The Legend of the Shadows Deck
Matthew "The Shadow" Sita
Wizards of the Coast
Springfield, VA
February 8th, 2002
27 participants

     I can't believe I was able 2 make another killer deck report b4 the Mall Tour at Towson, Maryland on February 22nd & 23rd.  Well, not much has changed but I still have to show off my deck as usual as it is part of the rules to get these Legends published, so here's the slightly improved Shadow Deck.

Shadow Deck 6.0

Monsters (23):
1 Goblin Attack Force (2300 ATK for a **** monster? Why not?)
2 Hayabusa Knight (It's time 2 slice n dice.)
2 Wall of Illusion (GO BACK 2 UR HAND FOO!)
1 Witch of the Black Forest (Search 4 my Jinzo, Morphing Jar, or Cyber Jar.)
2 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp (one of my main hitters.)
1 Dream Clown (Is now the time 2 clown around?)
1 Morphing Jar (I luv my hand destruption cards.)
3 Magician of Faith (Y not play 3 of these?)
2 Masked Sorcerer (I make them think that it's a Man-eater Bug and laugh at them 4 not attacking me.)
1 Cyber Jar (I pick up 5 cards...kewl.)
1 Jinzo (It's time 2 Jinzoize.)
2 White Magical Hat (He's got a cape.  Why not play him?)
1 Barrel Dragon (PROTON BLAST! lol)
3 Man-eater Bug (I like 2 eat metal.)

Magic (14):
1 Snatch Steal (HEY!  THAT'S MY JINZO...TOO BAD!)
1 Pot of Greed (Rn't I 2 greedy?)
1 Swords of Revealing Light (Stall...stall...n more stalling.)
1 Raigeki (Killer lightning bolt!)
1 The Forceful Sentry (This+Exchange=Free card 4 me.)
1 Premature Burial (My Barrel Dragon's back.)
1 Change of Heart (Is that a Cyber Jar?  OK.  I'll hit ur life points with my Magician n then flip it.)
1 Monster Reborn (Nuthin beats the original.)
1 Axe of Despair (This will soon be replaced with United We Stand.)
2 Heavy Storm (I like this card.)
1 Delinquent Duo (Fear the Mestevious Demon Twins.)
1 Exchange (See The Forceful Sentry.)
1 Dark Hole (Get in the Black Hole.)

Traps (9):
2 Magic Drain (I think it's better than Jammer.)
2 Trap Hole (FALL!)
1 Ceasefire (Flip n do damage!)
2 Waboku (Might be replaced with Scapegoat.)
1 Call of the Haunted (My 3rd Monster Reborn.)
1 Mirror Force (REFLECT THE ATTACK!)

Side Deck (Of course 15):
1 Serpent Night Dragon (Y not? It's a Secret Rare)
1 Cosmo Queen (Not bad. Not bad at all.)
1 Dark Magician (It's my favorite card. Why not?)
1 Chain Destruction (Just in case.)
1 Goddess of Whim (More like Goddess of WIMPS!)
1 Confiscation (It's OK, but not good enough 2 me yet.)
1 Limiter Removal (Double Time!)
2 Nobleman of Crossout (I actually put them in.)
1 Mirror Wall (Slicy.)
1 Gravity Bind (BIND THEM!)
2 Shield & Sword (Just 4 the space.)
1 Soul Release (Just 4 Exodia.)
1 Solomon's Lawbook (Yay! I skip my Standby Phase.)

     23+14+9=46 cards.  As usual, it's my usual Beatdown deck.  This deck loves to draw and discard which is why there are so many cards in my deck.  Well, at first, it was a 26 people tournament, so the prizes were lowered to the Top 6 getting prizes, but I made a flaw and 4got 2 write my name down after I signed up.  He remembered that I signed up, so all I had to do was write my name down and I had to replace the champ of last week's seat who was Eric, not Goat because last week, I had phenomena and I had 2 go 2 the hospital, but now I feel better and I am dueling again.  Anyways, my opponent was a Little kid that likes to use Fairy cards like Shining Friendship, Fairy's Gift, Wingweaver, he even used Harpie Lady.  He said that he'd rather face Eric instead of me which made me think that I'm better than Eric.  Well, let me tall you what happened.

Round 1
Shadow vs. Fairy kid (Fairy Deck)
Matches 1 & 2: He had potential and experience, but he just had to use different cards.  I was able to get out Jinzo on him and "Jinzoized" him, making me win.

     During the rounds, I talked to Eric about the Mall Tour.  Earlier in the week, I invited Eric and his cousin, Patrick, to come along and so far, Eric said that he can go while Patrick isn't sure yet.  Anyways, my next match was up.

