Stewart "Ciddypoo" Bishop (ciddypookun@yahoo.com)
Wizards of the Coast, Springfield Mall @ Springfield, VA.
February 8th, 2003.
27 Participants?

Oiisu. My first tourney report, so bear with me here. I promise the next time I'll try and make it a bit nicer by actually making copies of LP sheets or uh, writing down some notable plays. Until then, you'll just have to deal with my hazy memory. =) This was an Unsanctioned Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament, so no tourney packs for us...

Anyway, here's the deck I used. Another Clown Control deck. Aren't I just bursting with originality?

Monsters (20):

3x White Magical Hat
3x Dream Clown
2x Crass Clown
3x Hayabusa Knight
3x Giant Soldier of Stone
2x Sangan
2x Magician of Faith
1x Cyber Jar
1x Milus Radiant

Magic (10):

2x Prohibition
1x Messenger of Peace
1x Raigeki
1x Dark Hole
1x Pot of Greed
1x Change of Heart
1x Monster Reborn
1x Swords of Revealing Light
1x Mystical Space Typhoon

Trap (11):

3x Gravity Bind
2x Robbin' Goblin
2x Waboku
1x Ceasefire
1x Mirror Force
1x Imperial Order
1x Magic Jammer


You should all know how Clown Control works... You should also know that I've only got one Messenger of Peace, so I run Robbin' Goblins instead; they're a great form of control. Milus Radiant is there since it gives Hayabusas, Dream Clowns, Stone Soldier and itself a 500 ATK bonus... And it always snaps Wind monsters ATK down by 400 (say goodbye to Harpie's Brother =|) It's a great card for the deck in my opinion, and I just love the effect it has on players when I summon it: "What's that? What's it do?" -- Coming from highly-experienced duelists. =) Anyway, without further ado, here's my half-mediocre tourney report.

Round 1 -- 27 Participants? -- I know Eric got a bye, so the number had to be odd---
-- vs. Daman

Duel 1: I won the coin toss and opted to go first. This kid was obviously a newbie; he was playing with a full and complete starter deck, so I didn't think there would be too many problems. There weren't; but he did get me kinda nervous when he actually did damage to me (first duel he took me down to 5700 LP somehow...) Gravity Bind and Messenger didn't really save my monsters all that much, since Starter Deck cards are riddled with a bunch of 1300-ish Level 3 Monsters, so I had to bide my time until Milus Radiant came out so that my Hayabusas could actually do any damage. It was rather pathetic in my opinion, but I did end up winning---
  My LP @ the End: 5700

Duel 2: He seemed kinda discouraged that he was playing against me; I had seen him on the tables before and asked if he wanted to duel, but he denied since he said that he had just gotten a Starter Deck and all. He was reviewing the rulebook (though I must say he read it pretty well, he understood tributing, setting Trap cards and all that other jazz). Anyway, he opted to go first this time but didn't pull any monsters -- This was great for me... I set a Gravity Bind, two Robbin' Goblins and summoned a Hayabusa for 2000 damage. His turn; he drew La Jinn and summoned it, but forgot about the Gravity Bind and tried to attack... Didn't really happen. He ended his turn. I drew Raigeki, toasted the Jinn, summoned a White Magical Hat and attacked his LP directly for 3000, as well as activating my two Robbin' Goblins and dismissing his entire hand to the Graveyard. Needless to say, I was able to win from that position.
  My LP @ the End: 8000

Round 2 -- 14 Participants? Single elimination = 1/2 but... There were losers brackets and... Oh forget it; why couldn't there have just been 32 participants like normal to make it easier? -_-
-- vs. A-Teenager-of-African-Descent (Sorry, the name escapes me, as does many in tournaments)

Duel 1: He insisted that I go first. He had a friend of the female gender talking to him throughout the whole match; she asked if he was going to Katsucon, and I, for some reason, chimed in that I was going. Woohoo Katsucon! ... Right, right, the duel. I went first and played yummy Pot, but still didn't draw a Gravity Bind, Messenger of Peace or even a Waboku or Stone Soldier... I shakily set a Crass Clown and ended my turn. He enjoyed refreshing Change of Heart on my Clown and a Tribute for Summoned Skull.... This sort of stuff continued the whole match, with no Binds, Messengers or Wabokus and he absolutely crushed me. Didn't even touch his LP. It was disheartening, to say the least.
  His LP @ the End: 8000

Duel 2: This time *I* insisted that I go first ;p I drew Gravity Bind! Woohoo! Set that sucka down, summoned Dream Clown and ended. He summoned an 1800 ATKer and failed at attacking due to lovely Gravity Bind. I pulled a second Dream Clown, used the first to destroy the 1800 then summoned the second one to attack LP directly. After having those two Dream Clowns on the field and having them alternate positions for the rest of the game, I just had my other monsters attack his LP directly, and it was game.
  My LP @ the End: Uh. I forget. LoL.

