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Subject: Yu-Gi-Oh Mall tour report Oxford Valley Mall- steve, mike, and shaun


Langhorne, PA

February 8, 2003

Steve, Mike, Shaun




Yo people me and some friends went to the Yu Gi Oh mall tour at the Oxford Valley Mall (PA) on Saturday 2-8-03. This had to be one of the greatest events in Yu Gi Oh. In this report you will read about what you can do n what we did, some good some bad lol.


Registration- This was probably the worst part of the whole mall tour but not too bad. All you got to do is wait in line for like 20-30 min to get your bag of goodies (papers and other stuff) , your duelist necklace/badge and you also get time cards to do certain events.


Duelist Experts- Can't say much here because our names weren't picked, hopefully tomorrow (2-9) we will be called to play the "experts". I personally think they will be easy because they pack there decks wit like 3 fissures n trap holes (crap to us). But on other hand they had some good stuff like 3 mechanical chasers n 3 Goblin attack forces. Other than that they weren't that great. The only reason why only 7-10 people beat them was because 99% of the people who played them were little kids who had no "game" lol.


Dueling Field (free play)- Our favorite part of the tour. Why you ask? because this is where we won like all these holos by playing for keeps. Other things you can do here are 1) take the really cool small pens 2) take the pads of paper or 3) take everything .


Training Zone- This station would of sucked if it had not been for the people that teach you how to play. Note: we know how to play we just wanted the little sticker for our badge. Here we met this cool black dude named Dennis ( u will probably meet him if u go he gots dread locks) this dude was crazy and cool probably because he was talking really fast and was acting weird.


****Then we met the hot chick, Nichole***** If you want to know what she looks like you can get a picture of her in the other mall report she is the one in the last picture on the left hand column. You really can't see that much of her, but wait till u see her in the mall. My friends think she was hitting on me while we were "learning" AKA not paying attention. Maybe i'll buy her a pretzel tomorrow lol.


King of Games (mini tournament)- Basically all you do is play in a mini tournament and if you win three times you get a sticker (2 total- 1 for entering n 1 for winning 3 times). Also if you lose you can try again. Other than that nothing special.


Arcade- We spent like 5 seconds here just to get the sticker. Here u can see the new ps2 game in action, but u cant play it. You can also play eternal duelist soul for GBA. Alread have it so we didn't play.


Trivia- Here all you do is answer trivia questions like name the character/monster. If you get it right you get a pack of cards, but your chances of getting picked are pretty slim because the host only picks lil kids.


Other- If you find a dude taking a survey, do it! When you complete it you get a free pack of cards.


if any one wants to know we represent JMC, check out their website at Thats where we play if you want a challenge.


Props to:

Nichole (you know why, send us an email if u see this)

Mikes dad for the ride

Kids that gave us their cards especially the two black dudes that gave us their raigeki and other stuff.

The mall and upperdeck

Us for being great

Pojo for posting this

Deniss for being cool


Slops to:

People that we lost to (like 2-5 people)

The expert duelist for not picking us

People who talked trash about beating us and then got rolled.

Mike for not getting any cards

Matt Cooper for being there


Well that is all. If you got any questions or comments email me at or instant message me at candiemansk710

were are out