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Beatdown from hell
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Zion, IL
64 participants

Ok this tournament takes place on 2/1/03.  It is a 64-man tournament and the competition is good.  I started this season and taught my friends now they are my competition and slow my victories.

My deck

7 colored fish X 3 (fish of death)
La Jinn X 2 (death is my command)
Harpie Brother X2 (killer with style)
Dark Elf X 2 (oh dang all those 1800 atk monsters and you can't touch me)
Gearfried X 1 (snatch steal? what were you thinking?!)
Man-Eater Bug X 3 (Summoned Skull...mmmm..yummy!)
Wall of Illusion X 3 (lose 50 and back to your hand sucker!)
Magician of Faith X 2 (one Raigeki isn't good enough for this duel)
Goblin Attack Force X 1 (You won't live to see another day)
Cyber Jar X 1( bye bye Barrell Dragon, Summoned Skull, and Blue Eyes)
4-Starred Ladybug of Doom X 1 (a total of 9000 atk all down the drain)
Barrell Dragon X 1 (I'll destroy your cyber jar and atk for 2600 directly)
Summoned Skull X 1 (Try and get past this beast of a creature)

Total: 23 monsters

Magic Cards:
Nobleman of Crossout X 2 (no playing defense for you)
Card Destruction X 1 (whoops! there goes my Barrell Dragon)
Monster Reborn X 1 (Oh here it is I got it.  With no tributes!)
Dark Hole X 1 (First everyone has to go then I'll attack)
Raigeki X 1 (dang you had such a good force too)
Snatch Steal X 1 (nice Summoned Skull, mind if i borrow it)
Exchange X 1 (Here have a dark elf, I'll take your Raigeki)
Change of Heart X 1 (Wow! a man-eater bug I'll chose to kill your Barrell Dragon)
Premature Burial X 1 (Goblin Attack Force is back and pissed!)
Mystical Space Typhoon X 1 (Oh sorry was that your Mirror Force?)
Heavy Storm X 1 (There goes your Call of the Haunted, Mirror Force, and Premature Burial)
Swords of Revealing Light X 1 (I bet you would like to kill my  Goblin Attack Force)
Pot of Greed X 1 (nice, a dark elf and a Raigeki, I think I can use that)
Axe of Despair X 1 (Your Summoned Skull is no match for my La Jinn)

Total:  15 magic cards

Trap Cards:
Imperial Order X 1 ( Raigeki, I think not)
Mirror Wall X 1 (Blue Eyes just killed himself by attacking my Harpie Brother)
Mirror Force X 1 (nice attack, maybe next time)
Call of the Haunted X 1 (you only have 200 lp left ok lose another 1800 real quick)

total: 4 trap cards

deck total: 42 cards

Side Deck:

Remove Trap
Ring of Magnetism
Share the Pain
Soul Release
Rush Recklessly
Magic Jammer
Minor Goblin Official
Ultimate Offering
Lightforce Sword
Shadow Of Eyes
Trap Master
Morphing Jar #2
Witch of the Black Forest
Mystical Space Typhoon

side deck total: 15 cards

Ok the tournament Report... finally.  This tournament was very important to me.  I just started this season and was getting my butt kicked by the previous champion.  He was in the top 10 in the world.  I got better and caught up to his score.  I now am only 214pts on upperdeck from him.  A win is 254pts.  I need to win this and do better than him in next two weeks to be store champion.  The trophy came in from season 1 and I wanted it so bad I could taste it, but with a 64-man tournament it was gonna be hard.

