Subject: Stall Deck...?,Justin,3 J's card shop, Anaheim California 2-1-02

Three Jay's Tournament
A lot of people

My first tournament report I doubt that you guys will put it up for some unknown reason but here it is anyway.

My Deck

Normal Monsters
La Jinn x 3
Harpies Brother x 2
Giant Soldier of Stone x 1

Tribute Monsters
Summonded Skull x 1
Jinzo x 1

Effect Monsters
Wall of Illusion x 3
Witch of the Black Forest x 1
Cyber Jar x 1
Nimble Momanga x 3
Magician of Faith x 1
Sangan x 1
Goblin Attack Force x 1
Morphing Jar # 2 x 2
Jirai Gumo x 1
Cannon Soldier x 1
Mask of Darkness x 1

Magic Cards
Swords of Reavling Light x 1
Dark Hole x 1
Fissure x 2
Heavy Storm x 1
Nobleman of Crossout x 1
Giant Trunade x 1
Monster Reborn x 1
Change of Heart x 1
Pot of Greed x 1

Magic Drain x 1(Im not good enough for a Magic Jammer....)
Dust Tornado x 1
Solemn Judgment x 1
Mirror Force x 1
Ceasefire x 1
Imperial Order x 1
Gravity Bind x 3
Waboku x 1
Trap Hole x 1

I think my deck name says it all I try to deck them out and if not wait till I can get some power out.

Round 1: Me vs a Newbie Kid.
Duel 1: This was an easy duel for me I started out playing my normal defensive style untill I drew some of my good cards. I played heavystorm to clear my gravity bind and all of his magic/traps I played dark hole clearing the field and then played Monster Reborn to bring back his Summoned Skull I killed off earliar. I did about 5000 damage with Summoned Skull alone. He played Snatch Steal on the Summoned Skull so I flipped Imperial Order I paid the cost of 700 LP and then sacrificed the Summoned Skull for Jinzo and finished him off from there.
Duel 2: It was about the same thing except I killed him with me weak Nimble Momangas and Giant Soldier of Stone easy enough for now.

Round 2 Me vs another Newbie Kid-sigh-
Duel 1: Ok this kid wasnt that much of a newbie but I couldnt get anything on the field because of his darn monster removel deck but of course I reverted to my secondary strat and decked him out heh.
Duel 2:Almost the same thing except I was able to at the end to Onslaught him with my monsters because his last 10 cards I believe were all magic/traps that couldnt save him he told me because I had just killed his Sangan and he had nothing to take out.

Round 3:Me vs Dung!! I think he is ranked 26 in the US/Canada....
Duel 1: I think he got a really bad hand all monsters. It was an onslaught I just smoked him in 3 rounds with La Jinn's/ Harpies Bro's but......
Duel 2: He worked me so fast it wasnt even funny I had no chance of winning all he did was bust out his counters and man eater bugs on what ever I played which screwed me over big time.
Duel 3: Alright the whole match was the same untill the end. I had Swords on the field with gravity bind face down...he plays MST on my face down gravity bind which ticked me off. And then he flipped over Imperial Order which negated my swords. and cleared the field well I think it was already flipped because he had just paid 700 LP score was 200 him and 1300 me....I had one chance left I need my dust tornado so that I could end his Imperial Order when it was his turn and swords would continue for another 2 turns. and when I drew.........I got......GIANT TRUNADE!! Ahh man if only Imperial Order wasnt out my swords would have worked......darn...oh well..

Well that was my report I lost in the 3rd round...I got my tournament pack and got Junk darn....