“I’m Better Than You” Deck

Diamond Sports Cards and Comics

Austin, Texas

February 9, 2003

Roughly 70 Duelists Entered



1st:  1 Legend of Blue Eyes Booster, Red-Eyes Black Dragon

2nd: 1 Legend of Blue Eyes Booster, Serpent Night Dragon

3rd: 1 Legend of Blue Eyes Booster, Toon Mermaid

4th: 1 Legend of Blue Eyes Booster, Chain Destruction


I was thinking of not writing this report, but again I got some e-mails from people who wanted to read all about my latest tourney… weirdo’s.  I mean who reads this stuff?  Anyway, I won last week, and this week there seemed to be the same amount of tough competition there: TJ, Rick, Sung, Kevin, and John! But since the best duelist (Mike) wasn’t there, I felt confident that I would win again… until he showed up 2 minutes before it started.  I sat down waiting for them to start the tournament, which always takes like 30-45 minutes.  I was seated across from a girl who from what I heard wasn’t that bad.  The guy sitting next to me was SO annoying.  I was talking to his opponent and he kept interrupting and complaining and whining about every card we mentioned.  Then he just started making the WORST insults I’ve ever heard (Your so dumb that you sit on the TV and watch the couch… I rest my case).  And I think in his mind he actually looked cool throwing around all those kinder-garden taunts.  I just sat there and he asked why I wasn’t insulting him back and I simply said, “You’re not worth my time.”  That shut up him until round one started.


Round One


Me VS I don’t remember her name


Not much to say about this one.  I quickly got out my La Jinn and Hayabusa Knight and won the first duel.  Second one I pulled out Jinzo and tore apart her life points.


WIN: (5400-0) (8000-0)


I went to check on all the tough competition to see if they had made it past the first round, which they did.  A few people actually found me and told me that they read my reports on Pojo, kudos to them.  I met up with some people I met last week and we all talked about the cool new cards coming out.  I am especially excited about Mage Power and Kcyoo the Ghost Destroyer.  Time for the next round.


Round Two


Me VS Another girl whose name I forgot


This girl looked to be the sister of the first girl I played.  Her deck size (exactly 40, I think) led me to believe that she was very good.  I caught a glance of some good cards while she was shuffling her cards.  The first duel she started out very well by clearing my field by using cards like Trap Hole and Change of Heart.  But in the end I pulled out Jinzo and her monster removal tactics were put to an end, and I won the first duel.  The second one I tore into her life points as fast as I could.  She played a Robbin’ Goblin early on, and that hurt a bunch.  But in the end it didn’t help her at all because I won with a Goblin card of me own, Goblin Attack Force. 


WIN: (6400-0) (8000-0)


Third Round (forgive me if I place these matches in the incorrect order)


Me VS Tamer


Oh how I hoped that I would duel him so I could finally shut him up for good, looks like I got my wish.  Earlier on I saw him playing Kevin and he didn’t have any monsters so he played a magic card in defense mode so I knew he was going to be a BIG cheater.  We start off and of course he’s talking smack accompanied by some more “You’re so dumb ‘jokes’” (if that’s what you want to call them).  On the second freakin’ turn I catch him drawing 2 cards! What the heck?!?  Cheating already?  I try to tell the judges but they didn’t seem to care.  I had Jeff (sorry if I get your name wrong) sit by and watch to make sure he doesn’t cheat again.  I beat him no problem first duel.  The second one I played heavy storm and he flipped over Dust Tornado, saying that it negates Heavy Storm.  And if you knew the rules then you would know that Dust Tornado (or Mystical Space Typhoon) DOES NOT negate any cards played.  He couldn’t get it through his thick head that he was wrong so he started whining (yes, like a little child) to the judges about it.  And of course none of the judges knew the rules, and the head judge Mary said that we were acting like children so she started the entire duel all over again.  She also said that anymore problems from us and she’d DQ the troublemaker.  I didn’t mind because I knew I could beat him no problem if we just get on with it!  We trade and cut decks and we restart the match.  I glanced over at another duel and noticed Rick using a Mechanical Chaser that he traded for earlier (the set of exodia, and a ton of other cards). I glance back and Jeff tells me that Tamer had taken his cards that I cut and uncut them (he must’ve stacked his deck with the cards he wanted at the top, so when I cut his deck they were moved to the middle, so he put them back on top the instant I looked away).  I tell the judge and she got a little mad and started lecturing us on how we were acting like little girls, and she spent 5 minutes rearranging every card in our decks to prevent cheating.  I’m no girl, and I’m no cheater so I considered everything she said to be directly at him.  But wait, didn’t she say that the next trouble maker (i.e. HIM!) would be DQ’d?  Why wasn’t he DQ’d?  I don’t know!  Anyway I plow through him both of the duels.  And after the match I told everyone that he was a cheater.  Serves him right.


WIN (7900-0) (8000-0)


Fourth Round




TJ has been a long time friendly rival ever since he beat me a LONG time ago.  He won our first and only duel, so I needed to even the score.  He went on about how he read my tourney report from last time and knew my deck by heart, which he didn’t since I made a few changes.  He said he would win no problem.  And in the first duel he did just that, he won without me touching him once.  But that’s ok b/c after the first duel I tried to spook him a little by saying “Perfect.  Now that I know your strategy I know what to exchange in my side deck.”  I just took out one Fissure for a Robbin’ Goblin.  The second duel I won quickly by using my Cyber-Jar and following up with a Raigeki to quickly win the match.  The third one he couldn’t get anything going so I easily dominated the whole match.  And since TJ is probably reading this… IN YOUR FACE! jk jk lol


WIN: (0-8000) (6700-0) (5500-0)


Semifinals (forgive me if I don’t get this one completely right)


Me VS Kevin


Kevin’s a guy I know from school.  He’s pretty good.  Although “pretty good” doesn’t win tournaments, and it doesn’t get past me.  The first duel I have no clue what happened and he beat me out of nowhere.  The second one he activated Imperial Order and kept on paying it for like 5 turns, and that’s 3500 damage.  It got really annoying b/c I had like half of my best magic cards in my hand and there was nothing I could do to stop Imperial Order.  I placed Cyber Jar face down and he attacked it.  I got 2 La Jinn, 7 Colored Fish, Hayabusa Knight, and Wall of Illusion-he didn’t get any monsters.  The next turn I obliterated him and all of his Life Points.  The third duel started by him not drawing ANY cards to play on his first turn.  So I attacked him directly w/a Wall.  Next turn he still didn’t get anything so I put out Hayabusa Knight and attacked for 3000 more damage.  He got a monster and put it in defensive mode so I used change of heart, played la jinn and attacked for the win.  It was a disappointing third duel for both of us since it’s no fun winning just b/c he could only draw one monster. 


WIN: (0-4700) (7000-0) (6200-0)





Me VS Mike


Since Mike is like one of the best duelists I didn’t expect to win, but I gave it my all.  I was doing pretty well in the first duel until he got a Robbin’ Goblin out and took my Premature Burial.  If he hadn’t of taken that card I would of won the first duel, but oh well.  It was 2600-1500 LP when I had no monsters on the field, I drew pot of greed.  I got Mirror Force and Trap Hole.  I knew I could probably survive for a few more turns until… He summoned Jinzo and negated my traps so I couldn’t defend myself.  He won the first one after a hellacious duel.  The second one was all him, I didn’t draw any decent monsters until it was too late.  Oh well, I’m 1-2 with him in duels now.  I’ll beat him again one day.


LOSS: (0-1500) (0-5600)


Third Place Match


Me VS I don’t know his name so I’ll go with Bob


The other quarterfinal match was John with a Relinquished deck VS Bob with a Stall/Exodia deck.  Every duel with Bob took FOREVER because he stalls so well.  Bob won the first duel, then John wanted to make some side deck changes and the head Judge Mary wouldn’t let him.  He ended up losing the second duel as well.  Then Bob felt sorry for him and let him make the side deck changes and they started over at the second duel, and John ended up winning.  Bob said he had to go, so there would be no third place match.  I took the third place prize, Toon Mermaid, and he took Chain Destruction as the fourth place prize.  Then Mary found out that they went against her word and she tried to make them play all over AGAIN! Which would take at least 30 minutes due to Bob’s stall deck.  Bob just let John have the win and left.  I traded my worthless Toon Mermaid (its worthless b/c I don’t use toons and all of them are coming in the Pegasus Starter deck) for The Fiend Megacyber, which is one of my personal favorites because of its cool effect and the awesome art on the card.  The Fiend Megacyber the best art out of all the cards I think.  I didn’t stay to see who won between Mike and John, but I would put my money on Mike.








Oh yeah here’s my deck, I put it in the end cuz reading through a person’s deck in the beginning is just down right boring!




1 Witch of the Black Forest

2 Hayabusa Knight

2 Magician of Faith

2 Summoned Skull ( I am thinking of taking out one of these for The Fiend Megacyber but its 300 ATK points less and in some duels that can mean the entire game, but on the other hand using its effect to summon it is considered a Special Summon so I would get to throw out 2 monsters, what do you think?)

2 La Jinn (I can’t wait for Kcyoo the Ghost Destroyer and Gemini Elf)

1 Cyber Jar

2 Wall of Illusion

2 7 Colored Fish

1 Sangan

2 Man Eater Bug

1 Jinzo

2 Goblin Attack Force




1 Raigeki

1 Axe of Despair

1 Monster Reborn

1 Dark Hole

1 Pot of Greed

1 Change of Heart

1 Card Destruction

2 Heavy Storm

1 Snatch Steal

1 Premature Burial

1 Fissure




1 Magic Drain

1 Mirror Force

3 Trap Hole (should I take one of these out for another Magic Drain or Jammer?)

1 Imperial Order

1 Call of the Haunted


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