Subject: Let the magic rule in the duel - Scott DeMartini, DNA: cards and comics, Pacifica California

Magic is part of this duel
Scott DeMartini
DNA: Cards and Comics
Pacifica, California, U.S.A
Feb. 2, 2003

A total of 52 people participated in this tournament.

First off, the deck:

Normal Monster 15:
1 Cosmo Queen A2900 D2450*
1 Dark Magician A2500 D2100*
3 Neo the magic swordsman A1700 D1000
3 Rogue dolls A1600 D1000
1 Ancient Brain A1000 D700
1 Thousand-Eyes Idol A0 D0
1 Lady of Faith A1100 D800
2 Mystical Elf A800 D2000
2 Aqua Madoor A1200 D2000

Effect Monster 10:
1 Tainted Wisdom A1250 D800
1 Dark Elf A2000 D800
1 White magical hat A1000 D700
1 Witch of the Black Forest A1100 D1200
1 Witch's Apprentice A550(1050) D500
1 Kazejin A2400 D2200*
3 Maha Vailo A1550 D1400
1 Time Wizard A500 D400

Ritual Cards 1:
1 Reliquised A0 D0

Fusion Cards 3:
1 Thousand-Eyes Restrict A0 D0
1 Skull Knight A2650 D2250
1 Musician King A1750 D1500

Magic Cards 17:
1 Pot of Greed
1 Raigeki
1 Soul Exchange
1 Black Illusion Ritual
1 Snatch Steal
1 Heavy Storm
1 Swords of Revealing Light
1 Polymerzation
1 Tribute to the Doomed
1 Rush Recklessly
1 Luminous Spark
1 Sword of Deep-Seated
3 Malevolent Nuzzlers
1 Monster Reborn
1 Change of Heart

Trap Cards 6:
1 Mirror Force
1 Call of the Haunted
1Robben' Goblin
1 Enchanted Javelin
1 Trap Hole

First Round of first game: Me vs some Exzodia deck kid
To easy, I never saw any of my newly added cards like fusions. All he did was put down a Ultamite offering, Okazi and a Cannon solider, one of the most dangerous combos in the game I will explane at the end. Of course he took me down 2300 life. Then I used dark hole monster reborn and just attacked him with my 1 neo and a cannon solider I attacked him for 3100, then I blasted him with my neo and I had a fall safe card down my, mirror force. He put down Magican of faith down I got it with change of heart and flipped her and got my monster reborn back and attacked with all three then sent those two cards blasting at him, another 1000. Then he never got any monsters all I did was attack till he died.

First round second game: Me vs Exzodia deck kid
To easy for him, one turn Exzodia. The head in his hand and the right arm a back up solider and a painful choose. He got the other 3 parts back up solider and banisher of the light. I choose banisher and he discarded them. Then he put down back up solider and when it was my turn he flipped and he won.

First round third game: Me vs some Exzodia deck kid
I got my Relinquesed first turn, and a witch, hell yeah. He got two prohibitions one to heavy storm and one to poli. So that doesn't help so I placed down witch and then next turn sacrificed and got a neo, mister strong, then I got his face down card he placed down the turn before yeah a Lajin(he is insane for doing that). I ragekied him then I monster reborned his cannon solider I ragekied as well, and call of the haunted my witch and then I kicked his ass. Then I blasted him with my witch getting my maha vailo(to those that don't know his effect +500 with each equipped card) and I equipped him with 2 nuzzlers and murder him I because he never got any monsters. But I killed him. That was fun. He never had a chance his deck was filled with shit. Only 2 cards for exzodia.

Well I said I would Exsplane the Ultamite offereing and cannon solider or catapulte turtle combo. It cost 500 for each for each monster you send at them it may bring them down but it eats away at your monsters and if you get down too low he can bring out a toon and one attack death or something like that.

Second Round first game: another Exzodia guy
There are too many Exzodia guys it suxs were are the old fashion beat down. No matter what happened in the other game I would play another one if I won. Well he did the painful choose back up soilder thing I got killed.

Second Round second game: another exzodia guy
Damn it another Exzodia I hate them. Well he got him after I got him down to 50 because I just got stronger monsters but al he was doing was looking for monsters to toy with me. Kill the spear createn D. well I lost again.

*I got hella cards: Relinquesed, Time wizard, Muscian king(what the hell I had two of the cards already) TER, skull knight, TEI, SorL, Pot'o "weed", Poli, TTTD, CotH, Mirror force.
* for my friend giving my his TER but um it is bent in 9 places but for free man
* My friend for giving my the stuff for musician king and Skull knight
* Polymerzation for 10 bucks
* and my friend finding my a guy that sold me a Jinzo first mint after the tourney
* for having video camerias in the store
* for my friends harpies deck beat down and exzodia farther down then I have done to 25, all by solom judgements 3 in a row. well he lost but it was a great duel till the end.
* and to my same friend with the harpies deck that he got 3 dockoriders cheap a ritual zombie and that his two decks are almost unstopable.

*For my friend getting the pack from the tourney, that I sold him, and getting a Morphing Jar and telling me about the jinzo guy after the Tourny
* So many Exzodia decks, sorry people who have this deck
* one kid tring to steal my deck because he wants my cards
* to the guy who put me up to exzodia decks
*for me selling my friend the tourney pack and for me finding out I he stole my toon world the week before that he sold to my best friend
* and to the kid that stole my buster bladder, dragon seeker, Barrel Dragon, my japanness dark magician girl, sujin, and sanga of thunder. And to he gets caught if he comes back in the store.

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