Round 1:
Me vs. Starter deck boy

Ok in this duel i went first and set down a man-eater bug and imperial order.  He put down a gay monster with like a 1400 atk and attacked.  So now there is an empty field and I place down a dark elf and attack directly.  He is amazed at the attack of this creature and plays a card in defense mode(dang straight!).  I play nobleman of crossout, attack for 2000 and set down a magician of faith. He again plays a card in defense mode.  I flip the MOF to regain Nobleman of Crossout.  I then throw down a Harpie Brother and after destroying his face-down card with NOC I attack with all 3 monsters for a 4100 attack. Game over.
duel 1: me: 5000, him: 0

duel 2:
Ok he chose to go first and plays a La jinn in attack mode thinking he has me.  I'm like ok whatever, snatch steal, throw down a La Jinn of my own and attack for 3600.  He then gains 1000lp.  He sets down a man-eater bug and thinks he has me due to a grin on his face.  I play Raigeki, summon Harpie Brother and attack with all 3 monsters for 5400.  Wait! That's exactly how much he had left. Oops! you lose.  2-turn victory!!
duel 2: me: 8000, him: 0

round 2:
me vs kid whose motto is "the best offense is a good defense"

duel 1:
I end up going second this round and he has already set 2 trap cards and 1 monster in defense mode.  I think nothing of it and attack it with a harpie brother.  I lose 200lp. Dangit! who plays with defense cards? I guess it will work for a while.  I keep playing attacking monsters and he keeps laying defense ones.  I am lowered to 7200 lp from attacking but my next card is the last card I'll need for the plan I was counting on.  Heavy Storm! I call and with a red face he removes his puny trap cards (reinforcements, two-pronged attack, trap hole<--why didn't he use this I don't know).  I then yell Raigeki! hahaha I'll attack with all four of my monsters leaving you only with 800lp.  He sets a card down in defense and ends his turn.  I draw my card and he says forget it, it's over and picks up a man-eater bug off the field. 
duel 1: me: 7200 him: forfeit at 800

duel 2:
He goes first again and plays a guy in face-up attack mode! Wow haven't seen that one yet from this guy.  It was a 7-colored fish I was surprised but pleased.  I played change of heart on his card, only to sacrifice it for my Summoned Skull. I attacked for 2500 directly.   I then set call of the haunted just in case. Sure enough he played fissure on me.  Thinking it was a clear shot he attacked with a battle of the haunted my Summoned Skull haha.  He ended his turn knowing he couldn't kill my SS.  I set down my Gearfried and attacked with both.  He set down a card in defense.  It was lucky for me because I had been waiting patiently since my first hand was dealt to use my Nobleman of Crossout.  I played it and summoned a wall of illusion because it was my only card that was worth attacking with in my hand.  I attacked with all 3 ending the game.
duel 2: me 8000 him: 0

round 3: (The store champion was put out this round! Yes victory will be mine.  The trophy this season shall belong to me, if I can win.)
me vs. Triumphant Tributer

This kid relies on Tribute cards. He has like 3 summoned skulls, 2 blue eyes white dragons, 2 Beast of Talwars, and all 3 pieces to Gate Guardian. I know this will be easy.  I first set down a man-eater bug.  He sets down a defense card thinking next turn it will be tributed.  I flip the man-eater bug (killing his monster), summon my Goblin Attack force and attack with both. Then I set my favorite trap card.  He plays another monster this time hoping to do some lp damage to me.  He attacks my man-eater bug, only to be mirror forced!  The next turn i sacrifice them both for barrell dragon and attack for 2600.  I feel it's almost over.  He played soul exchange on me and summoned a Beast of Talwar.  No attack of course b/c he couldn't.  This is where it ends.  I draw my card, it was a magician of faith. no use right now but funny to use just to make the kid feel stupid.  I change of heart his BOT, summon Magician of Faith and attack with both to win the game.
duel 1: me 8000, him: 0

