Jinzo Revised

Ed Robinson a.k.a Rare Hunter X

Decatur, Illinois

Rootbeer Comics



This is my tournament report. When I got here, There seemed to be about 10 people here. Most of them were at least 10 years or younger, only 2 or 3 seemed to be near my age. Anyway, here’s the deck I used.


Monsters: 25


  1. Jinzo
  2. Dark Magician
  3. Red Eyes B. Dragon
  4. Blue-Eyes White Dragon
  5. Twin-Headed Fire Dragon
  6. Curse of Dragon
  7. Man-Eater Bug x3 (Don’t have Raigeki, so I use all these.)
  8. Neo the Magic Swordsman
  9. La Jinn
  10. Girochin Kuwagata
  11. Battle Ox
  12. Darkfire Soldier #1
  13. Darkfire Soldier #2
  14. Harpie’s Bro
  15. Gearfried the Iron Knight
  16. Guardian of the Throne Room
  17. Invader of the Throne
  18. Dragon Zombie
  19. Giant Soldier of Stone
  20. Magician of Faith
  21. Cyber Jar
  22. Maha Vailo
  23. Jirai Gumo


Magic: 18


  1. Fissure
  2. Gravekeeper’s Servant
  3. Gravedigger Ghoul
  4. Graceful Dice
  5. Horn of the Unicorn
  6. Malevolent Nuzzler
  7. Sword of Deepseated
  8. The Reliable Guardian
  9. Nobleman of Crossout
  10. Nobleman of Extermination
  11. Mystic Plasma Zone
  12. Luminous Spark
  13. Card Destruction
  14. Monster Reborn
  15. Monster Recovery
  16. Dimensionhole
  17. Change of Heart
  18. Burning Land


Traps: 9


  1. Skull Dice
  2. Acid Trap Hole
  3. Shift
  4. Skull Invitation
  5. Lightforce Sword
  6. Forced Requisition
  7. Trap Hole
  8. Shadow of Eyes
  9. Just Desserts



Now, On to the tourney!


Round 1: Rare Hunter X vs. an eight-year-old kid.


This kid said he has a secret planned to defeat me. So I had something to worry about (I guess.) Anyways, I went first. My first hand was, Graceful Dice, Jinzo, Man-Eater Bug, Gravedigger Ghoul and Cyber Jar (how lucky!). Then I drew, my next card was Skull Dice. I set Man-Eater Bug face down, then played Gravedigger Ghoul face down too.  He then went. He smirked, then played of all things, the 13th Grave.. I was about to laugh my ass off, until he then equipped it with an Axe of Despair, and attacked my MEB, I then laughed, flipped him over. Bye bye pumped up Zombie. My turn. I drew, hoping for something good, I ended up getting Darkfire Soldier #2. Since he had no monsters out, I attacked his LP directly, leaving him with 6300. I still had my full 8000. He then went, drew, again with that smirk! He then plays Premature Burial, brings back his 13th Grave, and uses Megamorph! This kid is obsessed with the 13th Grave I swear! He then kills my Darkfire Soldier #2, leaving me with 7300. I was really hoping to get a good card next turn.. I drew.. and it was… Change of Heart!!! ^_^ I used it, tributed his 13th Grave, and got out Jinzo! ^_^ I then attacked him directly, leaving him with 3100. He looked afraid of Jinzo for some reason. He then plays Acid Trap Hole, the judge tells him he can’t do that, then he gets upset and yells at the judge, about yes he can use it, so he gets disqualified for not playing by the rules. I get a bye. I was about to win anyway.


Round 2: Rare Hunter X vs. some girl.


This girl said she was a Harpie Lady expert, I didn’t really give a hooey. So anyway, she went first. My hand was Graceful Dice, Fissure, MEB, Gearfried the Iron Knight and Gravedigger Ghoul. She sets a card, then plays Harpie Lady in attack mode. My turn. I drew, and ended up with Monster Recovery. I thought to myself to save it for later, just in case. I played Gearfried and killed her Harpie Lady, taking her down to 7500. Then, she went. She played another Harpie Lady! Equiped it with a Horn of The Unicorn, and took out Gearfried. I was left with 7800.  I drew, and got Skull Dice. I used it. And got a six! I dunno why I used it too. None of my monsters were strong enough to take out that thing. So I just used Fissure. ^_^. She said that was my last Harpie Lady, I looked smug, and used Gravedigger Ghoul and removed them from play, she looked worried then. And here’s why. The next card she played was just plain funny. She played a Petit Dragon in defense mode.. o.o;… She didn’t attack, I drew, and got BEWD. Drat.. Still nothing I can play. She went, and tributed her Petit Dragon for a Succubus Knight.. Another throw away card. I drew, and got Change of Heart. I used it, and took her Succubus Knight, Tributed MEB and her Succubus Knight, and played BEWD. I attacked her LP Directly, leaving her with 4500. Then, she goes, and doesn’t set anything.. Big mistake.. I activated Graceful Dice, got a 6. I played the Darkfire Soldier#1  I got in my hand, and attacked with both.  I won.

The next round, I dominated.


Round 3: Rare Hunter X vs. Someone my age.


This round I anticipated was gonna be tough. It was.  I got to go first. My first hand was Twin-Headed Fire Dragon, Invader of the Throne, Cyber Jar, Guardian of the Throne Room,  and Change of Heart. Pretty good hand.  I drew, and got Skull Dice. I set Change of Heart, then played Cyber Jar facedown. He then went, and played Aqua Madoor, and attacked. Cyber Jar activates, and destroys itself, and the Madoor. We both got 5 cards. The five ones I got were Graceful Dice, MEB, Maha Vailo, Horn of the Unicorn and Dark Magician. I set the MEB. It was then my turn. I drew and got Dragon Zombie. I play Maha Vailo, pump her up with Horn of the Unicorn, making her 2750 and I attacked him directly leaving him with 5250. it was his turn. He plays a Change of Heart, tributes my Maha, and gets out Garoozis. He then attacks my LP directly, leaving me with 6200.  Stupid Garoozis… I drew I activated Skull Dice, just to be a pest. ^_^, then I change of hearted his Garoozis, and attacked his LP directly with Twin-Headed Fire Dragon, leaving him with about 3050. I thought I was winning, he then plays Imperial Order, banning my Magic Cards. Poop. He then plays a Jirai Gumo in defense. I drew, and got a Fissure. I couldn’t use it. I killed his Jirai Gumo with Twin-Headed Fire Dragon, then attacked his LP directly with Invader of the Throne. He didn’t have much LP left, and lost 700 due to Imperial Order, leaving him with still, not much left. Then he played a High Tide Gyojin, and attacks my Invader of the Throne Room, and he loses by killing himself with Imperial Order.

The next round lingered too, But I won in a close match.


I got a bye for my final round, since my opponent had to leave, so I won! ^_^



For coming in 1st.

For getting Mechanicalchaser and Giant Red Sea Snake out of my Tourney packs.

For Flaming Hot Cheetos tasting so good.

For Jinzo still ruling!

For Graceful Dice and Skull Dice being such fun cards.



For that whiney kid with the Acid Trap Hole

For the guy killing himself with Imperial Order

For me not getting to have a fourth duel..


Questions? Need help with deck building? Wanna Trade? Wanna chat?

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