Subject - Beat-Down Rush/Protect - Tony D. Lee, Portola Shoe Repair, Mission Viejo, California, USA

Beat-down Rush/Protect
Tony D. Lee
Portola Shoe Repair
Mission Viejo, California, USA
February 14, 2003 (( Valentines Day ))

I don't know the exact # but over 40 duelist entered


Monsters (( effect )) = 20

3x    Goblin Attack Force

3x    Gearfried the Iron Knight

3x    Man-Eater Bug

2x    Wall of Illusion

2x    Magicians of Faith

1x    Jinzo

1x    4-Starred Ladybug of Doom

1x    Spear Cretin

1x    Witch of the Black Forest

1x    Sangan

1x    Hane-Hane

1x    Cyber Jar


Monster (( normal )) = 4


2x    Summoned Skull

1x     7 Colored Fish

1x     Giant Red Seasnake  (( TP2's 7 Colored Fish ))


Magic = 15


2x    Heavy Storm

2x    Fissure

2x    Nobleman of Crossout 

1x    Raigeki

1x    Change of Heart

1x    Swords of Revealing Light

1x    Mystical Space Typhoon

1x    Dark Hole

1x    Monster Reborn

1x    Tribute to the Doomed

1x    Pot of Greed

1x    Snatch Steal


Traps = 9


2x    Solemn Judgment

1x    Waboku

1x    Call of the Haunted

1x    Michizure

1x    Trap Hole

1x    Ceasefire

1x    Imperial Order

1x    Mirror Force


Total number of cards = 48


Side-deck = 15


1x    Time Wizard

1x    4-Starred Ladybug of Doom

1x    Mask of Darkness

1x    Giant Soldier of Stone

1x    Premature Burial

1x    Mystical Space Typhoon

1x    Exchange

1x    Delinquent Duo

1x    Giant Trunade

1x    Axe of Despair

1x    Card Destruction

1x    Spellbinding Circle

1x    Robin' Goblin

1x    Dust Tornado

1x    Magic Drain




My deck is a very large deck.  Most players like to use a 40 card deck or something close to it.  I like this number.  I have a Cyber Jar, Pot of Greed, Spear Cretin, Magician of Faith, Witch, and a Sangan to cut my deck into a smaller amount.  I like to rush people with Gearfried and my other 1800 attack monsters and use Crossouts and Change of Heart, ect, to win games fast.  Incase I don't get the pulls, I have Swords, Mirror Force, Trap Hole (( which is perfect after you attacked with your GAF on an open field )) and other cards to help me get the pulls.  I end the game with normally Jinzo because it negates Mirror Force, ect.  This card is a staple to any decks.  My side deck is the interesting part.  If I lose the first duel, normally I go defensive.  I put in Giant Trunade to re-use Swords (( if possible )), Spellbinding Circle, Giant Soldier of Stone, Robin' Goblin, and sometimes MST for a Heavy Storm.  If I win, I have fun with the next duel ^^.  I put in Card Destruction, Premature Burial, Giant Trunade, Delinquent Duo, Robin' Goblin, Axe of Despair, and MST.  Hand destruction with 3 possible Monster Reborn cards (( Monster Reborn, Premature, Call of the Haunted )) is very fun.  I play Time Wizard only if an opponent plays a Nimble/Germ/ stall decks.  Now onto the duels!


First Round:    Me vs Gary (( #1 duelist in our store ))

Obviously I wasn't happy.  I had to play the #1 duelist in our store.  Gary and I play all the time.  Quality matches too.  I wasn't worried but I was worried.  First, I noticed he had a new deck.  He first set a monster in defense mode with 2 trap/magic cards down.  My turn I attack with an 1800 monster.  It was the Masked Sorcerer - -;;.  I was thinking very hard on what his deck is like.  I thought it would be a deck with a Mirror Wall and hand destruction deck.  Turns out, I was half right.  Anyways, back to the duel.  Gary made a huge mistake when he accidentally summoned his Jinzo.  He didn't realize he summoned already during his turn.  That saved the game for me because I had 2 Solemn Judgments and Imperial Order down.  I played around to stop him from summoning Jinzo.  I barely won the duel.  I Solemn Judged 2 things and won with Jinzo and Summoned Skull attacking directly.  2nd duel.  I took about 30 minutes for my side deck because Gary was sooo busy.  2nd game, he was no match for me.  I started off with couple 1800 attack monsters and I had a Crossout with Raigeki too.  That explains it.  I had a Solemn down and a Trap Hole.  I don't know why I still kept that against Gary's new deck.  I finished him off with a Monster Reborn of Jinzo.  he had an Imperial and an Axe down but on an open field.  I already had a Summoned Skull on the field.  I got the pulls and won very easily.  Gary's deck had some kinks and he didn't know how to play that deck because he was not used to playing this deck.  Good duel Gary.  I like playing against you better than anyone else in the tourney because of our competition.  Record: 2-0


