Ok well this is my 2nd tourney report, and today I had a great confidence. I was coming off from my first victory, and I felt I had to defend my title.

My Deck: Mystical Typhoon Terror


x3 Harpies Brother

x3 7 Colored Fish

x3 Magician of Fath

x3 Man-Eater Bug

x2 Sangan

Wall of Illusion

Cyber Jar

Witch of the Black Forest


Barrel Dragon

Mask of Darkness

NOTE: I had a GAF for the tournament but traded it away for a SORL after, so I did use a GAF in my tourney.


x3 Mystical Space Typhoon

Heavy Storm

Giant Trunade


Dark Hole

Pot of Greed

Monster Reborn

Card Destruction

Snatch Steal

Tribute to the Doomed

Swords of Revealing Light* (*= aquired after tourney)


Imperial Order

Mirror Force

7 Tools of the Bandit

Call of the Haunted

Spellbinding Circle

Total: 40 Cards

Now to the duels

The first duel I had to face a kid from my grade at school, Rick. He is an amatuer so I took care of him very fast. He basically runs a slopped together deck, so what ever he gets he puts it in the deck.

Duel 1: Me vs. Rick

Well, I drew a good combo first hand, mst (mystical space typhoon) and change of heart plus a jinzo. Well I did that, his face down was a cannon soldier, tributed for Jinzo and nailed him for 2400. next turn he laid a face down monster and a m/t. I typhooned it, it was a gay ground collapse. ok well next turn I drew a tribute to the doomed, plus I had a barrel dragon and a monster reborn in my hand, so I played tribute, it was a busa knight lol. then monster reborned barrel dragon, attacked and left him with 400 lp.

next he layed down some whimpy thing, I attacked and then again with dragon and finished him off.

Duel 2:

My God I dont even know why this kid enters the tournament. I nailed him again. This time it went in 5 turns with a barrel dragon and harpie and 7 colored fish combo.

Ya!!! I advanced (as expected). Next I had to wait for like 2 hours it seemed for this match to get done, in which I would play the winner of. Some amatuer one, they both were but o well fresh meat u know? lol.

Duel 1: Me vs. Mark

Mark looked in his late teens, and i had never seen him b4, and he ran a pretty wierd beat down/slop deck.

Ok I started out with laying down a bug, and he layed a face down. I bugged it, tributed for Jinzo and attacked for 2400. His friends mustíve never seen one b4, cuz they were all like "oooooo is that a jinzo? what do u want for it?" I was like riiiight then. Anyway he kept laying down weakling monsters but did nail me with a blue eyes dark magician combo once. He didnt have a chance tho, I drew raigeki and he could never get anymore monsters so he is dead.

Duel 2: Me v.s. Mark

Again, why do these people bother to enter tourneyís lol? Well I basically killed him again, but this time like he didnt get a thing out, I think he played some final flame thing. Well I won easily and his blue eyes was demolished by my barrel dragon!!! mwahahaha

next a much better opponent awaited me, Rupp. He runs a basic beatdown, and he hasnt beat me b4 for like a month now.

Well anyway lets cut to the chase. I drew a change of heart and some 1800 monsters. I played it, then it was a jar, tributed with cannon soldier, and attacked so now he was at 6100. Same thing happened again. He couldnt get any more monsters, I kept pullin out all the stops. I WON!!! i was happy


Duel 2: me v.s. rupp

Again, I demolished him. He did play his lil la jinns and fish and got me down somewhat, but I did get out my barrel dragon and Jinzo, took him down from there. A raigeki or too was involved.

Uh oh. This was the duel I was getting scared of. John bartholomew is the one who beat me I dont know a few weeks ago, so i was still a little scared after that. So lets see what happened.

Duel 1. Me v.s. John

The beginning of this duel did NOT GO WELL AT ALL. He kept nailing me with all his beat downs and got me down to 5100. Then he finally attacked my sangan and I got a cyber jar. he attacked it and I drew a raigeki, some beatdowns and a jinzo. He had a few monsters including a sangan and some m/t. so he layed em down, and said go. So I played raigeki, he solemn judgemented (big mistake he is now at 4000 lp) and I toolsed it. He was like NO!!! Then I brought out Jinzo, and attacked and killed him.

Ya I came from behind to yet!!!

Duel 2: Me v.s. John

I felt totally confident now. everything went my way too, I got out my barrel dragon early, and a jinzo. He couldnt defend so I just kept nailing him. I really dont remeber the rest lol!!! But i do know I won and I was now in the finals again!!!

This time I had to face Russ (inteq) in the finals, I defeated him in the semiís last tourney. Well I was psyched, i was pretty sure I could do it.

Duel 1. Me v.s. russ

Grand, I played change of heart on his facedown. it was a bug, I tributed for Jinzo. Then attacked. He was down 2400. He dark holed then, but I had a spell binding circle down, and played it on his hyabusa knight. Then I came out with a harpieís brother, and attacked it. But first I typhooned his mirror force, yes! Then it was his turn, he had some other monsters face down, and a jinzo 7 face up, he brought another out (this was later in the duel lol too). and I only had 2 face down, but I mirror forced his attack. then I played raigeki, got out some beat downs and got him down from tehre.

Ya I won I felt sure I would win now.

Ok next duel (2) me v.s. Russ

Ok this duel was all russ. Dumb gravity binds!!! where were my typhoons!!! lol. he kept beating my downs with pendants and axes on his jinzo 7ís.

Duel 3, me vs russ

Well, this duel was only like 4 turns long.

I had a monster face down. He dark holed, brought out a busa knight with two axes. Ahhh I was down to 2000!!! luckily I had a snatch steal, I space typhooned his remaining m/t besides the equips. Then snatch stole his busa and brought out a fish. Boom he had 200 lp left. Next turn he layed down nuthin, and let me win. He did this because he claimed he "wanted the 2nd place prize more" I was like ok cool, and I won again!!! lol

I was so happy

Ok here are some props and slops.

PROPS: Me winning my 2nd tourney in a row.

Me gettin a LOB red eyes and a swords of revealing light

Mystical Space Typhoon for being there when I needed it.

Russ letting me win, as he claims he did.

Me getting two tourney packs and a magic ruler!!!

Me for losing only 1 duel in the whole tourney!!!

All sports for having the tourney.


Tim for thinking I couldnt win again.

Me getting nuthin but a duokorider outa my tourney packs.

Ok well if u wanna contact me or u have some comments and or questions e-mail me at: