'Destiny' Deck - Lindsay Bacon - Guernsey's at Green Tree Mall - Clarksville, IN

Deck name: 'Destiny' (felt it was time for a Deck name change...)
Duelist: Lindsay 'ladydragontamer' Bacon
Location: Guernsey's at Green Tree Mall - Clarksville, IN
Date: 1-26-03
# of Participants: 45-50 (!!!)


Hello there, duelists. Ladydragontamer here, with tournament report #3. I modified my Deck a bit for this tournament, taking out my old buddy Relinquished(sorry man... another time) and the set I used to get him out, and replacing 'em all with some new cards. This time, I went for a straight Dragon Beatdown/Monster Removal theme. It didn't do too bad, either. Deck contents listed below...

Level 4 or lower Monsters:

2x Lord of D.(ragons)
1x Cyber Jar
3x Man-Eater Bug
2x Sangan
1x Goblin Attack Force
3x Wall of Illusion
2x Big Eye
1x La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
2x 7 Colored Fish
1x 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom
1x Witch of the Black Forest
1x Harpie's Brother
1x Mask of Darkness

Level 5-6 or 'Ritual' Monsters:


Level 7-8 Monsters:

3x Blue-Eyes White Dragon
1x Seiyaryu

Magic cards:

2x The Flute of Summoning Dragon
1x Dark Hole
1x Raigeki
1x Monster Reborn
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Luminous Spark
1x Pot of Greed
1x Swords of Revealing Light
1x The Shallow Grave
1x Change of Heart
2x Fissure

Trap cards

2x Solemn Judgment
2x Robbin' Goblin
1x Magic Drain
1x Seven Tools of the Bandit
1x Mirror Force
2x Trap Hole
1x Call of the Haunted
2x Reverse Trap

Total: 50

Side Deck:

1x Exchange
1x Confiscation
1x Card Destruction
2x Soul Release
2x Malevolent Nuzzler
2x De-Spell
3x Remove Trap
1x Chain Destruction
1x Infinite Dismissal
1x Trap Hole

Total: 15

I know it's not perfect(no Deck is), and it's still under construction as we speak(I'd like your input, if possible). Now, on to the rounds...

Round One - Me vs. Hayden, another new guy... x_x Poor kid...

Before this round started, when they were drawing names for the first round, something funny happened- two brothers ended up having to fight eachother(Quoth Bill Guernsey: 'You guys are going to love this...'). That had to have sucked. :P I ended up, for the third time in a row, getting a new kid in the first round. His name was Hayden. Nice kid, by the way. I didn't take much damage during the first Duel. It didn't take me long to clear this guy's field and send out Seiyaryu, dismantling his LP for the win.

LP: 7000 (he smacked me a little bit)
His LP: 0

Duel two:

Ouch, this one was close. I wasn't pulling what I needed(I'd started off with Dragons, their Lord... and no Flute. Grrr...). He hit my LP Directly for a while, but then I finally got my saviour- The Flute of Summoning Dragon. Yay! I put down the mighty Dragon Lord, gave him his Flute, and sent out Seiyaryu and a Blue-Eyes. Pretty soon, the Match was mine. Round one went to me.

LP: 1550 (ouch! x_x)
His LP: 0

Round Two - Kevin's Revenge - Me vs. Kevin, who had a very ... um ... -odd- Deck ... o_O;;;

Heh, or he -tried- to get his revenge. Kevin was a 10 year old(he'd turned 11 by the time of this tournament) whom I'd beaten in a practice Duel at the last tournament I'd gone to. He couldn't wait to Duel me. I welcomed the challenge, or lack thereof. XD He didn't do much to me... in fact, I damaged myself by activating 7 Tools of the Bandit on one of his lame Traps, I think it was Dragon Capture Jar(hahahaha). I didn't pull any of my really big Monsters, so I just kept clearing his field and smacking his LP with my weaker Monsters for the win.

