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Decatur, IL

Ed Robinson, Date of Tournament, 2-14-03 Valentine's Day (yuck)

Hello, I am Ed, But you can call me Rare Hunter X if you want. I was glad to go to this tournament, there were waay more people then last time. And there were more people around my age instead of a bunch of lil kids. I sold my Giant Red Seasnake to the store before the tourney, then bought an Exodia Head. My friends Jimmy and Justin were there this time. (yay!) Atleast there were people there I knew this time. That Harpie Lady girl was there again, She told me that if we dueled that she was gonna win this time. Anyway, Here's my new deck that I used in the tourney.

Monsters: 24

1. Sword Hunter (This guy kicks arse!)

2. Dark Magician (Still rules, still here.)

3. Blue Eyes White Dragon (A main power source.)

4. Jinzo (My fav card!)

5. Twin-Headed Fire Dragon

6. Curse of Dragon

7. Man-Eater Bug x3 (I still don't have Raigeki.. =( )

8. Neo the Magic Swordsman (Attack)

9. La Jinn (See Neo)

10. Harpie's Bro (See La Jinn)

11. Darkfire Soldier #1 (See Harpie's Bro)

12. Darkfire Soldier #2 (See Darkfire Soldier #1)

13. Battle Ox (See Darkfire Soldier #2)

14. Girochin Kuwagata (See Battle Ox)

15. 7 Colored Fish (Fishie Fish! ^_^)

16. Gearfried the Iron Knight (Nope, No Snatch Steal for j00!)

17. Cyber Jar (BOOM!)

18. Magician of Faith (I want my Graceful Dice back now!)

19. Maha Vailo (Beatdown)

20. Invader of the Throne (Is that a Summoned Skull? It's mine now! Mwahaha!)

21. Jirai Gumo (He's a stall. Just let him sit there till I get Jinzo or Sword Hunter.)

22. Giant Soldier of Stone (Wall)

Magic: 14

1. Graceful Dice (Mass powerup anyone?)

2. Monster Reborn (Staple)

3. Monster Recovery (A Staple in my opinion. Can get you out of a sticky situation.)

4. Fissure (Your monster go down da hole..)

5. Nobleman of Extermination (Say goodbye to your Mirror Force!)

6. Nobleman of Crossout (Monster destruction)

7. The Reliable Guardian (Not very Reliable, but ok)

8. Gravekeeper's Servant (This card is eeevil...)

9. Gravedigger Ghoul (Send Exodia pieces out of the game permenately. If they're dead that is.)

10. Change of Heart (Staple)

11. Burning Land (LP loss and gets rid of those pesky fields)

12. Sword of Deepseated

13. Horn of the Unicorn

14. Malevolent Nuzzler

Traps: 13

1. Skull Dice (Mass powerdown for opponent anyone?)

2. Trap Hole (Monster go down da hole again..)

3. Just Desserts (Semi-Evil)

4. Enchanted Javelin (Attack me with a Blue Eyes? Well thanks for the 3000 LP!)

5. Shift (Attacking Sword Hunter? Forget it, you're attacking my facedown MEB instead. ^_^)

6. The Eye of Truth (People say it sucks, but I like to see what my opponent is up to.)

7. Shadow of Eyes (Setting a Cyber Jar? I don't think so, and no boom either!)

8. Acid Trap Hole (Another monster down da hole..)

9. Michizure (Sword Hunter is taking your Blue Eyes down with him!)

10. Skull Invitation (Combine it with Forced Requisition and watch it work wonders.)

11. Forced Requisition (Combine it with Skull Invitation and watch it work wonders.)

12. Major Riot (Pesky Hane-Hanes. Guess I get to special summon Sword Hunter, Dark Magician..)

13. Minor Goblin Offical (Losing? Let me make it worse. ^_^)


Anyway, On to the tourney!

We had 15 minutes before the tourney started, so I went and found Jimmy and we talked and stuff, let eachother look at our decks. Jimmy told me he was trying to get Exodia, so he could become unbeatable. I told him I had Exodia's Head, and he said he'd trade something to me for it after the tourney. Justin was talking to the Harpie Lady girl, seemed to be flirting too. Goofball.. Well, after a bit of chatting, the tourney began, and here's how it went.