Second Round:    Me vs Jordan?  (( Maha Equip Deck ))

I've played this guy before.  The thing I didn't realize today was how many equip cards he has.  He has a lot.  First duel, he brought out a Maha with 2 Black Pendants & 1 Malevolent Nuzzler.  He killed my Magician of Faith and I got back Fissure ^^.  Very happy right?  Well this is the better part.  I had a Snatch Steal in my hand.  haha...the attack was over 5000 on Maha.  Easy duel.  Second duel, I didn't even bother to go side deck.  He's not that hard.  I had him down to 1000 life points.  He Change of Hearted my 7 Colored Fish and summoned GAF with 2 Megamorphs.  Game right?  Wrong!  I had a Waboku down.  ^^  Then I summoned my GAF and killed him off.  Easy duel.  Record: 4-0


Thrid Round:    Bye  (( finally!  haha ))


Fourth Round:    Me vs Derek (( Beat down and very smart duelist ))

He was the only guy I was afraid to play.  He beats all duelists consistently.  This duel was a bit hard for me.  We both started off with attack each other with our 4 star cards.  We both had to use our whole hand because we consistently kept drawing traps and magic.  He was not getting the pulls.  I had a Summoned Skull and a GAF ready to finish the duel.  He played Dark Hole - -;;.  Reborned my SS and that was basically game.  I had him down to 900 life points.  He is a good duelist.  2nd Duel, I decided to go second and he Card Destructed my hand.  I was thinking that's my trademark (( or used to be ))  I lost a Summoned Skull and a Call of the Haunted with Heavy Storm and other good cards.  He didn't do anything to me during that turn.  I pulled a Crossout and some 4 star monsters to attack him.  Man-eater bugs were gone.  We both had 3 and moved them from play.  I believe I played some cards out of my ass and attacked him cleanly.  Then the third duel.  Deciding duel.  I was nervous because I was loosing.  Once again, a Snatch Steal saved my game.  That card should be a staple.  I took control of his Summoned Skull and then I played a GAF.  It was good.  I had Tribute to the Doomed, Jinzo, and Fissure with Imperial Order down.  I had the game and I won.  *phew*  good duel.   Record: 6-1


Fifth Round:    Me vs David (( my friend who plays a beat down with exchange!!! ))

That is an annoying card!  haha...It's still only side deck material in my opinion.  First duel, he opened up with cyber jar and I cleared his field and attacked him.  Then it was only a matter of seconds he brought his Jinzo out.  I think I summoned a Summoned Skull and killed it.  I won with easy on that game but he's not an easy duelist.  Now 2nd game, this is very interesting.  He got no monsters.  He played 4 traps down and it was my turn.  I decided to play for fun so I summoned a 4-Starred Lady Bug into Attack mode (800 attack).  He spellbinded it!  how sad.  Then he summoned a Nimble and attacked me!  This is what happens when friends play.  Come down to the end and I snatched his Jinzo.  He made one very big mistake.  He brought Barrel back from his grave but tributed it for Jinzo.  I don't blame him.  I was more than half way through the deck and had 2 trap cards down & didn't use Mirror Force yet.  Soo back to that.  I attacked with his Jinzo and my GAF.  I had a Rageki in my hand and a Call of the Haunted on the field.  I had the game.  He used exchanged and took my Reborn that game though.  I was mad but I won both duels!  ^^  Yes!!  I finally won a tourney!  I normally get top 10 (( actually, I was on a slump for about 3 weeks getting knocked off in the first 2-3 rounds )).  Record: 8-1



- For getting first (( finally )) and getting my confidence back because I was on a 3 week slump of losing in the first 2-3 rounds and last week was in the first round

- My friend Mazi coming to the tourney with me.  It's okay, I've been defeated in the first round too.  It sux huh?

- My deck that I'm happy with, very happy with. 

- My confidence!  hahaha

- Getting the fusion for the Warrior of Tradition (( TP2-014 )) I already had Beautiful Headhuntrees but I needed Sonic Maid

- Beating the three most feared duelist in our store



- Mazi couldn't see me take first (( he had to leave early ))

- Didn't get any good trades

- I was at the store for 4 hours again.  It takes too long there!

- Not having a date on Valentines so I won the Yu Gi Oh tourney...haha ^^


Tony Lee


I also fix people's decks all the time.  It's a hobby.  E-mail me if you want me to look at urs