LP: 7000
His LP: 0

Duel two:

Now this is where it got fun. I hardly even had to tell my Monsters to beat on this guy. He activated a Messenger of Peace early on(I'd hit him a few times so his LP was already lower than mine), so I simply just sent out a BEWD using the Flute combo, then gathered enough Mons to send out a second. They couldn't do anything, but they made for an impressive sight on the field. Then this kid did something really dumb. Already he was losing 100 LP due to Messenger of Peace each turn. He goes and activates a freaking Burning Land(which you're not supposed to do if there's no Field Magic card on the field, but we didn't know that x_x). While my BEWDs were snarling and chomping at the bit, desperate to lay waste to the little guy, I was enjoying the smell of burning Duelist. I simply sat back and watched him burn. :)

LP: 600 (... never said -I- wasn't burning, too -_-;)
His LP: 0

Round Three - Annoying Dragon Capture Jar ... - Me vs. Andrew, who used a large Dark/Fusion Deck

Hm, this guy was a familiar face. I'd seen him last tournament, he'd been KO'ed first round(doesn't it suck when you get a hand full of Magic/Traps that you can't work with?). Nevertheless, I expected him to be good(hey, he'd made it this far). That is, until I noticed that he had an unusually large Deck. Ugh. Large Deck. Big no-no. -_-; He managed to smack me a bit, but I soon got out a BEWD and the tables turned. His turn came, he put a card face-down, and passed. My turn came. I had BEWD, Lord of D.(ragons), and La Jinn on the field. I put down Harpie's Brother and tried attacking his LP Directly with Blue-Eyes. He activates... wha?! Dragon Capture Jar? NOT AGAIN. And this time, I had nothing to kill it with(dammit). My Blue-Eyes was locked in Defense position, and let me tell you- he was furious. o_o; Even so, I tore into Andrew's LP with my two Beatdown Mons and the Lord of D.(ragons), taking him down for the win.

LP: 7650
His LP: 0

Duel two:

Was it possible for him to do even worse this time around? Yep. He put a bruise in my LP, that's about it. I cleared his field early and smacked away with Beatdown Mons. He cleared my field, and when he had no other Mons out, Tributed from his Hand for a Crab Turtle. Unfortunately for him, Crab Turtle soon found itself on the wrong end of a Mirror Force XD I loved the look on his face after that move. My turn came, and I activated Monster Reborn on his Turtle, tearing into his LP and finishing him for the win. Ahhh, nothing like beating your opponent down with their own Monster...

LP: 7700
His LP: 0

Round Four - Me vs. Mike, who used a Light-theme Deck

And this is where it all ended. I did terribly this Duel, smacking on his LP a bit, but not enough. He got out a Luminous Spark, managed to clear a good amount of my Monsters, and sent out a bunch of Light Mons(I was wondering why he was playing Ancient Elves...) to take me down for the win.

LP: 0
His LP: 5400

Duel two:

I never touched him this time. He removed almost everything I put down and used Luminous Spark and Light Mons to bring my LP down to zero rather fast. Blech. -_-; I was officially KO'ed.

LP: 0
His LP: 8000


-To Adam-chan for being there, again(thanks for lending me the Sonic anime DVD!)
-To my Dad for driving me to the tourney and paying the entry fee
-To that Ham restaurant(can't remember the name...) next to Guernsey's Game Room for making tasty, if a bit expensive, sandwiches... mmm...
-To Pojo.com, for being a great and informative site(would you believe there are Duelists at Guernsey's who haven't heard of you guys?!)
-To Guernsey's for holding the tournament... they have great tournaments, very well-run :D
-To Josh, because none of my tournament reports are complete without a Josh mention XD
-To the ever-present Exodia-Boy for cleaning as much house as I did(which wasn't a whole lot, but ah well... ^_^;)
-To all the Monsters in my Deck, for earning me 4th place and being there for me whenever they can... couldn't do it without you.


-To obnoxious little boys that scream 'I SUMMON THE BLUE-EYES WHITE DRAGON' like they're Seto Kaiba
-To me for pulling all commons in my entry tournament pack/4th place tournament pack... -_-;
-To my Dad for jinxing my 4th round Match(Quoth him: "Hurry up and polish her off so we can go eat!") Remind me to tell my Seiyaryu to step on him...

Questions? Comments? Flames(y'know, my Blue-Eyes White Dragons always thought Duelists tasted good...)? Send 'em to:

Lindsay 'ladydragontamer' Bacon
AIM: MetWulf7