"Dark Devistating Deck"  Carlo Favretto, Oxford Valley Mall, Oxford Valley, P.A. Sunday, Feb. 9 and over 300 people showed up for this tour. this was the yugioh tour and this report is on the "king of games challange tournament"
       my deck includes the following:
1x jinzo
1x right leg of the forbidden one
1x right arm of the forbidden one
1x left leg of the forbidden one
1x left arm of the forbidden one
1x exodia the forbidden one
1x sword hunter
2x summoned skull
3x harpie's brother
3x la jinn the mystical genie of the lamp
1x girochin kuwagata
3x lord of d.
2x man-eater bug
1x invader of the throne
3x blue-eyes white dragon
1x senju of the thousand hands
1x thousand-eyes idol
1x wingweaver
1x cosmo queen
1x relinquished
fusion: 1x thousand-eyes restrict
2x the flute of the summoning dragon
1x axe of despair
1x black illusion ritual
3x polymerization
1x painful choice
1x monster reborn
1x horn of the unicorn
2x trap hole
1x mirror force
1x seven tools of the bandit
2x backup soldier
1x call of the haunted
1x ceasefire
1x magical hats
1x solemn wishes

alright, the tounament kicks off at about 12:30pm and about 300 kids are entered.
i am up first.
me vs. tall guy

i won by beating him mostly with jinzo cause he couldn't use his trap holes as much.

round two: me vs. kid in green shirt
i won because he played a gravity bind and i had a lord of d. out with 2 blue eyes to lead a full force attack on his life points.

last round:me vs. 16 year old
i won in thew finals to earn my sticker and the reason i beat him was exodia or i would have lost. 

if u want to know more email me : Carlo Favretto at  Tripleh828@aol.com thanks