Duel 3: I felt more confident this duel. I realized that his deck wouldn't really have much of a chance against mine if I got Gravity Bind out (I still didn't know if he had Jinzo though). This duel was actually quite a haze for me; I didn't really pay attention much to my plays. I remember that my Imperial Order did wonders for the duel, and that I kept it out for maybe three or four turns before letting it die, but other than that, the only thing I remember is that I won.
  My LP @ the End: ...All a haze, my friends...

Round 3 -- Uh, who knows how many people were left... I think this was for Top 8 or 7? Something like that.
-- vs. Eric Rodsa

Duel 1: This was a fun match altogether. He crushed me horribly last week when I was using my Beatdown Deck, so maybe the Clown Deck would fare a bit better (although to me it was only a 'fun' deck, not all that serious or competitive). The first duel I think was pretty atrocious for the both of us; I got Gravity Bind out, but he got Heavy Storm ... I pulled another Gravity Bind... Then after that, the game got a little weird; none of us were pulling any cards we needed. I remember pulling Milus Radiant out this round, but that's really it. We both just got really bad cards the whole time, and I guess I owe my victory to that.
  My LP @ the End: ... Whatever e.e;

Duel 2: He opted to sidedeck after the first Duel. I was almost sure that Jinzo would be sided in if he wasn't already in the deck, so I exchanged a two Crass Clowns for two Man-Eaters. I had contemplated putting in a few Spellbinding Circles to stall a bit more, but thought that it would be counterproductive if he did manage to get Jinzo out. He went first this time. I got Gravity Bind out, but he surprised me by summoning his own Dream Clown. Uh oh. That Clown caused me a lot of grief for a while, till I finally drew a Crass and figured that since the Dream Clown was in Defense mode, the next turn I'd send it back to his hand and hopefully draw a Dream Clown of my own to take care of things. Uh, I was wrong, and ate a Raigeki instead. After that, he kept getting Magicians of Faith and bringing that Raigeki back to his hand. =) My monsters kept getting creamed by the magic, and when all those bolts were done, he had Dream Clowns on the field to take care of any monster I threw at him. Game over.
  His LP @ the End: ... Still don't know, but it was pretty high. I *did* touch him, though! ... I think.

Duel 3: He opted to sidedeck again. I contemplated it, but decided against it. I went first this time. Prohibition on Heavy Storm. Pulled Gravity Bind and some Clowns. He didn't seem to have as much luck. We kept hitting each other over the head with cheap level 3 monsters. He was biding his time, waiting for Jinzo, whilst I was biding my time, waiting for my second Prohibition, so I could use it on Jinzo. =P We were both horribly frustrated by this. We both eventually got each other down to 1000-ish LP... Here's the 'non-play' of the day. He had 4 cards left in his deck, and I had 5. I set Cyber Jar and ended my turn. His turn: he played Dream Clown in attack mode then ended... I drew a card; now there were 4 cards in my deck. I thought that if I flipped Cyber Jar, I would lose since I would have to pick up the cards first (and there weren't 5)... So I decided not to do it. I was hoping that he would attack the Jar (thus he would have to pick up first and 'lose'). Instead, he summoned Hayabusa, destroyed Jar with Dream Clown's effect, then attacked me for 2000, ending the game. Afterwards, I realized that I would have won if I flipped Cyber Jar on my last turn... We both would have PICKED UP cards (not DRAW)... and I would have picked up my last 4, and he his last 3... I would end my turn, then it would be his turn... He would be unable to draw, and thus I would have won. That silly misconception about the rulings cost me the game, and I was a bit bummed by it all... Though I learned something very important; if you ever have any doubt about a ruling in your head, go and ask (if the result will possibly be advantageous to you ;) That match was probably the best one I've ever had playing Yugioh, and I look forward to playing you again, Eric ;)
  His LP @ the End: 1000-ish.

