Hey All,My names's Brent Last Saturday i competed in the "Unnoficial Yugioh Championship" at Comic Grapevine in Elk Grove,CA.1st place won half of the pool of money brought in from entry fee's(Which was 8 bucks per person with 32 people showing up)So the winner got $128 Dollars.Yu-Gi-Oh is pretty popular here as you can see.Second place got 3 Tounrmant packs of thier choice and third got An LOB,MRD,and MRL or PSV booster.My deck is below

Level 7-8 Monsters
Buster Blader
Barrel Dragon

Level 5-6 Monsters
SS x3
Jinzo x2

Level 4 and below normal monsters
La Jinn x2
7 Colored Fish x2
Harpies Brother x2
Mechanicalchaser x3
Mystical Elf
Giant Soldier of Stone
Prevent Rat x2
Thousand Eyes Idol

Level 4 and below effect monsters
Magician of Faith x2
Mask of Darkness
MeB x3
Hane-Hane x2
Relinquished x2
Sonic Bird
Senju of the thousand hands
Hayabusa Knight
Mad Sword Beast

Magic Cards
Axe of despair
Black Pendant
Monster Reborn
Change of Heart
Dark Hole
Fissure x2
Ritual of Illusions x2
Mystical Space Typhoon
Shallow Grave
Premature Burial
7 completed

Trap Cards
Trap Hole x3
Spellbinding Circle x2
Gift of the mystical elf x2
Mirror Force
Call of The Haunted
Enchanted Javelin
Light Of Intervention
Magical Hats

Fusion Deck
Thousand eyes restrict

65 cards

By the way my name is Brent.The tournament was breackett with 16 matches all together 8 on each side of the tourny.My first match was against Phillip

Brent Vs Phil
I know this guy from school.He uses a Gate Guardian deck.Early in the duel i was at an advantage.He had his hand filling up and was using traps to sstop me from attacking directly.i knew his traps would run out but he activated SORL.when the effect was over he had sanga and i drew crap.he eventually got the guardian out.I drew a card.at this point i was up 2800 to 2500.I had 7 tools face down on the field.I Threw Hayabusa knight out and equipped it with axe of despair.He then activated Magic Jammer and discarded Sonic Bird.I activated the 7 tools of a bandit and i was losing after that.Which allowed me to play Megamorph and Haybusa Knight Was on 4000.one attack took out GG and then his l/p

The next duel was harder.His basis is Gate Guardian and he supports it major.He got it out 8th turn and wiped me out until i was at 200 and he was at 7100.I had Ritual of Illusions in my hand and waited for relinquished to come.6 turns went by with nothing.on the 3rd turn i activated a spellbinding circle to stop attacks.I did draw relinquished but I had no monster in my hand.I did have my Enchanted Javelin and layed it face down.And i was surprised when he played remove trap(No one has that in their deck thats experienced)and attacked.I activated the Javelin,but since i had no monster on the field its effect leveled and i lost nothing.I drew Man-Eater Bug and summoned relinquished and wasted him 5 turns later
Winner of duel:Brent

Round 2 Brent Vs David
Now i defeated someone pretty good in the first round but this was a joke.I won the toss with tails and Summoned a Mystical Elf f/d.He layed a Red Archery Girl and first thing i thought was weenie rush deck.I played change of heart and sacraficed both of them for Barrel Dragon.I controled the duel the best thing he summoned was a labyrinth wall in defense and i used BD effect to take care of that.I won easily

The next duel was even easier as the best thing he summoned was a summoned skull and I got out Buster Blader.3 turns later i was declared the winner.Out of 32 people 8 were left 4 from each side.
Winner of Duel:Brent

Round 3 Brent Vs Kate
Never underestimate Kate.I didnt know her dueling style at all she went to a different school.SHe started out playing a advanced beatdown deck like mine using 2 enchanted Javelins so her LP was at 14000.Yea thats right i summoned a blue eyes and attacked twice she got me both time.She messed me up with some change of hearts and then Summoned a Crab Turtle.I did have a few tricks up my sleeve however.Soon she had sacraficed everything and summoned a Toon Dragon with axe of despair.I had worked her down to 5500 but i was at 2500 and wasnt in a good spot.I had a few traps earlier she seemed to be a very careful duelist.I had mirror force in my hand and did play it f/d.Luckily she attacked and i defeated the toon BEWD.I did Finally summon my TER and the best she could do was summon a Dark Magician i won easily

The next duel started rocky.She started using various traps on me.I did summon Jinzo heh and stopped that fact.I had an easy time after that

Winner of Duel:Brent

After the duel with Kate she did tell me she used a Trap/Beatdown deck.

Round 4
Brent Vs Timmy
Man this guy surprised me.I usually will be able to tell the theme of my opponents deck but this shocked me.He wasnt that big and i didnt find out how old he was until the end of the duel.I thought he was new because he kept using card destruction and cheerful coffins and letting me destroy his monsters and i should have known sooner.Ive only seen a couple of people play this kind of deck but soon he summoned Shadow ghoul with 15 monsters in the  graveyard.it had a 3100 attack.his confidence was high.I had hammered him low until that and now he got revenge activating Imperial Order to stop my magic.he had to destroy it because it was lowering his l/p but i summoned Barrel Dragon flipped 2 heads and beat him

The next duel was easy.he used alot of traps and second turn i summoned Jinzo.I equipped it with megamorph after he used tremendous fire so it was at 48 hundered and finished him next turn

round 5 the finals Brent Vs Sarah

My road to the finals was complete and i knew her theme immediatley and shut it down.She used a direct damage deck with her main hitters being Barrel Dragon,Hayabusa Knight,and Jinzo #7.She had the correct cards for her theme but they didnt work very well together.After the first duel she tols me she had Jigan Bakudan and catapult turtle the whole time

The next duel was way better.I got the advantage quickly with TER and won it from there and won the tournament

To all my opponents.
To the money i got and the new cards i obtained with it(Nobleman of crossout,Imperial order,and Serpan Night Dragon)
to comic grapevine

To me screwing up alot.
Not playing my combo's correcltey
Being nervous

Yugi quote of the week "Arcaena,You have lost at your own sick game!!!"

My email adress is Maddogzvipers@aol.com and my AIM/SN is Maddogzvipers.IM me and lets talk Yugioh