Subject: Big Eyed Kuriboh Dragon "Sniper" Beatdown Primetime Sports Zion,IL

Big Eyed Kariboh Dragon’s
“Sniper” Beat down Deck
Cody Frykman
Primetime Sports
Zion, IL
41-man Tournament

This tournament is one of the most competitive in Lake County, my  friend Garrett has taught many including me and has created a whole new  breed of duelists.  He and the others he has helped are my closest  competition.  However, one day, the student will become the master, I  guarantee it!!!

Let’s start with the deck-

My Deck consists of 40 cards:

Monsters both effect/non-effect (22)

2    x  7 Colored Fish (Giant Red Sea snake?)
1    x  Cyber jar (Got no monsters? I do now)
2    x  Dark Elf (Mechanical who?)
3    x  Gearfried the Iron Knight (Snatch Steal sacrif…Dang!)
2    x  Goblin Attack Force (I’ve seen forces before and I know my  forces)
2    x  Harpies Brother (They have a brother?)
1    x  La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp (I wish…To DUEL!)
2    x  Magician of Faith (One Raigeki, two Raigeki)
3    x  Man-Eater Bug (I’ll attack, flip, and you Die)
1    x  Summoned Skull (Speaks for himself)
3    x  Wall of Illusion (A wall, oh man, are you, dang!)

Magic Cards (14)
2    x  Axe of Despair (Monsters can’t be too powerful)
1    x  Change of Heart (Has to be holographic)
1    x  Dark Hole (Not my monsters too, oh wait, I haven’t set down a  monster)
1    x  Heavy Storm (Mirror who? Call of what? Premature when?)
1    x  Monster Reborn (Of course holographic)
1    x  Mystical Space Typhoon (Swords of…MST…?…Dang!)
2    x  Nobleman of Crossout (No more Crass Clowns)
1    x  Pot of Greed (I need more cards, ah, perfect)
1    x  Premature Burial (More monsters, can’t have enough monsters))
1    x  Rageiki (Where’d your monsters go…oh yeh)
1    x  Snatch Steal (I’ll take that thank you)
1    x  Swords of Revealing Light (3 turns? you’ll be gone before that)

Trap Cards (4)
1    x  Call of the Haunted (I’ll attack, mirror force, ok,  CotH…attack!)
1    x  Imperial Order (Aw look, you wasted your Monster Reborn)
1    x  Mirror Force (Not my life points, how about your monsters)
1    x  Mirror Wall (No way, my La Jinn beat your Summoned Skull)

Side Deck (15)
1    x  4-Starred Ladybug of Doom (OF DOOM!!)
1    x  7 Colored Fish (wait, didn’t we see this already)
1    x  Barrel Dragon (Effect with a 2600 attack, oh man)
1    x  Card Destruction (I don’t like these cards, I wish I had new  ones)
1    x  Dust Tornado (Nothing beats an Imperial Order, oh, I have this)
1    x  Exchange (Skull Servant for your Rageiki)
1    x  Graceful Dice (100 to 600 att and def increase, nice)
1    x  Magic Jammer (No Rageiki for you)
1    x  Mystical Space Typhoon (Gotta have more than one)
1    x  Skull Dice (Attack, I dare yah!)
3    x  Trap Hole (Bet you were wondering wear these were)
1    x  Ultimate Offering (5 monsters in one turn, that’s insane!)
1    x  Witch of the Black Forest (Jinzo, Summoned Skull?)

If anyone didn’t notice, yes I am sad enough to alphabetize my listing,  pour on your slings and arrows, I can take it, but at least leave me  enough dignity to duel once again!

Duel date is 2/8/03

First duel:
Now, this first kid that I faced is a person that the others and I at  the store know very well, not for his card playing skills, but for his  big mouth.  This player has posted many articles saying that Bill runs  a sloppy tournament and is unfair, not to mention him complaining about  the competition being too hard.  Competition too rough Blake, don’t  like it, go somewhere else, and Bill doesn’t need punks like you  talking bad about him or the tournaments.  He runs not only the largest  tournaments in Illinois, but the most organized and respected one as  well.