duel 2:
He promised me this time I wouldn't be so lucky.  With a small deck like mine luck doesn't matter that much.  His deck though resembled the Sears Tower.  He allowed me to go first as if it mattered to me.  I played my 4-starred Ladybug in defense and set Imperial Order.  In his turn he plays Dark Hole (Wow! was that your plan, I should have thought of that one before)....Imperial Order! His Dark Hole shrinks to nothing as it is sent to the graveyard.  He set a card down in defense too.  I didn't know really what to do b/c I knew it was a defense card of 2000 and I couldn't kill it so i set a cyber jar.  He set another card in defense.  I guess he was planning for the big one. I simply flip cyber jar gaining 4 1800 monsters and an axe of despair (nice!).  He has one aqua madoor and all tribute monsters(that's what he gets for having so many).  I add the axe to one monster set a man-eater bug from my hand and attack first w/ the equipped monster then for 5400.  He played dark hole. I was pissed but oh well. He monster reborned my monster and sacrificed it for Summoned Skull.  He attacked me for 2500.  I drew my card and to my relief it was a wall of illusion!  I set the wall and he attacked it.  Haha it is sent back to your hand.  Next turn I grab card destruction.  I get 3 cards and he had 4.  I got a monster reborn, MoF, Snatch Steal, Mystical space typhoon.  I reborned his skull and attacked with that and my Magician of Faith for another victory due to the 300 atk of the MoF.
round 2: me: 5500 him: 0

Round 4: quarterfinals
me vs. beatdown with B. Skull

This kid used to play exodia until he got beat too much.  He is pretty good and is familiar with common tactics when it comes to making decks.  His only flaw is using fusion cards.

duel 1:  I have only attacking monsters, monster reborn and change of heart.  I summon a La Jinn and end my turn.  He sets 2 trap cards, summons a Goblin Attack force and Attacks.  I play harpie brother and attack his Goblin Attack Force while it is in defense.  He flips his trap cards to see what they were.  I saw a mirror force but he didn't play it.  I then played monster reborn but was countered with call of the grave.  I wasn't surprised b/c he was a collector too.  He has a MechanicalChaser somewhere in his deck.  He first plays Premature Burial and then summons another Goblin.  Attacks with both, I take 2800 damage.  I summon my last attacking monster and attack. Mirror Force!  He then plays swords of revealing light and ends his turn. I played heavy storm, change of heart on his goblin that has been in defense for awhile and attacked his other one.  Then I set a 4-starred Ladybug.  He summons a La Jinn, attacks, dies, and ends.  I play premature burial myself on a 1800atk monster, summon a wall of illusion and attack with both.  He attacked summoned a monster but didn't attack. I just played snatch steal and won the game.
duel 1: me: 3900 him: 0

duel 2:
I attacked him one after another with 1800 monsters b/c my hand contained mirror force, nobleman of crossout, Raigeki, and attacking monsters.  It was over in minutes.
duel 2: me 7800 him: 0

Round 5: semi-finals

me vs. Beatdown w/ trap holes

Trap holes are my worst nightmare.  I hate them.  This kid used to suck but I helped him fix his deck now he screws me over in the finals alot. 

duel 1:
He goes first and sets 2 trap cards and summons a 1800 atk monster.  I summon a dark elf but got trap holed.  He summons another monster and brings me to 4400 lp quick.  I play mst on his other trap which was call of the haunted then set a man-eater bug.  He set a card of his own and attacked.  I killed the monster who was about to attack to save my lp.  Next turn I played nobleman of crossout (it was a MoF), Swords of revealing light, and set a wall of illusion. He summoned another monster. I set a MEB and he again summoned a monster.  I thought he was screwed b/c next i set a 4-starred Ladybug which would kill all his guys.  Turn 3 of swords he summons again.  That was alot of attack i was about to face.  I drew Mirror Force (nice! what a life saver).  He played change of heart on my wall of Illusion and sacrificed it for Summoned Skull! UH-OH! 4 1800 monsters and Summoned Skull:(  He played Raigeki and attacked.  I acted scared, asked how much attack it was then pissed him off to reveal my trap card. MIRROR FORCE!!! After that I dominated by reborning his Skull, and playing MEB, Nobleman of crossout's, and destroying his field. 
duel 1: me:4400 him: 0

duel 2:
It was an all out war of equal attacking monsters until he summoned a Skull, call of the haunted a Goblin Attack Force, Premature Burialed a Harpie Brother, and dominated all over me.
duel 2; me: 0 him: 2200

duel 3:
Again it was an war of equality. We descimated our hands until we were relying on our next cards.  I won it by attacking with wall of illusions b/c he would attack but leave his lp wide open.
duel 3: me: 3800 him: 0
(this match was a close one...I got scared)

