Subject: Land of the Mystics: Morgan Donley(aka The Pink Angel):Cincinnati Scifi, West Chester, Ohio, 2/8/03

Hello...Pink Angel here to give you what I did at Cincinnati Scifi's tournament. Now...I haven't been competeing lately..
due to that bug that's been going, the day I came back was a good day! With the help of my friends, 'One that doesn't
want to be menchen'and Travis with shorting my old deck...I have now completed my deck that made my one friend very jelous of me...about 38 or 40 people arrived to compete...Lot of Newbies showed up to give it a try...

Red-Eyes Black Dragon
Summoned Skull
Time Wizard
Baby Dragon
Sky Dragon
Red Moon Baby
Shining Friendship
Fairy's Gift
7 Colored Fish x3
Harpie's Brother
Man-eater Bug x2
Magician of Faith
Invader of the Throne
Witch of the Black Forest
Beast King of Swamps
Wall of Illusion
Mystical Elf
Aqua Madoor x2

Groung Collapse
Malevolent Nuzzler x2
Fissure x2
Dark Hole
Axe of Dispair
Soul Exchange x2
Horn of the Unicorn
Soul of the Pure
Monster Reborn
Gravekeeper's Servent
Graceful Dice
Swords of Revealing Light
Change of Heart

Trap Hole x3
Skull Dice x2
Spellbinding Circle x2
Just Desserts
Acid Trap Hole
Mirror Force
Magic Drain

Yes...I still have Shining Friendship. Sorry for you people who cussed me out on my e-mail...I'm still keeping it in! And I have one word for you people who cussed me so suck!
Well...I didn't get as far as I thought...but my one friend came before the 2nd round and ooed and awwed at what I did!

Round 1
Me Vs Unknown Newbie

Well...I can't quite remember the duelm but the Kid had a very big deck. I was number 36 in the tournament because I arrived late and waited in a line. (I wanted to see the ending of Yu-gi-oh's 3 part series...)
and I think he was 19. Ben was pulling numbers from a cup...I was really glad not to get Travis nor Chris or I'll be out in the 1st round!
The kid was making a fire deck. It was ok, he needed some work. During the first move, I attacked his Dark Fire Soldier #2 with Harpie's Brother...but he tried to use Salamondra right when I attacked. So I asked a friend near by
if that was wasn't. So he finally got throught and lost life points since the attack. He used Premiture Burlarl to bring back the monster and finally used Salamondra and attacked. I had Mirror
Force waiting and sent it back..but he tried to cheat and saying the Mirror Force won't destory the monster. I again, asked Travis and again..the monster was destoried. Let's just went back and forth. He was a newbie...I could understand that.
Round #1 Results:
Unknown: 1
Pink Angel: 2

Duel Wins in Tournment:
Win: 2
Losses: 1

Round 2:
Me Vs Unknown #2

I thought I wasn't going to make it through this round. The kid's deck almost can counter act with mine! My friend, who arrived a few minutes before this round, noticed the oppiset of the decks. For the 3 rounds, I scared my oppent because of my Gravekeeper's Servent. I kept on saying,
"To attack..or not to could attack and loose a card that might be good...or...wait and draw it..." didn't work in round 2, but round 1 and 3 during the 2nd one. The kid was really dumb...during the round, Black Skull Dragon came out and kick some major butt and won me the round. I was
really ready to punch an watcher, who thinks I'm his friend, due to he wouldn't shut his 8th grade mouth!

Round #2 Results:
Unknown#2: 1
Pink Angel: 2

Duel Wins and Lossess:
Wins: 4
Losses: 2

My friend was really happy on what was going on. She was just starting to learn how to play, so she trys to come to see how some of the pros duel.

Round #3
Me Vs Kevin

AHHHH!!!!! Yes..I had to go agest one of the many tournament winners, Kevin. He was ok about it..but my friend and I freaked out. Well, before Ben started it, Kevin went to the bathroom and didn't come back...for 5 minutes after Ben made it offical! My friend and I made jokes about him being disquallifed
for staying on the toliet for a long time. Well...unforantanty...before Ben declared me the winner due to delay, Kevin returned and we started. *NOO!!!* Well, I gave Kenvin the unexpected...I beat him in round one! I had Black Skull Dragon Fireing at him like nuts! The 2nd and 3rd rounds...he killed me..after my friend left!!!! Even with one of my
2 fusions out.
Well...he got killed by Travis in the other round.
Round #3 Results:
Kevin: 2
Me: 1 :'(

Duel Wins and Lossess:
Wins: 5
Losses: 4

I'm getting better by each one....just I gotta be Kevin! And soon...Monji...whose been sick alot so he hasn't been able to come....I want to kick his butt.....I gave my tournament cards to my friends since I had so many extras of them.

Kevin for not getting on my case that I lost!
Ben for just being there....
Travis for helping me with questions of round 1
My friend for showing up and making jokes and getting me pumped for the duels...and for being my friend!
Scifi for hosting it.....

People who Should never Play:
Mike for not shutting up!!! I'm ready to slap him upside the head for it. I made a mistake and he got on my case for the entie duel!
After the tournament, this little boy, a friend or cousion of one of the duelists, for screaming at the top, and I mean top, of his lungs, "DUEL ME! DUEL ME! DUEL ME!" then switching it to another thing that I shouldn't say....
Cincinnati Scifi for not kicking that little boy out of the store! I've been complaining about him...and they won't do a rat's butt about it...I'm on the verge of slapping him upside the head!

Comments....Idea's...e-mail's about me having Shining Friendship(I will sick my little doggie on you if I get a cuss word over any of my cards...)
Morgan Donley "Pink Angel"
AIM: Guardianofwaters