Subject: Tournament Report:Duelist Nathan
My Name:Nathan Massey
Store and Location:Diamond Sports/Cedar Park/TX
Number of People:130 [This was a big one]
This is my I think about my 4th or 5th Tourny Report, and 8th or 9th Tourny ever.
Ok, there was A LOT of people at the Tourny, and a ton of very good duelist.I was always used to going to the Tournys and looking for a lot of stuff to trade for, but I completed my Deck like all the other great Duelist there, well, because PSV has been out for about 5 friken' whole months, so that gave a TON of time to get like everything you need from the normal sets.
Well, here is my Deck, I call it MAX MOMENTUM.
Magic and Traps:20
Normal Monsters:10
1. Harpie's Bro
2. Harpie's Bro
3. Harpie's Bro
4. La Jinn
5. La Jinn
6. La Jinn
7. Fishy
8. Fishy
9. Fishy
10. Summoned Skull [Tin version]
Effect Monsters:10
11. Man-Eater Bug [LOB version]
12. Man-Eater Bug
13. Man-Eater Bug
14. Magician of Faith
15. Magician of Faith
16. Goblin Attack Force
17. Goblin Attack Force
18. Witch
19. Cyber Jar
20. Jinzo
21. Axe
22. Axe
23. Tribute to the Doomed
24. Tribute to the Doomed
25. Heavy Storm
26. Heavy Storm
27. Raigeki
28. Dark Hole [LOB version]
29. Pot of Greed
30. Monster Reborn
31. Change of Heart [MRD version]
32. Swords of Revealing Light
33. The Forceful Sentry
34. Trap Hole
35. Trap Hole
36. Shadow of Eyes
37. Mirror Force
38. Call Of The Haunted
39. Bandit Tools
40. Imperial Order
My Deck is in in Blue cases that are fit for Yugioh Cards, and then put the Cards in the Case into some bigger sleves that where White.
Well, there it is, a Beatdown Deck, as you can see. The Tourny started at about 10:30AM, and was SUPPOSED to end at about 1:30PM.[Not,lol]
1st Place:Gaia the Dragon Champion [Yuck] and 1 TP2 Pack
2nd Place:Imperial Order [Awsome] and 1 TP2 Pack
3rd Place:Dust Tornado [Sorta okay...] and 1 TP2 Pack
4th Place:Graverobber [Realy cool looking] and 1 TP2 Pack
Round 1:Me VS Rich guy[Everybody said so, and it was true]
Match 1:Now, this guy was realy cool, and I think 2 Morphing Jars, and a Mech Chaser, but he didn't use them beacuse, well, they're worth a lot. He was realy in this for fun, and could of made a better Deck. I started out with a very nice hand, I remember Dark Hole, Axe, Witch, Man-Eater Bug, and a Mirror Force. I set Mirror Force, used Dark hole on his GAF, summoned Witch, equiped her with Axe, and ATKer direct. On his turn, he summoned La Jinn with an Axe, atked, but I Mirror Force. I drew, set ME-B, ATKed Direct again, set Shadow of Eyes. He stes a MON, I use Shadow of Eyes, it was Magician of Faith. I go, draw, flip ME-B, kill my Witch, search for Jinzo, tribute ME-B for Jinzo, equip him with Axe, and I won it with him.
1 - 0
Match 2:Wow, this was one close Match. My Deck got down to about 12 cards, I use Pot of Greed, flip summoned my Cyber Jar, and man, I use Monster Rebonr on him MON, Change of Hearted his only F/D MON, Call Of The Haunted my GAF, tribute his MON from Change oif Heart for Jinzo, equip with Axe, put Wall in ATk, you do the Math....
2 - 0
Round 2:ME VS Realy easy kid
I felt sorry from him, because his dad was with him, he was realy young, and the whole time he was saying "You're going to win...". Well, it was just a total blow out.
3 - 0
Match 2:Same thing realy.
4 - 0
after the Duel, I helped with his Deck and made it a lot better, and he was realy happy. [I also gave hima spare Harpie's Brother, and a Michizure]
Round 3:Me VS Skater Guy
Match 1:Ok, this was some Skater guy, and was next to his little Skater friend, and they both where acting like they where the coolst, and where like, "You're a little shrimp!". They thought I was some realy dumb young dumb kid. Well, he was pretty good, and we kept giving each other blows, but me a lot more blows. In the end, I think I had about 5500 LP's to spare.
5 - 0
Match 2:Almost the same thing, but this time, Jinzo taught him a lesson with is Axe of Depair, and Raigeki and TttD's clear the field for him, and wham, showed him size dosn't matter.
6 - 0
His friend was all making fun of him because he lost to me, but he also lost to little kid also, so they where each making fun of each other. What losers, lol
Round 4:Me VS Mr. best Duelist of his School
At first he seemed pretty nice, but that changed. I also watched him duel earlier, and I knew I was going to win.