Round 1: Rare Hunter X vs. a kid with very spikey hair. o_o

This guy reminded me too much of Yamcha. o_o.. His hair was real spikey and shiney black. He ran a discard deck, and had a Morphing Jar from what I've heard. So I had to be careful. I won the coinflip and went first. My first hand was Minor Goblin Official, Fissure, Graceful Dice, Harpie's Bro and Jinzo. I drew and got Sword Hunter. I was hoping to get Minor Goblin Offical later, but I just went ahead and set it for now. Then I played Harpie's Bro in attack mode. He went, and played a monster face down, which made me nervous, then he set a magic or trap. My turn again, I drew and got Shadow of Eyes. It could get rid of his Morphing Jar.. I set it, then I tributed my Harpie's Bro and got out Jinzo. I attacked his monster, which turned out to be Kisetai.. Eep. o.o?.. He used it's effect, which really confused me then.. o_O.. But I knew it would not be good. I hoped to get a Tribute monster next turn, but it was his turn. He went, and looked happy, set a monster, then I activated Shadow of Eyes. It was Morphing Jar #2. I HATE that card. Glad I used it, but then I would possibly get hurt by his Morphing Jar #1. He ended his turn, I then drew and ended up with Curse of Dragon. I tributed my infected Jinzo, and got rid of that annoying Kisetai, then I attacked his crippled Morphing Jar#2. I ended my turn. He went, and looked happy again. He set ANOTHER monster. I was getting sick of this, and wished I had a Light of Intervention. I then went, and got La Jinn. I played him, and attacked his face down monster, which was ANOTHER frikken Kisetai! So La Jinn got infected, I then attacked his LP directly with Curse of Dragon. He was down to around 5600 by the time it was his next turn. He went, and then grinned, played ANOTHER monster face down! I was getting sick of his Kisetais, and wondered when he was gonna play that Morphing Jar he has.. I drew and got something good. Nobleman of Crossout. I used it, and flipped up his Morphing Jar! I destroyed it and he was all upset and stuff. I then played tributed Curse of Dragon and La Jinn, brought out Sword Hunter, used Graceful Dice on him, got a 5, attacked him directly, then I activated Minor Goblin Offical. He didn't play anything during the 3 turns in which he ran out of LP on the fourth turn MGO was out. So I won.

The next round was almost the same, except I Nobleman of Crossouted his stupid Kisetai's this time, and he got to use his Morphing Jar. He also got some offensive monsters out too. It was a close match but I won, 3200-0.



Round 2: Bye

I got a bye due to my opponent using Japanese cards at the end of his duel, and was disqualified. He was set to face me next, but he was cheating. He had 5 Megamorphs in his deck.. o_O


Round 3: Me vs. Harpie Lady Girl (A rematch from last week.)

I asked her name before we dueled, and her name was Jennifer. So I stopped calling her the Harpie Lady Girl. XD

Anyway, the duel almost went the same way it did the last time, we traded blows with our LV. 4 Monsters, but her's were mainly compossed of Harpie Ladies and Harpie's Brothers. She used 1 Harpie Lady, and 3 Harpie's Bros. Further into the duel, she told me she has a special card waiting to use. Another thing that made me nervous. My hand was sort of small. All I had at the time was Jirai Gumo, Cyber Jar, and Major Riot. On the field, was Darkfire Soldier #1 and Gearfried. She had 2 Harpie's Bros. It was her turn, she drew and smiled. Then tributed the Bros and played Harpie's Pet Dragon. I was expecting that.. o_o.. She then took out Gearfried. It was my turn, I drew and got Monster Recovery. I took Darkfire Soldier #1 off the field, and put my hand and him in the deck, shuffled and drew a new hand. Minor Goblin Offical, Michizure, Cyber Jar again. A decent hand. So I set Cyber Jar, then set Minor Goblin Offical. She went, played Harpie Lady, attacked my Cyber Jar a paid for it. I then played La Jinn that I drew the next turn, and activated Minor Goblin Official, and in the next five turns, I beat her.