'Loser's Bracket' type thing --- Uh, it was to decide between 6th and 7th place.
-- vs. Kevin

Duel 1: Well, I had played this kid before the tournament, and we were both somewhat familiar with each others decks, and he seemed really sad that he had to play me, since I had creamed him all three of the games we played prior to this encounter. I was still feeling down after my loss to Eric, so I didn't really 'care' about the plays I made... And it really showed in the first duel. Anyway; I started off by shuffling (you know, shuffling them into stacks of three) ... and one of the cards caught his eye; it was a sleeve that was in perfect condition, compared to the others in my deck, so he insisted that I remove it (actually he said "you can't do that") since it was a 'different sleeve.' Whatever. I replaced it with one that was in my side-deck, asked if he was happy in a sarcastic and unpleased manner (still bitter from losing to Eric! Hehe) and started the game. I went first, put a Prohibition on Jinzo and set Giant Soldier. He pulled Change of Heart and attacked with it and La Jinn, then put a Prohibition on Dream Clown. All I could say at that point was "Uh oh." This sort of thing continued for a while, till I finally got my Gravity Bind. I had to make due with Crass Clowns (but it was hardly effective, since he would just set them again, and they were usually Walls of Illusion and other stall cards, so eventually his side of the field was riddled with face-down flip-effect-less monsters). It irritated me severely. He pulled out a Cannon Soldier and started launching stuff at me since I couldn't attack. He brought me down from 3200 to 700 LP with that stupid Soldier, and I had no real way of stopping it since its attack was a wonderful 1400. I luckily drew Raigeki and toasted the Soldier, then a Mystical Space Typhoon on his Prohibition sent the game swinging back in my direction. I summoned all three of my hoarded Dream Clowns, and there wasn't much he could do after that with Gravity Bind up. As a side-note, I clubbed him to death with a Magician of Faith. Boo-yah.
  My LP @ the End: 700.

Duel 2: He was not happy; he was so close to winning, and he really showed his dissatisfaction by almost forfeiting. He didn't, though, and decided to play. Hehe, he told me to let him win, and then he'd buy me a pack. I declined, obviously, since if I won this match I'd be 6th and get two boosters. =p We played. I set a Prohibition on Prohibition, then another one on Heavy Storm. I didn't really need Gravity Bind this match. He summoned an 1800 ATK'er and attacked me directly. I drew Change of Heart and Hayabusa... Two Robbin' Goblins came out, and suddenly he had no hand. Dark Hole after that, and we both found ourselves playing directly from our decks. Which was good for me, since I kept drawing stall cards. He kept hoarding his magics in his hands, which was excellent when I finally pulled Raigeki and sent all his cards falling to the Graveyard again with a Hayabusa. He then had no hand, no magic/traps or even monsters on the field... I had two Robbin' Goblins, two Prohibitions and a Mirror Force set. I won.
  My LP @ the End: 6200 I believe.

'Loser's Bracket' type thing --- Uh, to determine between 5th and 6th place. Like it really mattered, since both players would get two packs anyway.
-- vs. That-guy-with-Morphing-Jar-Barrel-Dragon-and-Weird-Dice

The whole match: I played against this guy before a while ago, and I beat him 2-1, so I guess he might've been itching for a rematch. I told him that I remembered who he was, and he to the same degree. He told me that he remembered all my 1800 ATKers (I played him with my beatdown at that time), and that I would 'feel the power of his clowns.' I grinned as I went first, set Gravity Bind and summoned my OWN Dream Clown. Quite a reaction from him. Anyway, my heart wasn't really in this game. It was getting late, I was still bewildered by my loss with Eric, and I would get two boosters and a quote in no matter what, so I kinda just played for the sake of it. He beat me... I didn't really seem to care. Same thing happened in the second duel, only that time I didn't even touch his lifepoints. He certainly was happy. I was indifferent.

I got two PSV packs for my troubles. I pulled the ever-so-lovely SHIFT ... And a Dust Tornado (yay, better, and actually playable). Not bad, I'd say, though I can think of other, better Super Rares that I could've gotten...

Rankings? What Rankings? I just know that Eric took 1st Place again, and that I ended up in 6th. =p


Beware all those who play against me often, for my deck has changed drastically... yet again for this week! Ciao all, happy dueling. =)