Mark Hornung

Three Jar Circus

Oxford Valley Mall, PA




After losing my cards I faced a long hard road but battled through it.


After my beatdown deck suffered defeat after defeat I decided it was time for a new deck and what better place to test it at the mall tour.


After coming home late from the mall tour last night I decided to write my report the day after. I was at the mall tour all Saturday fine-tuning my deck before I tried to play anyone (only played 2 people at the mall tour on Saturday). I walked in there Sunday with my friend first in line for registration. Signed up and this is where I begin.


My deck is a clown deck with a little added spice (hate doing conventional dragon, beatdown, and clown decks.)


My deck:



1 Time Wizard (my all time favorite and you’ll see why)

1 Barrel Dragon (second all time favorite)

1 Cyber Jar

2 Morphing Jar #2

2 Magician of Faith

1 Summoned Skull (Backup plan for annoying Jinzo)

1 Dragon Zombie (strongest three star attacker)

1 Maha Vailo (always need a backup plan)

1 Trap Master

3 Dream Clown

2 Crass Clown

3 Man-Eater Bug

1 White Magical Hat

1 Jinzo #7

1 Sangan

1 Mask of Darkness

1 Hayabusa Knight

2 Giant Soldier of Stone

1 Witch of the Black Forest

1 Karate Man

Total 27




3 Gravity Binds

1 Call of the Haunted

1 Acid Trap Hole (don’t like face down monsters)

1 Dust Tornado

1 Imperial Order (no heavy storm for you)

1 Magic Drain

1 Seven Tools of the Bandit

1 Waboku

1 Mirror Force

Total: 11


2 Nuzzlers

1 Axe of Despair

1 Dark Hole

1 Change of Heart

1 Messenger of the Peace (Boy, did I tell you how much I hate Jinzo)

1 Pot of Greed

1 Card Destruction

1 Heavy Storm (Prohibition is for the 1920’s not 2003)

1 Rush Recklessly

1 Raigeki

1 Swords of Revealing Light

1 Monster Reborn

1 Fissure (This card has Jinzo’s name written all over it)

1 Mystic Space Typhoon

1 Premature Burial

 Total: 16



Last time I wrote Pojo a report I did not have most of these cards but thanks to the mall tour and the people there I was able to get a deck I am satisfied with. Anyway first things first, King of Games challenge, I was not able to win the sticker for it Saturday but it was a new day, new opportunity.


(Just so you know the rules for King of Games are 20 minuet time limit and one little duel, if you win you stay, lose and your gone. No best out of three so no side deck for me.)


However you need to win three duels against three people to get the sticker


1st match me vs. Charlie


It was me verses one of the cool new people I hanged out with there. Charlie likes to play a dragons deck and boy was I in for a surprise when I saw his dragons. However this match went quickly. First turn he got Lord of D. and then a Tri Horn and Blue Eyes to the field. However I was able to draw my all time favorite card, Time Wizard. I summoned it fissured Lord of D.(had dark hole has backup) and called its flip correct (Time Wizard’s Effect 1 for 1). Next turn I get my Haybusa Knight with an Axe and start drilling him. However he got another Lord of D. with 2 Blue Eyes now. I played Waboku to stop the attack. Now it was time for Time Wizard once again. I got the flip right of course (2 for 2) and then reborned his blue eyes at that was it.


2nd Match Me vs. a little kid


I am sorry if I offend moms, but when the “Master Duelist” guy says your kid should not join the King of Games challenge you should listen to him. I played with Time Wizard, I got it wrong once and right twice(4 for 5). The first sentence is pretty much how the match went.


3rd Match Me vs. a kid with Exodia


Again, I am sorry if I offend moms, but when the “Master Duelist” guy says your kid should not join the King of Games challenge you should listen to him. This kid actually played the pieces to the field and attacked with them. It was a good laugh but I won the sticker however that is not how I wanted to earn it.



Its Time to Duel!


I was picked to fight a Master Duelist final after they slaughtered all the little kids. However I did notice one puzzling thing about them, their lack of knowledge for cards they did not play with. They had no clue what Time Wizard did, my clowns, my Messenger of the Peace, did I mention my Time Wizard. Lol


Anyway I had that as a slight advantage, especially my gravity bind since they all played beatdown decks.


Me Vs. Master Duelist


The match started off slow and then picked up when she that’s right she, one of the Master Duelists was a girl, played Jinzo negating my gravity bind (did I mention I hate Jinzo). Luckily for me I got a cyber jar, which she attacked. I had open field with my Haybusa Knight and Time Wizard. She got a Mirror Force down however I played heavy storm just in case. O my god, she did not just do that, yea she did, reborned Jinzo and she took to the offensive again. However I draw my insurance policy, Messenger of the Peace. I stacked the field with 2 Giant Soldiers of Stone, a Dragon Zombie with a nuzzler and reborned my Haybusa, which had one nuzzler on it. It was time to attack. I was about to use my Time Wizards effect to kill Jinzo when I drawled Raigeki and ended the match right there. I got to sign the book of kings or whatever and hopefully go to the invitational tournament they are going to have. Back on top baby.



This where I leave you, hopefully I am going to the invitational but until then you will hear my reports of my weekly tournament I go to at Neoquest Games in Lansdale. If you wanna contact me to duel trade or any old thing email me at Until then this is Mark “Time Masta” Hornung saying good luck and cya later.



Time Wizard forever Muhahahahahahaahahaha (Whole weekend stats for Time Wizard, 14 for 16)