Subject: blacklabel-aka-Control-Outpost
Tourney Report
Outpost Gamers Inc.
prize: 3 booster packs
entry fee: $5

3 goblin attack force ( the force ) 3 gravity bind
3 hayabusa knight                 3 axe of despair
3 maha vailo                 2 trap hole ( the hole )
2 invader of the throne 2 magic jammer
2 man-eater bug                 2 prohibition
2 cannon soldier         2 mystical space typhoon
2 magician of faith         1 monster reborn
2 sangan                 1 call of the haunted
1 cyber jar ( the jar )         1 premature burial
                        1 pot of greed
                        1 raigeki
                        1 mirror force

Whadup. I havent written any reports on pojo in a long time. In fact it's been a while since i've done anything that has to do with Yu-Gi-Oh! It was a great day, the sun was out and it was 4 degrees outside perfect for snowboarding, which was what I was gonna do after the tournament.

I got to the tourney at Outpost. I was kind of excited about going because it's been about 5 months since i've done anything with Yu-Gi-Oh! I really didn't want to get in to the game again til' the Labyrinth of Night mare comes out, I just started al little early i guess. I saw my old friends Dean, Ryan and Damon there. I really thought this was gonna be fun.

Round 1: Me vs. Antione ( beatdown )
Duel 1: 8000-0 This kid is so funny. He has these little things he says that make you laugh, he even put a whoopee coushin on my seat. I got a Hayabusa Knight and a Gravity Bind in my opening hand. With those two, you can call it a match. Well, I was right. He didn't even scathe my life points. I kept attacking with hayabusa knight at won in 4 turns.
Duel 2: 6600-0 He got me a little with a Jinzo in the open field. But once again Gravity Bind and Hayabusa with an Axe came thru for me.

Round 2: Me vs. Ryan
Duel 1: 8000-0 Ahh, my old friend. I had some great memories with this dude. He and I are Hardcore snowboarders in the winter and sk8ers in the summer. I had my good luck Billabong hoodie on so I wasn't about to lose. I got a Gravity Bind out onto the field, with a Hayabusa Knight, but he fissured it and used MST to get rid of gravity bind. Then tributed his cannon soldier for Summoned Skull and attacked, but I activated my other gravity Bind. I got rid of Jinzo via Raigeki and did 1900 damage with Cannon Soldier. I MST'd my own Gravity Bind. ( can you even do that, email me if you know ) And attacked with Maha Vailo with 3 axe's for the win.
Duel 2: 0-8000 , man, I didnt even touch his life points. I got my Gravity Binds out, buut he kept using MST to get rid of them. He attacked with a Maha Vailo with 3 axe's and won with cannon soldiers effect.
Duel 3: 0-8000 He used his own Gravity Binds against me. I lost in 6 turns to his Jinzo 7 with an Axe.

For my first tourney back, I expected to do a little better than I did, but oh well. I got my touney pack for enetring and pulled a morphing jar, so I was pretty happy. I left and went snowboarding and pulled a 720. I was totally stoked about that.

What's up:
The the Yu-Gi-Oh! gamers at Outpost, keep on gaming!   ( I stole that from Serf, email me if you dont want me to do it again, serf. )

Peace out...

E-mail me at, no spam. If you wanna talk, rant, or dis me I dont care, cause your probably 34 and live in your parent's basement.