Subject:Dragon Rage-Derrick Allan Christianson,Twin city comics,Columbia Heights,MN,U.S.A.

       Dragon Rage
       Derrick Allan Christianson
       Twin city Comics
       Columbia Heights,Minnesota,America

       A total of about 30 people participated in this tournament.

My Deck:
3XLord of D.
3XBlue-Eyes White Dragon
1XTri-Horned Dragon
3XGiant Soldier of Stone
3XMagician of Faith
2XJirai Gumo
1XLa Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
1XCyber Jar
1XWitch of the Black Forest

3XThe Flute of Summoning Dragon
2XHeavy Storm
1XChange of Heart
1XDelinquent Duo
1XPot of Greed
1XSwords of Revealing Light
1XDark Hole
1XCard Destruction
1XSnatch Steal
1XMonster Reborn

1XImperial Order
1XMirror Force

Total # of Cards in Deck:40

       The idea for this deck is to get the blue-eyes out with a lord of D.,then start pounding away at there life points.The Giant Soldier of Stones are for defense,and the La Jinn and Jirai gumos are for attack or stall.Cyber Jar for getting cards and clearing the field for my blue-eyez White Dragons.So I guess you can say its A Dragon beatdown.

       In this store the tournament was split into 2 tournaments:Left:13 or younger,Right:14 or older.{I was in the 14 or older}

       First Round:Me VS. Bryan{Beatdown}
       First Duel:
This person ran a DARKFIRE SOLDIER beatdown,I know who he is,we had played eachother before and I told him to ditch the Darkfire Soldiers,but I guess he didnt,so anyways,He went first, he played Dark Elf,and passed,My turn idrew The blue-eyes combo,but first I fissured and Heavystormed him layed down the combo and attack him for 4200lp.Then he layed A monster in defense.and passed,and since I knew he was running a beatdown so his defenses werent going to be that great so I drew A giant soldier of stone,played it attacked him with Lord of D. and attacked with Blue-Eyes and GSOS,and won.
      Second Duel:
He was hitting me pretty hard with his Goblin and Dark Elfs,until I got my Cyber Jar then flipped cyber jar and got the combo+another Blue-Eyes in my hand,and he only had 1 monster which was a sangan,played the other blue-eyes,attacked his sangan with my lord of D.Then attacked him for 6000lp.and won.{His Dark Elf attack 2 Times}
       I ADVANCE.
       Second round:Me VS. Steven{Jinzo#7/Direct Damage}
       First Duel:He man-handled my deck with a gravity bind and A Jinzo equiped with a axe of despair.later I destroyed it and layed the only card that might save and that Mirror force to destroy any other jinzo#7 but then he tributed his own Jinzo#7 for the real Jinzo!He attacked and,So he won.
       Second Duel:Neck and neck the whole way till he pulled that darn jinzo#7 with a gravity Bind,by now the score was:ME:3600 HIM:400,it was my turn and I drew the only card that was going to save my butt,and that was,"CEASEFIRE",I set it on the field and said"GO".He Drew and thats when I played Ceasefire,the only effect monster on the field was his own Jinzo#7 and so I won.
       Third Duel:Another Neck and neck duel until my cyber jar got flipped,destroyed all monsters on the field,and he drew all magics and traps,and I drew the blue-eyes combo,played it,and on the field I had:Lord of D.,Blue-eyes,Tri-Horned Dragon,and A Magician that I played face down,I attacked to obliterate his LP.
       I ADVANCE
       Third round:ME VS. SKY{Great Beatdown}
       First duel:I got crap in my first hand and knowing a beatdown deck they always have a monster waiting for you with an axe.So as the duel went on I was assembling the dragon combo,my hand:Blue-eyes+The Flute of Summoning Dragons,it all depended on this next card wether i'd win or lose,my next card was!Another Blue-eyes:{.I lost to his beatdown.
       Second Duel:Same thing but i got a cyber jar played it and it got nobleman of crossed-out.He tamed my dragons and my deck and won again so I lose.But my friend Jack was facing him in the finals and I told him to take revenge for me,I went to burger King across the street to eat and when I came back,he told me he had also lost to him.

Props:My friend Jack for making it to the finals
Me,for beating great players
Slops:Sky for beating me