Subject: chrisf.beatdown\puertorico\plazacarolina\dreamteam
location : dream team                                                                                        

participants around 30 to 40                                                                               

 fee: 5 dollars                                                                                                     

consolation prize : 1 tournament 1pack                                                               

1st place  :  20  tournament pack 2                                                                        

2nd place :   15 tournament  pack 2                                                                              

3rd place  :   5 tournament  pack 2                                                                      

4th place  : jack squat                                                                                         

monsters  tribute:  summoned skull  x2
                             beast of talwar  ( love this card)                                              
normal:  harpies brother  ( standard beatdown ) x 3
             lajinn        (same as the brother )  x2
             7 colored fish  ( same as the genie) x3
effect monsters   man eater bug  (  destroy 1 of your monsters ) x2
                         wall of illusion  ( was that a lajinn ) x 2                                        
                           gearfried the iron knight ( was that a snatch steal)                
                           mask of darkness ( bring back a good trap)
                          hayabusa knight  ( attack twice)
                          magician of faith ( bring back a good magic)
                          cyber jar  ( extra dark hole)
        michizure ( your coming with me  )
        trap hole  (  hahahahaha)    x3              
        imperial order (was that a raigeki ) 
      mirror force (negate your attack )
     solemn judgement ( negate almost anything )
    seven tools of the bandit (negate mirror force)
magics  fissure ( monster go down the hole )
             monster reborn ( bring back my monsters)                
             megamorph ( doubles my attack )
           premature burial (  almost the same as monster reborn)                 
          giant  trunade ( untill i get heavy storm )
         mystical spce typhoon ( there goes your snatch steal )  
       snatch steal   ( oh i believe thats mine now)
      axe of despair  ( good with hayabusa knight )
    nobleman of crossout (there goes your deffender)
    dark hole  (  monsters go down the hole )
   change of heart ( umm thats mine for a turn )
   tribute to the doomed ( sacrifice a card in my hand to destroy your monsters )
the forceful sentry ( i get to look at your hand )
                                                              IN ALL MY DECK HAS  41 CARDS

   without   any more delai here is the tourney ;

  round 1   
               chris' beatdown versus   total  nu b 
    this duel started with me going first i played a 7 colored fish with   two  cards face down and ended my turn. then he played  1 card face down and a monster in deffense mode, what a wuss.  i played harpies bro and then nobleman of crossout , i destroyed his neo the magic swordsman haha   then i used axe of despair on the brother  i attackd his lp and took out 4600 lp  his move , he played okazy and took out 800 i was like whatever thyen he played a battle ox in attack mode, and i was like WHAT!!!, oh well your digging your own grave i played lajinn and attacked and attacked his lp for the win .
match 2   i can barely remember but all i can remember is i beat him dirty with youst a harpies bro , he got nothing

once this duel ended i still had 20 minutes till the next round so i walked around and checked a couple of duels got the inside on a couple of decks when i got called up to duel...

round 2  chrisbeatdown  versus  some kid who was better than the nu b 
            in this duel i know this kid was a cheat he   kept drawing extra cards i still destroyed him both times " for his sakes i whont say his name"
after this duel i whent to the mall bathroom  so when i will be in my next duel i dont need to rush.
     round 3  chris beatdown  versus  14 year old with mecanicalchaser 
           i startd off playing harpys bro he clobbered me with his chaser  in my move i played a wall of illusion in deffense mode he played tributye to the doomed destroyed it and eventually beat me  .
match 2      some how during this duel he drew nothing and i beat him with the brother and summoned skull

match 3 " its all on the line now " 

              throughout the duel he was beating me   i was at 350 lp and he was at 6200  i drew got giant trunade  he had a ss on the field and three cards fd i noticed i had a snatch steal and a monster reborn, i first used giant trunade  then played harpies bro the monster reborn on his barrel dragon and snatch steal on his summoned skull, i attacked  and won!!!!!!!!. i was spechless .

i remember my bro was in burger kng so i whent and told him  and also got a whopper , incredibly dueling really does make you hungry i ate it goku style. i got back and it turns out there where only three people left  so we had to draw straws  whoever got the long one got a by  i drew first darn it short then a little girl drew short on the bright side the guy who got a by was  not very good so we both knew that whoever won this duel was gonna win the whole thing.....

semi finals    chris beatdown versus round threes sister

     i  wasnt gonna take her lightly she made it this far she had to be good i had to make an earth type move so i played gearfried and  a mirror force fd. on her move she matched my move except she played gaia power and gearfried and ended her turn.i played fissure  and attacked her lp taking out 2300, and played mistical space typhoon  to destroy her gaia power . she played goblin attack force and ended her turn, made many mistakes i played tribute to the doomed sacrificing summoned skull and then using monster reborn to bring it back and attacked with gearfried  summoned skull and  ended my turn. she played axe raider  with axe of despair. and attacked but i played mirror force. next turn i attacked and won

match 2     basically the complete opposite as match 1 i lost        

match 3  the same as round  3 match three phee i won .

they gave me a ten minute break which i used to  go get a pepsi blue which dream team owner gave me mmmmmmmm  good taste.

FINALS    chris beatdown  versus  guy who got lucky for getting to the finals
i clobbered him in both duels and won the tournament

now for props and slops

       to me for winning the tournament
       to my brother who bought me an extra cheesy whopper
       to pepsi blue for tasting so good
      for that kid who kept cheating
      for not once drawing hayabusa knight
      for not drawing beast of talwar
       for not once using imperial order
       and for not getting anything good in the tournament packs.

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