Hey whats up? alright ill get to my deck n stuff now
oh my deck is called Darkies...you get what I mean? I traded sum cards for my Jinzo and Gravity bind,Thanks for the Gravity Bind Laurence. This tourney was held at Vintage stock it's a weekly tourney. It was in Broken Arrow,Oklahoma. There were about 35-40 people there.

1-Jinzo (U gotta love him)
3-Hayabusa Knights
2-Summoned skull
3-Harpies Bro.
1-Buster Blader
1-Jinzo #7
1-Big eye
1-La Jinn
3-Bistro Butcher
1-Wall of Illusion
1-Dark Elf

Magic & Trap
3-Trap Hole
3-7 Completed
1-Limiter Removal
1-DNA Surgery
1-Solemn Wishes
1-Pot of Greed
1-Dark Hole
1-Change of heart
1-Giant Trunade
1-Solemn Judgement
1-Imperial Order
1-Gravity Bind
1-Ultimate Offering
1-Monster Reborn
1-Mystic Plasma Zone
1-Soul Exchange

Now to the dueling
Round 1:CJ vs Some rich kid
CJ-8000 O-8000,5100,6400,4700,1700,0
I busted out the gravity bind and the Hayabusa's in no time.

Round 2:CJ vs lil kid
CJ-8000 O-8000,4400,2400,0
I don't really remember what happend this duel

Round 3:CJ vs some school kid...someone finally hit my life points
CJ-8000,4000 0-8000,4600,2300,0
This duel took longer,first hand I had gravity bind face down and a Trap Hole,i had my gravity bind out and I busted out Jinzo on my 7th turn

Round 4: CJ vs this kid that beat my friend Alex
This kid cheated like no other
CJ-8000,7550 O-8000,6650,4650,1650,850,0
I busted out my Hayabusa and Gravity bind trick. I had no monsters out and he used Tribute to the doomed and tried to bring back his Skull but I used Imperial Order and won.

Round 5:CJ vs a lil kid that had beaten me before
I dont have score on this one,but I won the duel.

Round 6:CJ vs Lance for 1st place
Lance is like the best duelist there,I don't have score again but I lost he flipped Morphing Jar and I drew Jinzo but i couldnt bust him out and I lost.

I won three free packs,I picked all PSV and pulled no hallows.

Props & Slops

To Jinzo,Thanks pal you did all the work
To Laurence,Thanks for gettin the DNA surgery and Gravity bind for me
To the guy who traded for Jinzo,thanks
To Alex for taking me
To my deck for getting me 2nd place
To my new sleeves.

To the kid who beat Alex
To my ugly old blue sleeves
To my tourney pack.

Well I'm out I'll be posting next weeks stuff and I'll write down the plays and score. E-mail me at OMSskater08@aol.com