From: Steven Udontknow []
Sent: Friday, February 14, 2003 11:03 AM
Subject: Pump Deck Henstep Bob's Cards St. Helens Yu-gi-oh Tournament

Deck Name;Pump Deck
My Name;Henstep
Location;Bob's Cards
City;St. Helens Oregon
Date 2-8-03
# of people;20
Prize;20$ store credit
2nd Prize :Zippo 0$
Participation prize: 0$
Fee(to get in);2$

My Deck is called Pup for no real reason it is an ok deck and is cheap to make (only need two starter decks) this is my first real tournament so I'm considered a nu b but that dosen't stop me.

Heres my deck

7+ Stars

Blue-eyes White Dragon (power)
Dark Magician (ditto)

5+ Stars

Gyakutenno Megami (Women power)
Summoned Skull (Evil power)
Rude Kaiser (OK Attack)
Curs of Dragon (Ditto)

4 Stars

Mystical Elf (GREAT defence!)
Mysterious Puppeteer (Combo with Ultimate Offering)
Wall of Illusion (Back to your hand)
Mystic Horseman (Ok Defence)
La Jinn (Good Attack)
2 Battle Ox (good attack)
Stern Mystic ( I get to see what you have and you see what I have) Lord of D. (Did you see my two dragons earlier?) Neo (Good attack)

3 stars

Trap Master (HA Ha bye bye traps)
Dragon Zombie (Needed a filler cad and great to tribute)
Giant Soldier of stone (2000 Def!)
Man-Eater Bug (Which appitizer for my baby bug?)
Hane-Hane (use with man eater bug and a powerful monster and 3 cards could be gone by the next turn)


Flute of the Summoning Dragon (lord of D.)
Monster Reborn
Soul Exchange (My fav. Combo first hav there big monster and soul exchange it for your big monster then reborn their monster you have 2 big monsters now) Fissure (bye bye monster) Remove trap (pesky trap go down the hole) Ancient Telescope (He He) Ookazi (he he) Change of Heart Dark hole (Bye bye Monsters =) =() De-spell (pesky Spell byebye) Card destruction (bad hand bye bye) Dian Keto (1000 Lp that could win the match!) Book of secret Arts (magician or Neo) Yami (only one fairy in my deck so I might put Gaia in instead)


2 Ultimate Offering
Castle Walls
Trap Hole
Just deserts
2 Reverse Traps (equips are so popular and I have only two in this deck so this is a great cad to put in)

Side Deck
Gaia the Fierce Knight
The rest are just fillers and equip cards and I didn't have to use my side deck anyways

Duel one
Me vs. Alex (Exodia Deck)
Good battle on his first turn He got a wall of illusion and I attacked
it with my battle ox ( Doh!) than a couple turns later he got a
dark Magician powered with a Yami and attacked my wall of illusion then I got the card I needed Lord of D. I quickly activated my flute of summoning Dragon and Summoned a lone Curse of dragon as my only monster to which he used a fissure and then showed me all the pieces of Exodia

Duel two
I couldn't draw any monsters i think the only monster i got out was a neo with book of secret arts and a La Jinn that he sacrificed and i reborned then he destoyed those and my life points

out in the first round (Doh!)
I did ok for a newbie and now for props and slops

to my mom for taking me
for trading a dragon capture jar, gaia ,and a swordstalker for toon world and toon blue eyes it'll go great with toon skull to Alex who beat me and went on to win

To me for not drawing cards
to me for mot trading card destruction for Manga Ryu Ran before the duel

You can reach me at
ask for Henstep