location : comic shop

participants : 16

fee : 6 dollars

consolation prize : 1 tournament pack season 1

1st place : you choose a random ultra rare card from a bowl

2nd place :you randomly choose a rare card from a bowl

3rd  jack squat

MY DECK: monsters  normal
                                           7 colored fish x2
                                           lajinn the mysical genie x2 ( same as the fish)
                                           harpies brother ( same as the genie )
                monsters  effect:wall of illusion x2 ( was that a lajinn )
                                        man eater bugx2( your monster is eaten )
                                        hayabusa knight x2( attack 2 times )
                                        gearfried the iron knight ( was that a snatch steal )
                                         magician of faith x2 ( bring back magic card )
                                         cyber jar (dark hole basically)
                     monsters tribute :summoned skull x2 ( beatdown )
                                               beast of talwar ( untill i get jinzo )

                magic cards : pot of greed ( draw two cards )
                                     monster reborn ( reborn a monster )
                                   dark hole ( destroys all monsters on the field )
                                  heavy storm ( dark hole but for magic trap )
                                   the forceful sentry ( look at your cards )
                                    snatch steal ( permanent change of heart )
                                      axe of despair ( 1000 increase )
                                      nobleman off crossout ( there goes your deffender )
                                     megamorph ( doubles my attack )
                                     mystical space typhoon ( there goes your snatch steal)
                              malevolent nuzzler ( untill i get another axe )
                            tribute to the doomed ( hahaha )
                            change of heart ( speaks for itself )
              trap cards :  trap hole x3 ( hahaha )
                                  mirror force ( negate your attack )
                                  solemn judgement ( negate almost anything )
                                   imperial order ( like a permanent magic jammer )
                                    seven tools of th bandit ( negate your trap )
                                    michizure (  your coming with me !)

                               after my last tourney report many people where sending me email in spanish im not  saying you cand do that thats cool with me but i live           in miami i was youst visiting my bro " who lives in puerto rico ".

                                         THIS TOURNAMENT IS SINGLE ELIMINATION 
                                                               so without further do  here it is

      round 1          chris f beatdown  against  4th best duelist in the shop (his name was josh i think)

   this duel started with him calling me a nu -b that got my blood boiling  i started the duel by summoning harpies bro with 2 trapholes and a mirror force face down . and ended my move. he played a card in deffense mode , and 2 cards face down .  my move i played nobleman of crossout it was a giant soldier of stone , then i played hayabusa knight with axe of despair  and malevolent nuzzler on harpies brother  i attacked and did 6500 damage next turn he drew nothing  and i attacked and won.

after this duel i heard someone yell " chris , chris , chris, !!!" i felt pretty good untill i realized they where talking about the # 1 duelist at the shop who had youst won his duel .  i knew i would soon rip away his pride , i shook hands with josh( my losing opponent )and then walked over to my next opponent...

round 2  chris f beatdown against steve( 2nd best duelist )

somehow during this duel he was far far less chalenging than josh he ran a weenie beatdown  i negated all his messenger of peace and gravity binds and destroyed him .

after this duel i heard the irritating chris chris chris !!!  i couldnt wait to duel this so called #1 duelist

round 3   chris f beatdown against  some nu b

         i dont wanna get into detail for it will make him feel horrible about himself  so lets youst say i won and im youst being nice to him i couldve said something  like a " dueling monkey would have been more chalenging ) .i still dont know how he made it that far .

after this round i whent and got a pepsi blue  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good taste .

FINALS !   Chris F beatdown  against Chris beatdown

this duel was  2 out of 3 unlke the others .

he started the duel and summoned mecanical chaser and 3 cards face down . my move i played heavy storm then tribute to the doomed sacrificing my summoned skull to destroy  his chaser , then i monster reborned my skull then summoned lajinn  and used axe of despair on summoned skulli attacked an took out 5300 his move he played raigeki  then heavy storm then summoned hayabusa knight with two axes he attacked twice and took out 6000 lp darn i drew played chande of heart and attacked with his own monster i won .

match 2 
   the exact opposite  i lost ......

match 3 
               all on the line now ( i knew i could not lose this duel i do have my pride ) i started and summoned  7 colored fish and a trap hole face down seven tools face down and imperial order face down and solemn judgement,  his move he played a card in deffens mode and three cards face down . my move i played nobleman of crossout h e magic jammered it i used seven tools he played seven tools as well but i used solemn judgement so know i got 3500 and he has  6200 his move he played lajinn and ended his move . my move i played axe of despair on my fish and attacked to take out 1000 lp . his move,he played despell on axe of despair i drew and played pot of greed i got a tribute to the doomed  and a change of heart i played  change of heart and attacked with both monsters taking out 3600 his move . he played fissure and attaked with lajinn and i got 1900 lp left... he gots 1600 lp left . my move i played wall of illusion in deffense mode , his move he played lajinn  with axe of despair and attacked  his monster was sent back to his hand  and then attacked my lp  i got 100 lp left 
this duel seemed hopeless i drew  got wall of illusion hos move he played lajinn and atacked , he lost 50 lp  and lajinn back to his hand my move i played magician of faith in deffense mode he attacked i got back my  pot of greed my move i drew and got megamorph  and then played pot of greed  i knew if i didnt draw something useful next turn he would likely use fissure or something i drew both cards before i got to look at hem some weird music starts playing i look around and see josh ( guy i beat in 1st round ) turning up the volume on the radio i looked at my cards and it was a heavy storm and a summoned skull  i first used heavy storm he lost his mirror force yes !!!  i sacrificed my wall of illusion  and played summoned skull and used megamorph 5000 attack his lajinnhe lost 3200 lp and i  WON !!! i proved myself as the best at the store .  my losing opponent was in shock i  put out my hand to shake hands with him but he slapped it i walked away to get my prize .

          i placed my hand in the bowl and got a card it was monster reborn from lob i was so ticked of oh ..well  at least it looks kinda cool .

   props :       to pepsi blue for tasting so good
                    to me for winning
                     to megamorph summoned skull and heavy storm
                    to pot of greed
                    to magician of faith for getting pot of greed

slops :       to me for drawing ultra rare monster reborn
                 to my consolation prize tournament pack1  for having nothing good
                 to chris my last opponent for being a b**** !

        email me at Yug897@aol.com  ,  email me with tips on my deck  or if you need help with your deck ill be happy to help  you 

  Chris F.