Tournament Report for 2/1/03 115-05 Atlantic Ave. Richmond Hills

Infernos carnival:


giant rat1x

magician of faith2x

cyber jar1x

man-eater bug2x

hyabusa 1x


crass clown2x

wall of L 1x

mask of darkness1x

Dream clown 3x




mystical space2x

dark hole1x

snatch steal1

xmalevolent uzzler2x


Black pendant1x

heavy storm2x

axe of d. 1x

noble man of c. 2x

pot of g.1x

Change of heart1x

swords of r light1x

monster reborn1x

premature b. 1x



trap hole 1x

mirror force1x

cease fire 1x

dust tornado 1x

gravity bind1x


call of the haunted1x

imperial order1x

Round 1: I versed some kid who a beat down he was pretty good I beat him easily once then it got harder he pulled an annoying Jinzo but I got it of the field with I think dark hole and after that it was over for him.

Round2: I versed a newbie it was easy I stopped all his moves and he never attacked me

round 3: As far as I got Bid Q got his revenge on me for last week I took jinzo he played heavy storm then the next duel imperial order had me on lock down nex t week he will pay.

Props to I guess vj and edmond for gettin so far

slops to big Q cause I saved him in the second round bye askin about a card and he ow’d me a favor