Predator and Prey Deck
Aventura Mall
Miami, Florida
About 175-200 people

Sup Everyone, this goes specially to the people in the event =D. As you probably know, this is the first Tour of yu-gi-oh, so it was a little…disorganized. But, even though, people were great, and a lot of fun. This report is kinda like a mix of the day there, because the tournament was only three duels long, so I’ll describe the rest of the day also. But, to start off here’s my deck:


3 MOF(magician of faith)
3 MEB(man eater bug)
2 GAF(goblin attack force)
3 nimble momonga
1 jinzo
2 wall of illusion
1 masked sorcerer
1 Dark Elf
1 WOTBF(witch of the black forest)
1 cyber jar
2 La Jinn


1 POG(pot of greed)
1 raigeki
1 dark hole
1 monster reborn
1 COH(change of heart)
1 snatch steal
2 MST( mystical space typhoon)
1 SORL(swords of revealing light)
1 The Forceful Sentry
1 DD(delinquent duo)
1 premature burial
1 heavy storm
1 axe of despair
1 nobleman of crossout


1 COTH(call of the haunted)
2 trap hole
1 solemn judgement
2 magic jammer
1 imperial order
1 mirror force

I had a side deck, but all the duels for everything was 1/1, so doesn’t really matter. When I first got there, we got in through the wrong area, which was the exodia training, duelist king challenge, and millenium puzzle challenge, which was empty. We thought "Oh Yea! We are the first ones here!’’ That’s when the directors waved us to another part of the mall, where the registration was. There was at LEAST 125 people in front of us on the registration area! It’s like…omg. Well, when I finally got registered, they have us a badge, a bag, and…a card! I thought it was a promo or something like that, but it was…a PSV common…enough said about that part. So, to get ready I decided to with my friend to find some trades and duels to get ready for the Millenium Puzzle Challenge, and Duelist King Challenge. And my first duel of the day was against Zack, with I think 3 mechanicalchasers in his deck.

Practice Duel: Vs Zack

At first, I was nervous, seeing how he had some really good cards, but my hand was amazing. I had COH, reborn, raigeki, jinzo, and a wall of illusion. I went first, and set wall, he goes and attacks with la jinn. Next turn, I put my MOF facedown for some strange reason. And he plays…fiend megacyber, with an Axe! He attacks my MOF, I get nothing, no magic have been played yet. Next, I have some choices. I sacrifice for Jinzo, then use COH, monster reborn( I had hayabusa knight at the time in my deck, but I took it out for dark elf) and I had already done a few damage with hayabusa a few turns ago, so it was game.

Next, it was almost 12:00, so we went to Johnny Rockets, and cooled off a bit. My duelist king challenge was at 1:30, so I had time. So, I decided to go check out the millenium puzzle challenge next. When I got there, it was SO crowded. There were 3 duel masters, and two of them were dressed like serious business men, it was freaky, but cool. I fill out the card, and dump it in. I thought for sure, it was NOT gonna happen, but about 15 minutes later, the girl calls my name! I was SO excited, I actually had a chance! So, I take my deck with me and go on the line. It was almost 1:00, so I asked the guy that if I didn’t have time, he could reserve my card for later, he said ok. A few minutes later, it was my turn, so I didn’t have to wait until later after all. It was my turn, I was nervous, and hoping to get a good hand.

Millenium Puzzle Challenge Vs. Jeff er…Duel Master Jeff.

When I first sat down, my hands were shaking, I think he noticed it when we shook hands too, it was a little obvious. He said "I’ve been having this winning streak, and it would be funny if I lost to a girl,’’ We cut each other’s decks, introduced ourselves, and we were off. I got a strange hand, with jammer, and even trusty cyber jar. He kept drawing GAFs, and eventually it attacked my cyber. I got a nice pay off, got IO, trap hole, axe, GAF, and I think a MEB. He got GAF, again. He then avoids attacking with his jirai gumo, and I set my IO. I had gotten my nimble momonga out earlier, so I had 10000 life.( I didn’t get the 3 nimble till after this duel.) I then flip MEB, kill jirai, then attack his defensed GAF, and attack his life with wall of illsuion. Then, his turn he plays, fissure, I counter with IO. He plays no monsters, and its my turn. I have no game winning magics yet, so I pay. It kept on like that for a few turns, but I had 2 facedown MOFs, and trap holed his 7 colored fish. He had 2350 life, I had about 6500. Then…I draw premature burial. He says "Come on, you gotta have something,’’ He had 3 facedown cards, and I had heavy storm. I don’t pay, and use heavy storm, he counters with drain, I discard my nobleman, and he had MST, and mirror force. I smile, play premature, bring back GAF, and its game! He had in his hand, snatch steal, POG, all best magics in the game in there. We then shook hands again, he took out the book of duel kings, and I sign my name in, it was all shaky since I was excited! He then tells me "You are one of the elite few, girls, that has their names signed here, not enough girls play yu-gi-oh,’’ He then tells me to put my address, phone number, and email address on the card, and give it back to him I filled it out, then gave it back to him, we shook hands again, and while I was getting out, I had people that I never met, shaking my hands, and congratulating me. Heh, I broke his winning streak.

After that, I walked with my head up the whole time, I was just soooo happy, I did not think it was possible. Well, when I look at the watch, it’s 1:30, so I run off to the tourney area, and, he just waves me in. I sit down, and I have to duel my best friend, NO! Well, no choice, it was win or loose situation.


King of Duelists Challenge: Vs my friend Roslyn

I drew an average hand, few monsters, traps, and magics, not very special. Amazingly, I get jinzo out early, and COH, and snatch steal. She made 3600 at one point with hayabusa with 2 axes, which was pretty cool…until MEB came! But, the judge was really nice, and saw the situation, and gave her a second chance.

King of Duelists Challenge: Vs Kid with a really good beatdown

This was a close game, I went through half my deck. At one point he snatch stealed my la jinn and attached an axe to it. On my turn, I use MST to destroy the snatch. On his turn he reborns his SS, and plays la jinn, he says its game, but I remind him I have an axe to him. He decided to put them in defense. On my turn, I get rid of his monsters with my la jinn, and play another la jinn. Then I use nobleman on the facedown card he played, and attack his life points, meaning game. I had only about 1450 left, so it was really close.

King of Duelists Challenge: Vs Small kid, with low level monsters.

This kid had a few low leveled monsters, like around their 1200s. I just got my jinzo, and GAF out early.

King of Duelists Challenge: Vs. Small kid with a lot of high leveled monsters.

Ok, this kid had slot machine, 7 completed, and cards like that. He didn’t draw any level 4 or below, so direct damage all the way.

Apparently, the guy did not notice I had won my 3 already, but still ok. After that, I just went out to watch the duel masters, see who else wins. On the way there I encountered my friend, we had a duel, and I traded a bit. But, out of all the things that happened today, the Millenium Puzzle Challenge was by far the best, especially the staff, very nice and friendly people. Hopefully, if I go tomorrow, I want to ask Jeff exactly why he needed my address and everything else. But overall, I would have to say, best day of my life! No joke…