Big Eyed Kariboh Dragon vs. Kung Fu Axe Demon

Round 1:    This kid is really confused about what cards he needs to  put in his deck, during the match he was asking me which cards he  should take out of his deck.  The first match was somewhat close  surprisingly, I made a couple of mistakes but I came out the victor.  I  had a Gearfried out and tried to use monster reborn, he blocked it with  a Magic Jammer and got rid of his Barrel Dragon only to special summon  it onto the field with Call of the Haunted, at this point I was feeling  pretty disappointed in myself.  I thought that this would be a quick  match, but I forgot that I shouldn’t play with my food before I eat it.   At this point I though I was screwed, but then he tributes and lays  down his Jinzo, now I thought, ok attack with Barrel Dragon and I’ll  just mirror wall you, but that idea went to the graveyard along with  his monster.  He used the coin effect and got the two heads and  attacked me for 5000, at this point I was a bit worried, but I had  faith in myself.  I drew, ha, just what I wanted, I got pot of greed  and I used it.  Once again, exactly what I want, Rageiki and a Wall of  Illusion, but I had a strategy.  I set down the Wall and told him it  was his turn; at this point I had gotten my Monster Reborn back and got  a Goblin Attack Force back (the card he consistently whines about.)   His coin effect failed and he never laid a card down, he attacked my  face down monster with Jinzo killing it of course but enabling me to  use my trap cards because it went back to his hand.  He then attacked  my Goblin, Mirror wall, and he loses 1000 life points, two problems  solved, from that point on the game was mine.  After a couple of  attacks with Gearfried, La Jinn and my Goblin, he was down to only  2100.  I kept playing strong and ended it by being Mirror forced only  to Call of the Haunted my Goblin and kill.  Not quick enough, but  efficient.

Round 2:    Not as long as the first one, I dominated with a couple of  combos that I am pretty proud of, Dark Elf, Rageiki, Axe, attack for  3000 and Change of Heart, flip Magician, Change of Heart once again, oh  would you look at that, you had Magician too.  The whole match was  mine, he probably took away about 3000 life points, but who's to say  that I didn't let him have those life points.  By using Tribute to the  Doomed, he eliminated some of the big monsters on the field, but it  mattered very little, he knew it, I knew it, the heart of the cards was  with me and it was time for him to go home and eat his spaghetti O's  and go to bed.  I finished him off with by MSTing his Mirror Force and  attacking him for 1800 to reduce his remaining 1400 to 0.  Before this  match, when Bill called out our names, I looked at Toon-Boy, Garrett,  and David, and smiled.  Once again, I was called on to deliver and I  did, another victim has fallen to the "SNIPER."

Match:  Round 1 (W) BEKD 2150/       Round 2 (W) BEKD 5000/
        (L) KFAD 0                   (L) KFAD 0

Second Duel:

Big Eyed Kariboh Dragon vs. Yu2026166

I have always thought that this kid is pretty good and I respect the  way that he uses the cards.  Unfortunately, he doesn't really get that  far so I feel for him in that aspect.  The problem though, he lost my  respect when he decided to play gravity bind.  I understand the  strategies that are involved with gravity bind, but c'mon, those  matches last so long and the person who is playing its only goal, is to  make the other person run out of cards, if it even comes down to that.

Round 1:    I drew my five cards and this was the first time that I had  ever drawn Exchange, something that I had put in my deck that morning.   I won the toss so I said I would go first; I laid down my Axe and my  NoC, and then played Exchange.  At this point I was excited b/c all I  had was a Wall of Illusion, Dark Elf and a La Jinn, but what he had was  more exciting, Jinzo, Gravity Bind, Jinzo #7, and a Harpies Brother.  I  of course took the Jinzo b/c if he plays Gravity Bind, it really  doesn't matter.  I put down my Wall of Illusion and told him it was his  turn, he put down the Harpies Brother and I trap holed it.  I set down  a Goblin Attack Force and said "attack," he then played Gravity Bind.   His turn, puts down a Jinzo #7 but doesn't attack, time to dominate.   On my turn I sacrificed my Wall for his Jinzo and it was on.  I killed  his monster with Goblin and attacked with Jinzo.  His turn he set down  a monster facedown, and my turn I NoCed and attacked for 4200.  His  turn, he could see that the end was near, he set down a monster  face-down and on my turn I added an Axe to his Jinzo and turned up my  Goblin and laid down a Man-ater bug face-down and attacked, hoping for  something with a defense, it was merely a La Jinn, and the game was  over.  I had one, flawlessly.

Round 2:    I didn't get the best hand in the world but I worked with  what I had.  I set down a Gearfried and it was his turn.  He set down a  facedown monster and set two magic or trap cards.  My turn, I used  Heavy Storm and NoC and attacked for 4100 with a Goblin and the  Gearfried.  3900 life points left, he set down his Fiend Megacyber, me  being dumb at the time Trap Holed, but it was a special summon so I  told him it was still alive, he attacked my Goblin (good move).   Unfortunately, I sacrificed my Gearfried for a Summoned Skull and  attacked his Megacyber, 300 direct.  His turn he set a face down  monster, on my turn I used Rageiki, Reborned his Fiend and that's game.   I neglected to mention that he had taken 1800 life points away from  me.

