Mark E. Jinzo's Minions NY

address of tournament:
115-07 Atlantic Avenue
Richmond Hill NY 11418
(718) 441-5005
This was an official upperdeck tournament. No Japanese cards were allowed. The entry fee was $5

about 40 people participated

After Losing 2 weeks ago in the first round to Chris Cruz, fellow tourney writer, I was pretty pissed. I went to Washington, D.C., last week and I couldn't come. Congrats to Edwin Mendez for winning last week. I bought a Jinzo from my friend Stan and traded BETD & L.Fisherman for a 1st ed. GAF. 1st place got $20 store credit, 2nd got $10, and 3rd got $5. Here was my deck:

x1 Summoned skull
x3 Harpie's Brothers
x1 Jinzo
x2 Hayabusa Knight
x2 MoF
x2 MEB
x1 Cyber Jar
x1 WoTBF
x1 WoI
x1 MoD
x1 Sangan
x1 Masked Sorcerer
x1 Goblin Attack Force

x1 PoG, CoH, Dark Hole, Raigeki, Monster reborn
x2 Axe of Despair
x3 Malevolent nuzzler
x1 Delinquent duo
x1 MST
x1 snatch steal
x1 swords of revealing light
x1 NoC
x1 fissure

x3 trap hole
x1 mirror force
x1 seven tools
x1 waboku

my deck total : 41 cards

on to the matches.

round 1
Me vs. J.C.
This is my friend's Carnegie's little brother. He was about 11 or 12. He was running a weenie rush-beatdown-annoying deck. I had him in the first duel when I summoned Jinzo when he had a gravity bind on the field. I started the beatdown from there. Second duel, he beats me. Third duel, he plays MoP and slowly drains his own life away. I rarely make mistakes, but I played Hayabusa knight and eqiupped him with AoD. I ended up winning by playing Cyber jar in attack mode for the win when he had 700 LP left.
I advance to round 2

Round 2
Me vs. Fazaad.
I never played this guy before, but would always see him. I asked around, and they said he ran a personalized beatdown. I beat him in the first duel with Jinzo. He said he didn't have any traps anyway. In the second duel, I did a quick 4000 because of Hayabusa and AoD. The match went downhill from there and I won.
I advance to round 3

round 3
Me vs. Carnegie
Hmm... Me vs. my old friend Carnegie, eh? I knew it was a matter of time before we would face each other in a official duel. He always used to beat me and my other friends when the cards came out. He runs a what I call "Evil Beatdown". I had him very easily in the first duel, and won. Second duel, and I just wasn't getting the cards I need. Third duel, I was doing good, until he got out Barrel Dragon. It was whupping my ass. Only once did his flip not work. He went on to win the match, but my friend Stan whupped him in the next round on account of revenge for me.

Oh, well. I guess there's always next week. I'm at least glad that Jinzo comes out for me. All I need is a couple of more cards for my supreme pharoah's servant deck. I hope to have it completed in 2 weeks.                                                                                    

 If anyone lives around Richmond Hills, Woodhaven, or Jamaica, come down, duel, and have a good time. Charlie keeps updating his website, so we invite anyone in the Queens region to come and talk Yu-Gi-Oh & Games on our brand new message board at My e-mail is . See you all next week, hopefully...