Subject: battle city ruels antonio lewis bulleit proohf comics new york
antonio this is my dark deck it is a good deck 
we r playing battle cityrules  so only  like 18 people was  there 
i won a lot of cards and stusff 
la jinn x3
mechanche butter x3
summoend sulll x2
beat of taliban x2
gaint germn x3
mask socertses x3
witch of black fotress
cyber jar
morhinj jar #1 
gemin elf x1
magic trap
mystic plasma zoze x23
pot of shit
mirrao force
solmen judegementx3
change of heart
snach and steal
ultmite offa
first round igor he sucks u suck 
i mr germ on the filed igor sent out niblel momgho  i solem it  then he play change of heart i solme it ME GO HE USE ULTIMENT OFFA HIS HARPIE BOYthen i sack my germ for beast of taliban then he use ultment offa his la jinn i change of heart snach steal then put mega morh on all of them wit the mystic plama card  and one
he gave me his imper order card
next carlousouslsis
he is so easy  i just ultiment ofa my 3 mechainchel chasre  and  a la jinn wit the plasma zone  i wqon i got his  rageki
last round the best guy in the  store alex  me and him r the best 
he beat me so bad i cry  he chage of heart my jinzo wit his jinzo then limter remolvel and then megamorh       and one      i gave he my gemni elf                               

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