Match   Round 1 (W) BEKD 8000       Round 2 (W) BEKD 6200
        (L) YU2026166 0             (L) YU2026166 0

Third Duel:
This is a person that I know very well, he’s the one that I refer to as  Toon-boy.  He used to play toons so we all made fun of him for it  seeing as how toons are horrible, but he quickly gave those up.  The  name just kind of stuck but his real name is Nick, I like Toon-boy  better though.  His deck used to consist of a lot of fusion cards,  Relinquished, and other cards that he just didn’t need.  His deck was  good without all the crap so Garrett and I helped him to improve his  deck and now he is better than ever.  I admit, before dueling him, I  was a bit nervous because the weekend before he beat me in the fourth  round, right after I had beaten the number one guy Eric. 

Big Eyed Kariboh Dragon vs. Soccer Dude

Round 1:    The first round went smoothly, I drew NoC, MST, and some  1800 attack monsters. He put down a card face down and it was my turn.   I drew Imperial Order and NoCed his card and attacked for 2300 with  GAF.  He tried to use Dark Hole and I used Imperial Order, so he set a  monster down face down.  I set a card and attacked and it was just a  Man-eater bug.  He picked my GAF and it went to the graveyard,  fortunately, in my first turn I had drawn Call of the Haunted and he  helped me out and I attacked for 2300 again.  His turn, I continued to  pay, he put a La Jinn down and attacked my GAF and killed it.  I paid  for Imperial Order and put down a Dark Elf, I paid for it and attacked  him for 2000.  He put a Cyber-jar down and I attacked it only to help  me out, he drew 4 magic or trap cards and 1 monster(Man-eater bug), I  drew 3 monsters and attacked him for 1800 because he killed one of my  monsters.  The game was mine, I continued to pay for Imperial Order and  set down a Man-eater bug at the end of my turn and he set a monster  face-down.  I told him game over, I didn’t even draw a card, flipped my  Man-eater and finished him off, and I had won.

Round 2:    He went first and I drew practically the same cards, this  round was not as glorious for me but I got the job done.  I attacked a  couple of times with my Gearfried and he really didn’t do anything  about it, he told me he wasn’t drawing monsters.  He set down a monster  face down and I attacked it with my GAF, it was my luck that it was a  Wall of Illusion and I attacked again with Gearfried.  He put down a La  Jinn and attacked my Gearfried, killing his and my monsters together.   My next turn I set down my GAF and Monster Reborned my Gearfried and  Call of the Haunted my Dark Elf…attacked…GAME!!! 

Match   Round 1 (W) BEKD 8000/      Round 2 (W) BEKD6200/
        (L) SD 0                (L) SD 0

Fourth Duel:  Semi-Finals
Bill runs such a large tournament that he decided to separate the  younger kids from the older ones so that they actually have a chance;  this week was one of the very few that he actually had less than 60  kids in the tournament.  So he decided to make a junior tournament that  runs about the same time as the regular tournament.  Well, as a type of  reward for winning the junior tournament, he lets the winner play one  of the older kids for third place.  For the last couple of weeks, a new  kid arrived that took the junior tournament by storm.  This kid  practically has the same deck as me and actually knows what he is  doing.  Going into this match, I was confident, but also scared, I had  seen this kid play and he’s got some moves.

Big Eyed Kariboh Dragon vs. Black Chaos Dude

Round: 1 I went into this match a little over confident because I  obviously have more experience than him, but there was still something  about him that made me nervous.  He started out by putting down a  Goblin Attack Force, which usually isn’t the best idea in the world but  I could see where he was coming from.  I drew my cards and Change of  Hearted his Goblin and put down my Goblin and attacked for 4600.   During his turn he put down a Harpies Brother and attacked my Goblin  only to be Mirror Forced.  My turn, I used Rageiki and put a Dark Elf  down and attacked.  1400 left and nowhere to go, he set down a  Gearfried and attacked my Goblin killing it.  During my turn, I used  Call of the Haunted to bring back my Goblin and I put down a Gearfried,  I attacked Gearfried to Gearfried and attacked and took away his  remaining life points.

