoned two "summoned skulls", two "karate man(s)" with the help of "Ulimate Offering". I overran him.

It was a great duel. I was glad to use my deck in the way it was intened for. 2-1

Round Two:
McYugi vs Adil's Friend (deck style: Relinguish )

1st Duel: The first duel he won. His Relinquish took my skull and killed me.

2nd Duel: The second duel went almost the same way. He snacthed my nimble and got Relinquish out again, though this duel's life points were very low. It was like 300-700 before he killed me. I had gravity bind and toll out.

The duel was very fun. Me and him were goofing around the whole duel. 0-2

Round Three: (quarters)
McYugi vs Chirs (deck style: Modifed Starter)

1st Duel: Since he was an avid player, I beat him easliy in the first duel
2nd Duel: The second duel he did slow me down but I still beat him. Thank goodness for Summoned Skull.

It wasn't bad, but we were intreuppted by his cell phone like three times. 2-0

Round Four: (3rd and 4th place Duel)
McYugi vs Adil (deck style: Exodia)
BTW: Since I have played Adil many times, I put card Destrution in my deck.

1st Duel: The game was about defence. We both had 5 monsters down in face down defenseive postion, when I activated "Ceasefire", He lost 5000 life points. He Ragekied on his turn, and weenie rushed me.

2nd: The duel went mostled the same way. I drew Card Destruction, but I waited one turn to long to use it. He had four pieces in his hand, and killed his sagan to pull the last piece.

I like dueling Adil. He's a good guy and he fun to duel with. Also I want to thank him for revising my deck before the CP tourney. It is alot better now.

//----------------- Tourney Thoughts -----------------------//

Overall: I liked this tourney alot more than the first one I had eariler in the day. At least in this tounery I stodd a chance. It was great and I got 2 packs of MRL and a pack of PSV, though I didn't get and thing overly great (Black Pendent, Karate Man, and a Gravity Bind.)

//----------------- END TRANSMISSON -----------------------//

to Adil for helping fix my deck before the tourney
to "Wendy's" for having good food
to Minh for being really damn good at Deul Monsters
to the guy at CP who runs the tourney for telling me that LoN will be there on Friday
to the kid who traded me for the Shoen? Jump Promo BEWD
to myself for getting 4th at Starbase
to that kid who is going to sell me a Mirror Force next week

to Myself for not remember where my Imperal Order went
to Minh for being really damn good at Deul Monsters
to Tim Horton's for not having and Hot Choclote or Cappachinos
to Myself again for not remembering Trev's or Jesse's phone numbers
to CP for changing there tourney time to the same as SB's next week.
to the little kid that bought Jinzo while me and Adil were dueling. We both wanted the card.

Well that's it. If you have any comments send them to Till next week.
PS: Send me any suggestions you have. i'm always looking for help