The True Forbidden One

Justin Meyer

Utopia Games

Saint Cloud, Minnesota


About 16 people entered.


Ah, this is my fun little Exodia deck, it seems to do very well for me, even though this started out just to make people quite mad J



1x Exodia the Forbidden One

1x Left Arm of the Forbidden One

1x Left Leg of the Forbidden One

1x Right Arm of the Forbidden One

1x Right Leg of the Forbidden One

3x Cannon Soldier

3x Mystic Tomato

3x Magician of Faith

2x Sangan

2x Spear Cretin

1x Witch of the Black Forest



3x Shallow Grave

3x Messanger of Peace

1x Pot of Greed

1x Dark Hole

1x Painful Choice

1x Monster Reborn

1x Premature Burial

1x Swords of Revealing Light

1x Change of Heart



3x Solemn Judgment

2x Backup Soldier

1x  Call of the Haunted

1x Mirror Force

1x Imperial Order


Well, I got there at about 5:45 and it started at about 6:00, so I sat down and played a quick 3-way of Magic: The Gathering (Blue/Green Madness J).  Finally, after having 6 Roar of the Worms out (6/6) they called out pairings.  Turns out that im against my old friend Mike


Round 1: Duel 1 True Forbidden vs. Mike (Direct Dmg)


Wow, this one was too fast it wasn’t even funny.  After the flip he called wrong so I chose to go first, and man it was great.  My starting hand had: Head, Right Arm, Backup Soldier, Dark Hole, Painful Choice and I drew Messanger of peace.  I played my Painful Choice, and got the remaining 3 pieces, and 2 cannon soldiers.  He let me have the right leg.  I played it face down and then used dark hole.  Following I set down my backup soldier.  He drew and I won :-).



Round 1: Duel 2


A little bit slower, all I know is that I got all 3 searchers early on, and I won by turn 4.



We were done before anyone else was done with their first duel.  So I decided to walk around, and I traded my rare TP-2 card (cant remember what it was) and my unl version for 1/e versions of cards.


Round 2: Duel 1 vs. Jed (No Options)


Argh, Jed used to be soo bad, but I helped him create a deck that gives your opp no options.  Luckily I got cannon soldier and Sangan in my starting hand, played Sangan and he Raigeki’d then played a FD.  I drew and played cannon soldier, shallow graved my Sangan 3x and finished him off w/ Exodia :).


Round 2: Duel 2


Turn 2 win, 4 pieces in starting hand and played a Mystic Tomato face down.  He atked, I got my Sangan and kamakazied it against his La Jinn for the win.


Argh, now is where I felt the heat coming, I had to face the winner of Peter vs. Dustin, and I was soo hoping that Peter would win, because I took a peak at Dustin’s sidedeck, and found delinquent duo, confiscation, soul release, card destruction and many more evil things.  Anyway, when I got over there it was in the second duel and Dustin just owned Peter, so I told Peter no more pop for you (I had exclaimed that if he won I’d give him a free pop).


Round 3: Duel 1 vs. Dustin (Beatdown- Anti Gravitybind)


Well, luckily you cannot side deck the first game, so I felt a little bit safer.  I got out Messanger of Peace very quickly, and just stalled till I got all my Exodia pieces (sorry for lack of info here, been a while.)


Round 3: Duel 2


I knew he side-decked and knew I was in for a show.  I had a decent starting hand of 2 backup soldier, cannon soldier, painful choice and mystic tomato.  I drew and got messanger, then played tomato face down and let him go.  He attacked it with a Man-eater with an axe on it, so I got Sangan.  I Kamakazid Sangan into his Man-Eater after playin cannon soldier facedown.  He card destructioned and then soul released, makin me mad.  Anyway, I knew I had to work fast, as he was bound to have a lot.  Eventually I got all 3 Mystic Tomato out, he Mirror Forced it :(.  2x Cannon Soldiers on the field was my ending forces when he was at 4000 life.  I needed a monster, any monster.  I drew my favorite finishing card.  EXODIA THE FORBIDDEN ONE!  I dropped it in atk mode since I had a solemn facedown, attacked with everything.  Then to complete the duel, I pulled off the tribute of the head for the win.



Now I had too much time on my hands, I had to wait… and wait… and wait, finally the duel got done, thinking I had to face the winner, I went up and said “So I’m playin Josè eh?  The store owner smirked and said, If he wins his next duel you are.  ARGH ANOTHER DUEL I HAD TO SIT THROUGH.  I finally went and learned to play Mage Knight, watchin muh buddy Eric own it up :) (Eric and I are tag-team duelists, we never took 1 loss in our duel burner decks.) Josè finally won it.


Onto the Finals, Finally :-)


Round 4: Duel 1 vs. Josè (Polymerization Black-Skull, used to have a great Dark deck)


This wasn’t even worth sayin, I had him so rattled I killed him with cannon soldier.


Round 4: Duel 2


Again, I had him so rattled I pulled off exodia with 50 lps left (he got me to 200 and I used 3 solemns lol)


Yay, a win for me in a free tourney.  FREE TOURNAMENT PACK WEWT!

I pulled another Sonic Maid ;-)


Time for Props and Slops YAY


To all my opponents, for being good sports

To getting $40 for my Giant Red Sea-Snake

To Faygo, greatest pop eva

To Exodia for being so fast

To Matt and Utopia Games, for bein the best CCG store EVER!!

To Serf, Bandit Keif and all the others for ownz0ring, I love your guys reports!!!



To only having 16 people

To losing $15

To Michael, for cheating and pulling Exodia 1st turn 5 times in a row against me, looking through his deck and seeing he has 8 of each peace. (then looked inside case, and saw they are all fake.



Well, it still was a fun time and a great tournament like normal, props to Matt :-)

If you would like to reach me, you can contact me on


Aim: CooIV (note: it is “iv” not “N”)