Android Psycho Circus

Josh Riley

Mayhem Collectibles

Ames, IA

February 13, 2003

About 20 Participants

This is my first tournament report and it was my second tournament. I got second place last time with my deck destruction deck; I was beat by the usual champion, Stephen. Onto my deck!!

Monsters (17)

1x Jinzo (Android Psycho Shocker)

3x Dream Clown

2x Crass Clown

2x Giant Soldier of Stone

2x Hayabusa Knight

2x Sangan

2x Magician of Faith

1x White Magical Hat

1x Witch of the Black Forest

1x Cyber Jar

Magic (13)

2x Messenger of Peace

2x Nobleman of Crossout

2x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Raigeki

1x Dark Hole

1x Snatch Steal

1x Change of Heart

1x Pot of Greed

1x Monster Reborn

1x Premature Burial

Trap (10)

3x Waboku

2x Gravity Bind

1x Imperial Order

2x Magic Drain

1x Call of the Haunted

1x Mirror Force

Side Deck (15)

2x Fissure

1x Exchange

1x Delinquent Duo

1x Swords of Revealing Light

2x Prohibition

1x Gravity Bind

2x Trap Hole

1x Ceasefire

2x Robbin Goblin

2x White Magical Hat

This is the Deck that I had at the tournament. I have made some slight adjustments/improvements since the tourney. I added anther Crass Clown and another GSOS and took out the White Magical Hat. I also made some adjustments to my sidedeck

I drove to Ames with my friends, and my first round I had to duel my best friend Eric, too bad for him.

Duel One

Me vs. Eric (gravity bind deck)

I donít want to go into much detail here, my clowns dominated his gravity bind deck both games. He only got about 3 attacks in total and he used Ceasefire both games.

He pulled a Revival of the Dokurorider from his tournament pack and he traded it to me for my black illusion ritual, which he sold to the store for $5.

In between duels one of my friends that graduated last year showed up with his brother and they bought about $50 worth of MTG cards, I talked to him until the next duel started.

Duel Two

Me vs. Stephen (the usual winner who beat me last time, gravity bind deck)

Game 1

He only attack me once for 3000, I think it was with a Hayabusa and a Nimble Momonga. Besides that the only damage I took was Premature Burial and Messenger of Peace. I killed him using Hayabusa and Crass Clown.

Me 3400

Stephen 0

Game 2

This game lasted FOREVER. I got Messenger of Peace out early and it drained away my life points. Before the Duel was over, time was called (45 min) but they let us finish and he beat me when I only had 3 cards left in my deck. At this point everyone was starting to watch us because Iím now told that Stephen has never lost a tournament.

Me 0

Stephen 4300

Game 3

The person in charge set a 5 min time limit and thatís all I needed. Jinzo had been waiting in my sidedeck up until this point. I switched Jinzo in along with a fissure. I got Jinzo on my first draw and used in to beat him down. Jinzo+Hayabusa=Death.

Me 7000

Stephen 0

Duel 3

Me vs. some kid whose name started with A (gravity bind deck)

Does anyone else notice a pattern, everyone good at the tourney had gravity bind decks.

Game 1

This one was rather close. He played Jinzo, then I played Jinzo and it went on like that for a long time. He used Giant Rat very effectively to bring out Dream Clown, but I eventually gained the upper hand using Crass Clown and I finished him off.

Me 1550

A 0

Game 2

This was rather sad, I used Crass Clown with Hayabusa and got him down to 1800 before he got up his defenses, then I drew a Ceasefire and waited until the right time and used it to finish him. He did 500 damage to me somehow?

Me 7500

A 0

Duel 4 the finals

Me vs. Devon (gravity bind deck)

This duel lasted forever, it actually got a bit tiresome because I had been playing against deck similar to mine all night.

Game 1

This game was very close. I had him down to 1250 when he got set up to attack for 3100 and did so two turns in a row do win this game.

Me 0

Devon 1250

Game 2

This game was much different. The only attack he got in was one GSOS. I got out Jinzo early and killed him quickly

Me 6500

Devon 0

Game 3

I couldnít get anything going. I only attacked once, my messenger of peace drain my life points down to 100 and he drew Jinzo #7 right when he needed it to finish me off. His counter traps really killed me in this game.

Me 0

Devon 6600

I came in second place again. We both got 4 tournament packs for getting to the 4th round. The person had 4 in each hand and just handed them to us. Devon pulled a Morphing Jar and I pulled ALL commons. That really bites.



Crass Clown

Mountain Dew Code Red

Beating Stephen, everyone was very impressed


Not winning 1st place

Not getting the Morphing Jar

Some kid for getting a Jinzo for a BPT Red Eyes

Eric for switching to Clown Control

If you want to email me any ?ís, my address is