Josh Allen                  Summoned Skull Beatdown
                                      Participants 16 i think
                                City/State Shelbyville Ky
                                         entry fee $3
1st Place got a 1st edition box of their choice,2nd got 10 packs of their choice,3rd got 5 packs of thier choice

My deck 44 cards

Monsters 24

tribute monsters

3xSummoned skull
1xGoblin attack force

non tribute monsters

3xLa Jinn
3x7 colored fish
3xHarpies Bro
3xMan-Eater Bug
2xWitch of the Black Forest
2xHayabusa Knight
1xWall of illusion
1xMagician of faith
1xArmed Ninja

Magic cards 10

1xSwords of Revealing Light
1xMonster Reborn
1xChange of Heart
1xPremature Burial
1xPot of Greed
1xDelinquent Duo

Trap Cards 10

3xTrap Hole
2xGravity Bind
1xMagic Jammer
1xMirror Force
1xSeven Tools of the Bandit
1xMagical Hats
1xEnchanted Javelin

Tournement report

Me.vs.Erick This guy had a blue eyes beatdown deck but it had way too many tribute monsters He couldnt pull any monsters so I beat him with la jinn and harpies bro. Erick 0 me 8000

2nd duel this time he got 2 blues out with that combo every one uses in a dragon deck but I used Rageki and won with my Summoned Skull.
erick 0 me 6200

Me.vs.Jay I never saw this guy before so i didnt know what to expect but as the duel went on i knew he had a spellcaster and fiend deck he was ok  he got out summoned skull but i had already got him down to 1200. I used change of heart and killed him.  me 4400 Jay 0

2nd duel this was to easy I used change of heart and sacrificed his monster to bring out my second skull then i used fissure to kill his only monster and I attacked directly Jay 0 Me 8000

Me.vs.Marcus my best friend He was realy good he had an Exodia deck at first i thought he would win but I used Delinquent Duo after he reborned his witch and took away his exodia leg    Me 2600 Marcus 0

2nd duel this time he got all exodia

last duel he kept on useing tremedos fire and ookazi but that was the only he was useing he never got one witch or sanagan I killed all his defense monster with my skull and then attacked directly    Me 3400 Marcus 0

Finals  Me.vs.Drew and his beatdown deck

I have never lost to drew but he was still pretty darn good He got out a Barrel Dragon by sacrificing his only monsters on the field I simply used a trap hole and attacked with 2 skulls and 2 1800's to win   Me 4400 Drew 0

2nd duel yikes watch out me drew almost creamed me with a jinzo and summoned skull but luckly i had a rageki waiting     Me 600 Drew 0

props: to me for pulling a red eyes,tri horn and a bunch of other good cards in my box of blue eyes i got
to marcus for beating me with exodia
to drew cause he almost beat me
to this little kid who traded me a thousand eyes restric and relinqushed for a time wizard and a maha vailo

slops: to that little kid who got ripped off by me

anyone got any tips email me at my moms email address