Round 6: Finals

me vs. Beatdown

This kid was the first ever to beat the previous champion and was pretty good.  This tourny was his first ever in which his deck included a mirror force.

duel 1: He went first and set a card.  I played dark hole and attacked.  He set another card and a trap card.  I played Raigeki, summoned another attacking monster and attacked...Waboku! Dangit!   He set yet again another card.  I attacked this one before summoning and it was Cyber Jar. I got 3 monsters, a Heavy storm, and an axe.  I attacked his 1800 with mine and ended.  He set his trap cards down and summoned a Skull.  He attacked me for 700 (no biggy).  I played heavy storm and he countered it with Imperial Order.  I set a man-eater bug and switched my guys to defense.  He attacked one of my harpie Brothers as a safe move and let me go.  I got a snatch steal.  So i used it on his Skull flipped my MEB to destroy one of his face down MEB's and flipped my remaining 7-colored fish to attack.  I attacked first for 700 to his monster, then 1800, then 450.  He summoned a fish of his own and attacked my MEB.  I again summoned a monster attacked with all 3.  He set a card as a last resort hoping to save himself.  I just Nobleman of Crossouted it and won.
duel 1: me: 5950 him: 0

duel 2:
This time cyber jar screwed me over I only got one monster and he Raigeki'd it.  He had an attacking monster and a face-down monster.  I had a good hand though.  I played change of heart on his face-down, snatch steal, on the face-up and sacrificed both of them for my favorite Barrell Dragon.  I added an axe of despair and attacked directly for 3600lp.  He then played snatch steal on me but instead of attacking he sacrificed it for a Summoned Skull (idiot).  All I had though were attacking monsters so I set one.  He destroyed it and attacked directly, soon his force built up and he won.
duel 2: me 0: him: 5700

duel 3:
This was tense I needed to win so I could catch up to be store champion of the season. For all those who don't know Upperdeck is at the end of Season 2 and I wanted the store trophy so bad. This was my chance since the previous champion was easy prey for me now.

Well I went first and set a wall of Illusion and a mirror force.  He attacked but I mirror forced it.  I then attacked next turn for 1800.  He saw that I didn't flip my card so he hoped it was a cyber jar and attacked it. HAHA you lose 50 lp more and it goes to your hand. next I attacked for 4600 (Harpie Brother, the wall of Illusion, and La Jinn).  he played dark hole and attacked me for 1800.  I set my favorite lifesaver 4-starred Ladybug.  He summoned another attacking monster and attacked...killed both Harpie bro and 7-colored fish.  I then attacked with my gearfied winning the game! I won the tournament and now am only 13pts away from first in the store with still 2 weeks remaining!  The trophy is now closer to my grasp.

I got a tournament rare I needed for my collection.
To Bill the cardshop guy for holding such big tournys
To the cardshop for having such a great selection for me to build my deck with
To my friend Cody for eliminating Erik in the third round (previous champ, current loser)
To myself for winning the tournament
To myself for Mirror Forcing David's huge army of monsters (haha!)

To Five Souzand for not showing up to our tournament to get beat
To the fact that Erik still made it to the third which leaves him still in the lead
To the Juniors in the tournament for making the job of Floor Judge a living hell
To Kung Fu Axe Demon for being to much of a panzy to show up to our tournys b/c
he always loses.  Libertyville sux!

Well thanks for reading my report.  You can email me with any questions at
I am online all the time and will write back within a day.