Match 1:Okay, he like put Cards on Top of his Deck, and said "We don't need to cut.", but I told him we had to, so he got all mad. I think I went seconed, I used Pot of Greed, Forceful Sentry, Heavy Storm, Dark hole, summoned Harpie's Brother with Axe, and atked him good. He was all mad, use Shield and Sword, summoned Dark Fire Soldier #1 or 2, and ATKed my Harpie's Bro. That was fine. I drew, Monster Reborned Harpie's Brother, Tributed it for Jinzo, and equiped him with Axe of Despair, and he said "Sheild and Sword is still working!", lol. I got a 2 Judges and like 7 other Duelist to prove to him that a TURN means oly HIS TURN, lol. So I wasted hius Soldier. He tribute from his HAND for BEWD[I know, I didn't care], then relized he made a mistake. I summon Summoned Skull, and won.
7 - 0
Match 2:He was like, "You better not be cheating, let me check you'r Deck!". Well everybody around was like "Kid, he's good, you aren't any good at all, so don't worry, you'll loose again". Well, same thing happened again with BEWD, but near the middle of the Match. I Trap Holed it, hahah. After I ended my turn, he was very low on LP's. He did the Tribute from hand AGAIN[Stupid], used Curse of Fiend, ATKed, but I used Mirror Force, hahahaha. He said Curse of Fiend was still working on my turn, but he go told again. I easly won.
8 - 0
His sister was like "Did you lose?", and he was like "Shut up you idiot!". All his buds where like, "He cheated, because you are to good!"
Match 5:Me VS TJ
Match 1:We where dreading to VS each other, because we are both realy good with Beatdowns, and where very good pals. Now I'll have to admit it, I was VERY lucky with the stuff I got. I got probaly exactly what I needed, and I did realy well.
9 - 0
Match 2:He chose first, I got Heavy Storm, Change of Heart, Jinzo, Axe, Pot of Greed, and more. He sets I think like 3 M/T's, and a F/D. I use Heavy Storm, Change of Heart, Tribute for Jinzo, equip with Axe, and did a lot of DMG after that with him, and he hand no hand to do anything, as I kept clearing the field. Don't get me wrong, he is a very good Duelist, and ranked #8 in store, which is VERR good, because there is like 800 People in total, and a handfull of some realy good Duelist.
10 - 0
Now, it was time for the Final 4:Me, Mark, Sung, and I think his name was like Tom. I knew I was going to loose by one of them, so I was getting my hopes up at all, and I sorta wanted the Graverobber a lot.
Round 6:Me VS Tom[Remeber, I think that was his name]
Match 1:Ok, I was realy ready to loose, and I realy didn't care much anyways, because I wanted to be in the Top 100 for a Box, and even though I can barely go here, Season 2 is about to end REALY soon, and I was #22 before I went to this Tourny, and I already won 5 Matchs, and the #8 Duelist there. Well, he got his stuff he need, Snatch Steal, Tribute for Jinzo, equip it with Axe, get out Mech Chaser, Hayabusa Knight with an Axe also, Raigeki and TttD's to clear field, you do the Math...
10 - 1
Match 2:This was a lot like Match 1, but I kept my self alive a little longer with SORL, and got more DMG on him. He won, so I was Dueling for 4th and 3rd.
Round 7:Me VS Sung
Match 1:This guy is very good, and won 1st I know at least once, and he beat Mike on his way to the win, and Mike is ranked #1. It was almost a lot like like Tom's Match's, but more of Jinzo and Hayabusa Knight doing the job.
10 - 3
Match 2:again like Match 1, but it got very, VerY, VeRY, VERY anoying with the SORLS! He managed to get rid of my Sowrds, reborn my jinzo, get out SS, Hayabusa Kngith with Axe, leaving me with nothing. Over.
10 - 4
Yes!I got the Graverobber, and a lot of people I know want one, and a Tourny Pack. I didn;t get anything much in it, but they're still Tourny Pack Cards.It was my FAV Tourny ever, and I did very well, and I think I might be ranked #14-17 now.Now, onto the Props and Slops!
+ Pojo for having Tourny Reports
+ Pojo for being awsome
+ Diamond Sports for holding the realy cool Tournys
+ New cool silver/White cases
+ Jinzo, Raigeki, Pot of Greed, Axe of Depair, Heavy Storm, TttD, GAF, and Mirror Force for being in my Deck
+ Beating 2 kids that I had to show who was the boss
+ Beating TJ
+ Beating the rich guy
+ Tom for admiting it was all the luck of draws
+ Getting more points
+ Getting to the Final 4
+ Winning Graverobber
+ Justin's Mom for bringing me there
+ Justin for leting me borow cool looking cards
+ Dad picking me up and watching for a little bit
+ Dad for getting me a Preztel
+ Dad for paying the $5.00 entry fee
+ Dad for taking me home
- Mike not being there[Even though he might of made me not go to Fianl 4]
- Justin having to leave so soon
- Me for droping a little slushy sample on my clothes right after the tourny
- This Tourny having to always having to be during my church, so I can barely ever go
My E-mail adress
but, please AIM me at EggytheCB, for talking to me, letting me help your Deck, are mabey duel, MABEY
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