Earth Deck-Pinay Mai- Cow Palace

San Francisco, CA

February 16th, 2003


3 Dark Elf

2 Magician of Faith

1 Mask Of Darkness

3 Numinous Healer

1 Call of the Haunted

1 Swords of Light

3 Giant S. of Stone

3 Mystical Elf

2 Waboku

2Shield and Sword

1 Monster Reborn

1 Delinquent duo

3 Axe Raider

1 Black Forest Witch

1 Change of Heart

2 Demonís Kiss

1 Raigeki

3 Maha Vailo

1 Royal Palace Infiltraitor

1 Mirror Force

2 Shadow of Eyes

1 Dark Hole

1 Sogan



Free Tournament

6 rounds, 120 people

Total Prize: 1,000


Day 1

Round 1: Pinay Mai vrs. Charlie

I was matched up with a little white kid that didnít know sh*t. While I was dueling him his dad was right in back of him and massaging his back and comforting him. Well, that didnít do anything. I got him 2-0, after that I gave high-fives to everyone (including his DAD!)


Round 2: Pinay Mai vrs. Alex Wong

I played him just before the tourney started. Of course I won! So I wasnít trippiní. First duel, He beat me quickly with beat down tactics (translation: Lucky). Second duel, I started out strong, with a delinquent duo and pot of greed. After 2 minutes, I won with Monster Reborn and Change of Heart. The third duel, I forgot how I won but I did. After that defeat he asks about 7 times for his rematch and so I said yes. Then I beat him even faster! So I won 2-1


Round 3: Pinay Mai vs. Edward T.

I forgot how the duel went but I won so doesnít matter! It was 2-1; he had a pretty good deck but not good enough. After the third round I was feeling good and giving high-fiveís to everyone, until I heard that I as dueling Mokuba (Chris).


Round 4: Mokuba vs. Pinay Mai

I versed this deck before and I couldnít win, so I ask if we can call it a draw but he wanted to win!!! So he just dueled me (greedy boy!!). First duel, I Solemn Judgment something and that didnít do anything for me because he killed me fast and deadly with his Giant Red SeaSnake, so he won that duel. Second duel: This I got him with my strong first hand, delinquent duo and pot of greed. Usually I win whenever I have this hand, so I did win! Our last duel was the duel to the finish. He was at 1600 and I was at 600. I put down a m.o.f and I was trying to get my swords back but he crossed it out and hit me with his man-eater bug (face-up) powered by my field card! It was my first lost! I felt so defeated. Stupid Mokuba, Iím not letting you in my house! Just kidding, anyways you needed to win at least four out of six to go to the top 32 tournament on Sunday.


Round 5: Someone with a hell of weird name with the last name something like Tukincomon vs. Pinay Mai

He looked really sucky from the way I was looking at him so I didnít really need the luck Andy and Edward gave to me before the duel. The first duel I won with my axe raider powered up with my field card so in other words I kick his as*! Second duel: He got lucky because I had a hand full of magic, but I thought I would come back so then I was still confident. After 4 minutes he was getting me slowly until he won. Third duel: I was wishing for Andyís and Edwardís good luck handshakes to work because I underestimated that guy, he was pretty good better than some people I know at world of books!! I donít really remember how I lost to the ďweird old guyĒ but I did. After that I got up and saw Mokuba behind me and said, ďfor shameÖĒ I had 3 wins and 2 defeats. I couldnít lose the next duel.


Round 6: Pinay Mai vs. Alex Mercado

All I have to say isÖI won I won I won!! He thought he got me the first round with his three just deserts! But as Andy was right next to me in my last two matches he gave me good luck! Stupid kid! Think he can underestimate a girl. Muahaha, he canít!


After 5 minutes the result were in.Whew, moment to truth! I was number 18,my brother( bandit keif) number 16, kevo kaiba number 10 and Mokuba number 13. Somewhere In the top 32 is our friends Andy Chan, David Cao, Edward Chan, and Alex Wong


Day 2

Elimination Rounds


Round 1:Pinay Mai vs. Andy Liang

It was a sunny day and I felt like winning. This duel was if you lose your eliminated of out the tournament. So I tried my best in dueling this ugly nerd fob that hell of pissed me off. First duel: He was pulling out earth monsters, what the hell is that?! So then I pulled out my earth monsters and my strong first hand pot of greed and delinquent duo on him. And what did I say I never lose when I have that hand. The next turn I had a magician faced down and I flipped it and got his other two cards out of his hand! He was playing Blind!!! Thatís were I wanted him, I killed him fast with all my monsters. Second duel: I think he got mad, just because I was a girl, but anyways he pulled out cannon solider on the first turn, I got confused because cannon solider and beat down?! Well that duel went on for a long time and Andy ended up wining. Third duel: I forgot how this duel went because I lost! I donít want to remember that s*it! But I put up a good fight!


Itís okay there is always easy people at (cough) World of Books (cough). The only way they win is by copying OUR(K force One) decks!!! Canít you ever do things on your own? Tsk tsk!


Song my My brother (bandit keif) made up:

††††††††††† Oakland, WE got crazy game,

††††††††††† We got the best duelists that win all the same!


Frisco, they donít know how to play,

††††††††††† Get beat by us like everyday!


††††††††††† San Jose got crazy loot,

††††††††††† But when its time to play itís us to shoot!



K Force One:

Kaiba†† - Kevin ††††††††††† ††††††††††† Penguin Knight- Marcus

Joey†††† - Alan†† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† Yugi†††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† - Ching

Mai††††† - Me††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† Mokuba†††††††††† ††††††††††† - Chris

???†††††† - Andy Chan††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† Bandif Keif††††† ††††††††††† Jeff

??? = must chose quickly!††††††††††† Blue Eyes†††† - David Cao


Also to Edward Chan, Alex Wong, Frankie E., Devin, Eugene, and Jon Cao