The next round, went kind of the same, except she beat me down with her Harpie's Pet Dragon, and Harpie Ladies, my first hand sucked, so I lost.

The third round was pretty close, we had eachother down to 1000, I activated Minor Goblin Official, killed her Harpie's Pet Dragon that was in defense mode with my powered up Sword Hunter, Then in 1 more turn Minor Goblin Offical beat her.

Round 4: Me .vs. Exodia Deck guy.

This guy had eliminated Justin and Jimmy from the tourney, and I was hoping to face off againist Jimmy, but because of him and his Exodia, I didn't get to. =( . So I made a vow to my bud that I would beat him. This duel was VERY difficult. But here's how it went. I won the coinflip, and I went first. My first hand was decent. Skull Invitation, Forced Requisition, Sword Hunter, Minor Goblin Official and Jirai Gumo. I drew and got Acid Trap Hole. I just put Jirai Gumo out there to let him sit and guard my LP. He then used SoRL maybe because he had no Exodia parts in his hand, then put a Mystical Elf in defense. I couldn't attack and I drew Man-Eater Bug. I set it, then played my Skull Invitation and Forced Requisition Combo. I had to sacrafice my Acid Trap Hole, and I was lucky, he ended up discarding an Exodia part. I was hoping to get Gravedigger Ghoul in a few turns so he couldn't do something like Shallow Grave it out something. It was his turn, he drew, and used Premature Burial on his Exodia piece. I could now kill it, I hope. He then set a card. It was my turn. 2 more turns before SoRL wears off. I drew and got Jinzo. I tributed Jirai Gumo and got him out. I then couldn't use my combo anymore, but it was ok. He then went, tributed his Mystical Elf and got out Beast of Talwar. It was a bit of a stalemate then. My turn, 1 more turn before that SoRL wore off. I drew and got Cyber Jar. (Yes!). I set Cyber Jar, then set Minor Goblin Offical to have it ready for later. It was his turn. That blasted SoRL wore off. He then attacked my Cyber Jar with his Beast of Talwar, and we got rid of the monsters on the field, I then picked up my 5 cards. Major Riot, Skull Dice, Graceful Dice, Sword Hunter and Darkfire Soldier #2. It was my turn then. I played Darkfire Soldier #2, used Graceful Dice and got a 6. I then attacked his LP leaving him with not much left. around 4000. Just need 1000 more

to be gone so I can use my fav trap. He then went. He plays a Fissure and gets rid of my DS #2. Then he plays Flying Kamikiri #1 and attacks my LP directly. I noticed he hadn't used three cards that have been in his hand for quite some time now.. So I went, and drew just what I needed. The Eye of Truth. I used it, and in his hand were Three Exodia parts and a Dust Tornado. I was hoping for a monster. On his turn he attacked me again directly, then set Dust Tornado. I think he drew another Exodia piece on that turn. Eye of Truth showed me. The next card I drew was Gearfried. I attacked his Flying Kamikiri #1. He had around 4550 left, due to Eye of Truth's Side effect. He then went, and Dust Tornadoed my Eye of Truth. I was glad he did that. He doesn't play a monster though. Big mistake. I went, and drew Neo. I played him, attacked with both of them, activated Minor Goblin Offical and in three turns of not playing monsters, he was finished.

The next round went in his favor. I got Sword Hunter out, but he got Exodia out in less than 6 turns and beat me.


The third round was neck and neck, I managed to win with a direct attack from Battle Ox, La Jinn, then activating Minor Goblin Official. He was really close to getting Exodia then. When I won, he showed me his hand. 4 Exodia Parts, then Pot of Greed. He would have won if he would have gotten another Exodia piece.

I won 3 tournament packs and got some good cards.


For getting another Mechanicalchaser, Soul of the Pure and Morphing Jar out of the packs.

For Flaming Hot Cheetos tasting soo good.

For my opponents being good sports.


For the guy who cheated.

For me still not being able to get a Fiend Megacyber.

For getting beat twice.

For not having enough money to buy Graverobber.. ;.;


Questions? Need help with a deck? Wanna trade?

E-mail: candevil15@yahoo.com

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