Round 2
Shadow vs. Some 17 year old kid that just started (Yugi Starter Deck.)
Matches 1 & 2: I am not calling this guy a N00B, but he was using N00B cards like Beaver Warrior and such.  I can tell that he can do better if he gets different cards.  Anyways, I beat him with the help of my Morphing Jar and my Ceasefire.

     Well, now we are at the Top 8.  I was hoping to face Goat, but unfortunately, he had to face Alex, so I was hoping to face Eric because I wanted a rematch against him and I wanted to do some training for the Mall Tour by facing him, but he faced a different person.  My opponent was a person that used the nickname "Mister Eggroll", which kind of made me laugh, but I recognized the person because my opponent was a person that I always raced to see who would win quicker in the First Round (I mostly beat him).  Anyways, I had to duel him.

Round 3
Shadow vs. Mister Eggroll (Anti-Beatdown deck)
Match 1: His deck really annoyed me because of one reason: CLOWNS!  He had 2 Dream Clowns on the field 1 in attack mode, one in defense mode and switched them every turn.  In other words, I lost that one.

Match 2: I got my revenge by getting out Jinzo and started to "Jinzoize" him.  I also reborned one of his Dream Clowns in defense mode and placed my other Dream Clown in attack mode, making me win.

Match 3: This match annoyed me like crazy.  I Snatch Stealed his Jinzo and managed to get out Barrel Dragon.  The next turn, he played Messenger of Peace which got me angry since most of my monsters have and ATK higher than 1500.  He was gaining 900 Life Points per turn (+1000 for Snatch Steal -100 for MoP).  I soon offered his Jinzo for mine so he would slowly lose Life Points.  I was so close, but he soon Raigekied, brought out a Crass Clown, Prematured a Masked Sorcerer, and took out my Life Points.

     I couldn't believed I lost.  What else I couldn't believe was that Goat lost also.  I was in the Bottom 4 now going at least 5th Place.  I had to win this one to my name noticed.  My opponent was...GOAT!  YES!  I GET MY REVENGE!  He said that he could care less about this bcuse he claims that Alex "cheated" his way to the Top 4 and he would rather play Magic: The Gathering.  I wanted to make this match short so I can go for 5th place.  He said that he would "go light, but not too light" which was  one thing I didn't believe.  I had a score to settle with Goat and proove that I'm the better of the 2 of us.

Round 4
Shadow vs. Goat (What Are the Chances? deck)
Match 1: He was irritating me by acting like Espa Roba, which was really annoying me.  I had him down to about 1800 life points until he Raigekied, Reborned my Barrel Dragon, Prematured Burialed his Jinzo, and hitting my life points.

Match 2: I couldn't lose this one or else I was out of the tournament, so I went to my harder, more focused mode even though he was still acting like Espa Roba, chanting "The Ultimate Card".  I had to ignore it or else I would lose.  I managed to try and make him top deck by using 2 White Magical Hats, and a Jinzo and beat him.

Match 3: He was still chanting "The Ulitmate Card", just trying to see if I were to snap.  I couldn't snap against what he was saying.  I was now on the defense when he had 2 Dream Clowns and a Jinzo.  I had to believe in the Heart of the Cards again as it never failed me when I believed.  I drew...YES!  Dark Hole.  I used it, activated Call of the Haunted, got back my Jinzo, Reborned Barrel Dragon, and gave a big shot at his Life Points making me win.  To quote twice, "Close Match, but I have the Ultimate Cards."

     Well, I was now garanteed 6th Place, but I wanted a higher ranking, so I faced this kid who looked like that Mark Anthony kid I faced in the last Legend.  He didn't want to duel me, but I forced him to.

Round 5
Shadow vs. kid that looked like Mark (Beatdown deck.)
Matches 1 & 2: I didn't remember a lot from these matches, but the only thing I remembered was that I won (Sorry if this isn't very descriptive, Pojo.)

     Well, I got 5th Place and 2 boosters, which I got a 3rd Hayabusa Knight and a Nobleman of Extermination.  Paul told me since Alex owed me a booster, Alex told Paul to give Alex one less booster and give me one more booster.  In that booster, I got Magical Hats.  Well, Props & Slops:

-To me for taking out Goddess of Wimps and putting in Dream Clown.
-To for posting all of my stuff.
-To me for evening the score against Goat.
-To Alex for paying me back.
-To Popeye's

-To Mister Eggroll for beating me.
-To the bad boosters, exept for the Magical Hats.
-To being sick with phenomena.
-To nething else I missed

     I can't believe Part 6 is done.  Well, last time I wrote a Legend, it said the 21st and 22nd.  I re-checked n saw that i was wrong n it said 22nd and 23rd.  So I'll be at Towson at those dates.  If u want 2 contact me, E-Mail me at or IM me st SpedyMatt.  Until the Mall Tour or possibly Part 7, peace out.