Master of Dark Magic Deck

Louis Castillo

Aventura Mall/ Yu-Gi-Oh Mall Tour

Aventura, Florida

February 15, 2003


This is my first tourney report, but there where about a thousand people already when I went to register for the tour and a lot more came after me. I came with my brother Greg and my best friend (And my apprentice of my Yu-Gi-Oh Dojo) Aaron.


Master of Dark Magic Deck (41)


Tribute Monsters (3)

  1. Dark Magician (The True Master of Dark Magic)
  2. Buster Blader  (Dragon-sushi for dinner tonight)
  3. Summoned Skull (Shocking Experience)


Non-Tribute Monsters (22)

  1. Harpies Brother (3) (Big brother is watching)
  2. Dark Elf (The Backup)
  3. La Jinn the Mystic Genie of the Lamp (2) (You win, you wish)
  4. Giant Soldier of Stone (3) (Hold down the fort)
  5. Gearfreed the Iron Knight (Is that a Paralyzing Potion? That’s a No-no)
  6. Man-Eater Bug (3) (Dinner Time)
  7. Hane-Hane (3) (What’s for Desert)
  8. Cyber Jar (And I take the Lead
  9. Morphing Jar #2 (Keep drawing it doesn’t say 5)
  10. Dark Zebra (2) (Even more backup)
  11. Magician of Faith (Dark Hole Returns)
  12. Witch of the Black Forest (Come out, little Skull)


Magic Cards (10)

  1. Monster Reborn (The Magician Returns)
  2. Dark Hole (Armageddon)
  3. Change of Heart (You should really make up your mind?)
  4. Giant Turnade (Hurricane Andrew, the baby version)
  5. Heavy Storm (Hurricane Andrew, the Real Thing
  6. Prohibition (NO RAIGEKI ALLOWED)
  7. Soul Exchange (Thanks for the generous gift)
  8. Premature Burial (Now it’s the Blade’s turn)
  9. Pot of Greed (I love to draw)
  10. Fissure (You should really watch your step.)


Trap Cards (6)

  1. Mirror Force (Don’t Look into the Mirror)
  2. Michizure (Your going for the ride)
  3. Shift (Not me, him)
  4. Magic Jammer (You been jammed.)
  5. Trap Hole (2) (I told you to watch you step)



This part was the most annoying I stood in line for like 45 minutes I told Aaron that we should have come earlier, but would he listen NO! After we got our badges and a very crummy card we went to the duel area.


Duel Area


Duel Number #1

Master vs. Some Kid

This was one of the easiest duels I have ever had. I didn’t even have to bring out my Blade or my Magician.


Duel Number #2

Master vs. Guy who didn’t want to sacrifice

I didn’t want to get into a fight with the judge so I didn’t argue with him very much. He tried to play a bunch of Ryu-Rans while I wasn’t looking but my Blade took care of that. Thanks for the Beef-up.


Battle Area


After an hour of being in the duel area we got our Millennium Eye sticker for the badge to add to the Millennium Key sticker that I got from the Registration Booth. We moved to the Arcade to get the Millennium Eye than signed up to take on one of the Best duelists in the area. Luckily I was one the first people to be chosen.


Duel Number #3

Master vs. Regional Champion #2

This was one of the hardest duels that I’ve ever had we were on the same foot in every move we made. All the moves were perfectly played but the final move ended all. I LOST. I bet you didn’t see that one coming did you? He had a Mechanicalchaser and a Goblin Attack Force and I had a Mirror Force face down next turn I would have summoned Buster Blader and reborned Goblin Attack Force and would have destroyed his life points but he used a Mystical Space Typhoon and wiped me out. Ow well, at least I got my Millennium Puzzle Sticker                                             Final Score       Me       3250    Him 3900


King of Games Challenge Attempt 1


Master vs. Challenger #1

Easy duel but it worried be for a moment but came back with a come back.

Final Score     Me       6950    Him    0000


Master vs. Challenger #2

This guy looked like he could be older than my dad but I took him on anyway. He had on of the most beautiful Relinquished Decks I’ve ever seen but he learned how to play that same mourning. I Guess that experience is better than power.

Final Score     Me       3550    Him    0000


Master vs. Challenger #3

Good guy but he had his deck the size of a 2 story building because he used the deck cases that are meant to put away a special card such as for baseball cards. This Guy had a Mechanicalchaser and that gave him most of the edge in the duel then he pulled a Tribute to the Doomed and took victory from my back

Final Score     Me       0000    Him    0500


King of Games Challenge Attempt 2


I had to wait in line again for 30 minutes to get a second shot at getting the final sticker


Master vs. Challenger #1

This is one of the most powerful decks I’ve seen here next to the ones built by the champions but I took him down with my Blade and my Dark Magician

Final Score     Me       3050    Him    0000


Master vs. Challenger #2

Strong defense deck so I kept bouncing his defense back to his hand and destroying any card he played, I defiantly ruled this duel.

Final Score     Me       8000    Him    0000


Master vs. Challenger #3

This guy had an incredibly hard time understanding this guy because he had a very heavy Jamaican accent but he handled dragon type monsters like a pro. He also had very rare tournament pack cards like Morphing Jar #1 he completely overwhelmed me with a powerful Lord of D. combo eventually I had to leave. If my brother and Aaron weren’t rushing me I would have won.

Final Score     Me       0000    Him    0300



Aaron’s Parents for taking us.

Getting this far in the tour without getting a card jacked (can’t say the same thing for my brother)

The tour for being free of admission

The Champion for being so generous

Finally getting back a Mirror Force  



Getting Crap from the booster packs

Losing both attempts at the King of Games Challenge

My brother for getting a Mirror Force too.

Not getting all seven stickers

My brother getting all seven

Not beating the Regional Champion

Aaron for getting Dungeon Dice Monsters for the GBA


That’s all for now I will write again


Louis Castillo