Psycho Circus_Brandon_A_World_of_Books_San_Leandro_CA.


Monsters Tribute:

1. Android Psycho Shocker


Lvl 4 lower monsters effect:

2. Dream Clown

3. Dream Clown

4. Dream Clown

5. Crass Clown

6. Crass Clown

7. Crass Clown

8. Man-eater bug

9. Man-eater bug

10. Man-eater bug

11. Magician of Faith

12. Magician of Faith

13. Magician of Faith

14. White Magical Hat

15. White Magical Hat

16. White Magical Hat


18. Critter

19. Black Forest Witch

20. Cyber pod


Magic Cards:

21. Tribute to the Doomed

22. Tribute to the Doomed

23. Tribute to the Doomed

24. Messenger of Peace

25. Messenger of Peace

26. Sealing Swords of Light

27. Thunder Bolt

28. Jar of Greed

29. Black Hole

30. Change of Heart

31. Monster Reborn


Trap Cards:

32. Skull Dice

33. Trap Hole

34. Trap Hole

35. Magic Drain

36. Magic Drain

37. Gravity Bind

38. Holy Barrier

39. Magic Jammer

40. Imperial Decree


Total Cards: 40


Tournament 02/16/03


The end of the season approaches Iím behind in the UpperDeck points. I dropped down past the top 100 because I just happen decide on going places with my friends on tournament days. I want that Labyrinth of Nightmare box Now Was the Time to Get Serious.


1st match Me vs. Some guy


This guy tries to come at me with a Wind Deck. He doesnít know how to perfect a wind deck so it failed him. My advice to him is more m/t and monster removal cards.


Duel #1


I didnít know what to expect so I started with the usual man-eater bug and 1 facedown trap and a magic counter. He threw out a Harpies which got mauled by my man-eater bug so I thought to my self and usual beatdown no problem. I summoned a White Magical Hat with a Messenger of Peace out. He summons an All seeing white tiger which breaks through my messenger of peace so he attacks I reveal my Skull Dice and roll a 5 so it dies and almost for discard a card ha-ha. So the He plays Rising Air Current and throws out a Griochin to block me I just summon Dream clown and in bout a turn itís gone I eventually just weenie his life points away.


Duel #2


He goes first by playing a a Rising air current and a harpieís brother so. I just play messenger of peace and a face down dream clown. He plays another wind monster I donít know what it is. So I flip my crass clown send the other monster to his hand and summon a Dream Clown. He does nothing I play Sangan and change of heart his Harpieís Brother and hit him for about 5300 I think with 4 monsters. The I just hit him again with a Dream Clown next turn and that was game.


Match #2 Me vs. Ed


Plays a Control Deck but completely refuses to use clowns and calls my deck a band wagon of freaks.


Duel #1

Start out with the usual then he plays Raigeki yea that sucks. Come back with a Tribute to the Doomed White Magical Hat. Keep controlling the field for a while and my messenger doesnít do a lot with all his little monsters so I decide to remove it. The he comes out with a Harpieís Brother and Iím like but I Just let it go. But in the end I still win by using white magical hats to play some hand control.


Duel #2


Yea this duel is mines once again. Expect for some points where he kinda turns it around but it comes back to me. I win by man-eating my own Sangan getting a Dream clown and attacking with it.


Match #3 Me vs. Donald (Semis)


Donald plays some really good weird kinda deck. I donít what happened but I lost pretty quickly.


Duel # 1


He goes first always hate when I donít go first and donít have any monster removal besides clowns and man-eaters because they require a turn to use. I play a man-eater bug face down but he has a man-eater. Kills mines and comes out with a cannon soldier that sucks. The he comes out with another monster removal and a Goblin and he wins by shooting me with the cannon soldier eventually.


Duel #2


I go first with no monster removal again. He change of hearts my monster so he can shoot it off. Then he comes out with a Raigeki next turn plays a Goblin Attack Force and la jinn lots of damge sucks. I eventually lose to his cannon soldier again.


Sup to all Duelist at A world of Books

Shout out to all of those who made it dis sundae. Donald, Steffon, Ed, Marcus, Serf.


Props to Donald fur taking the championship in this weekís tournament.

ďWonder whereís K-Force 1 ????Ē



Aim: AzNBrAd876