Round 2 This second round kind of started out the same seeing as how I drew almost the exact same cards.  He set down a Goblin, I Dark Holed,  Monster Reborned his Goblin and put down my Goblin and attacked, then I  set down Swords.  He put down a card face down, during my turn I  Nobleman of Crossed Out his card and then I attacked for 1800.  Turn  two of Swords, he set down another card face-down, I used Change of  Heart and flipped it up, it was a 7 Colored Fish and just finished him  off; no damage done to me.

Match   Round 1 (W) BEKD 7000/          Round 2 (W) BEKD 8000
        (L) BCD 0                   (L) BCD 0

Uh Oh, this is it, the big magilla, this is for all the marbles, not so much for me though, the person that I am facing, Garrett.  Yes, the  very same Garrett that I spoke in the beginning of this report.  It  appears as if the student has the chance to become the master, it  happened once, why not again?  BECAUSE I SUCK, that’s why!!  I drew  nothing good!!  This duels was very important to Garrett because if he won, he would’ve clinched the first place spot in the store, that is until Upper Deck decided to add about 6 more weeks onto the second season.

Big Eyed Kariboh Dragon vs. One-Eyed Serpent Master

Round 1 The first round started with me drawing absolutely nothing to  help me out, I drew a Nobleman of Crossout, Monster Reborn, Magician of  Faith, Man-eater bug, and a Call of the Haunted, I had to go first so I drew my card, oh would you look at that, a Man-eater bug.  I put the Man-eater down and told him it was his turn.  He played Swords and I had to kill my own Man-eater because he didn’t put down a monster, then he attacked with a Goblin.  I drew a Harpies Brother my next turn, but set down my other Man-eater, he played Nobleman of Crossout and got rid of all Man-eater’s and set down La Jinn and attacked.  I drew a Wall of  Illusion and I set it down, oh wait, he flipped his Goblin into attack mode, Nobleman of Crossout, and that’s the end of that chapter, what was I suppose to Call of the Haunted, a Man-eater, and same goes for my Monster Reborn.

Round 2 I wanted to go first so I drew my cards, oh, these look  familiar, Nobleman, Monster Reborn, Magician of Faith, 2 Man-eaters, and a Call of the Haunted, but I shuffled.  I put down the Man-eater, his turn, oh, he got Swords again, my monster had to eat itself and he attacked with his Goblin.  I drew a Wall of Illusion, set it down, he attacked with a La Jinn and he lost 50 and it went back to his hand.  I draw another card, a trap Hole, I set it down and a Man-eater,  Nobleman, flip the Goblin up, MST, and he attacked my Wall with Goblin,  mine died, his went back to his hand and he attacked for 1800 with his La Jinn.  I drew my cards looking for something, I drew a Harpies Brother and set it in attack mode, he drew a card that he put face  down.  Swords is up and its my turn, I drew a Wall of Illusion, I set  my Man-eater face down and it was his turn, he drew his card, Magician of Faith, Nobleman back, killed my Man-eater, set his Goblin, attacked La Jinn to Harpies Brother killing both monsters, and attacked for 2300  only to Call of the Haunted his La Jinn and attack again for 1800.  If  you do the math, you would notice that he dominated me and I did nothing but sit back and watch the show.

FINALS  Round 1 (L) BEKD 0/         Round 2 (L) BEKD 0/
                (W) OESM 8000               (W) OESM 7950

To my friend Garrett for clinching the first place spot in the store.
To the young kid who dominated the junior tournament and made me nervous.
To the kid who almost beat Garret in the Semi-Finals.
To myself, because, well, I’m awesome!!
To Bill for being the man and running a successfully awesome tournament, also for supplying all of us for the cards that we need to  play. (For always having the cards I need)
To David for losing to Toon-Boy in the second round and wiping aways your tears before anyone else could see them.
To me for using Exchange at the perfect time to get a Jinzo and stop Gravity Bind.

To Blake because he doesn’t know when to quit, here’s a hint Blake,  when you come up against the Sniper, expect shots to be fired and count  on getting hit.  You came into my house, and I had no choice but to  show you the door.  Good luck next weekend, maybe you’ll beat some  beginner and actually get to the second round, seeing as how that’s  probably how you’ll make it that far anyway.
To Eric, Garretts little brother for being good and having a good deck, only to take it to school and get some cards stolen and taken away.

Thanks for reading my report!!  I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I  enjoyed writing it, and I hope you look forward to future reports.  If  you have any questions, email me at, I’ll get  back to you as soon as I can.  Feel free to come up to Zion and visit  the best card shop this side of the Mississippi, Primetime Sportscards.  Ask for Bill, he’s the one with the awesome mullet.