Psycho Circus, Brandon, A World of Books, San Leandro, Ca


Monsters Tribute:

1. Android Psycho Shocker


Lvl 4 lower monsters effect:

2. Dream Clown

3. Dream Clown

4. Dream Clown

5. Crass Clown

6. Crass Clown

7. Crass Clown

8. Man-eater bug

9. Man-eater bug

10. Man-eater bug

11. Magician of Faith

12. Magician of Faith

13. Magician of Faith

14. White Magical Hat

15. White Magical Hat

16. White Magical Hat



19. Black Forest Witch

20. Cyber pod

21. Shining Friendship (No I am not just throwing it in for kicks, it helps.)


Magic Cards:

22. Tribute to the Doomed

23. Tribute to the Doomed

24. Messenger of Peace

25. Messenger of Peace

26. Sealing Swords of Light

27. Thunder Bolt

28. Jar of Greed

29. Black Hole

30. Change of Heart

31. Monster Reborn

32. Share the Pain


Trap Cards:

33. Trap Hole

34. Trap Hole

35. Magic Drain

36. Magic Drain

37. Gravity Bind

38. Holy Barrier

39. Magic Jammer

40. Imperial Decree


Total: 40


Date: 02/09/03 (Official Sanctioned Tournament)


1st match me vs. some kid from Intermediate (Wtf is this)


I donít even wanana describe this duel Ill just say this kid did not dent my life points in 1 bit both duels.





2nd match Me vs. Ionno whats this guys name either (People jus comin out of no where)


On this one I expected a challenge since he beat Geraldine. So thatís what I got an ok challenge.


1st Duel

Start out the usual hand some clowns man eater and a drain. Set man-eater down along with a trap hole and 1 drain. He puts a monster face down I man-eater it go white-magical hat Discard. He puts another monster down then I summon a dream clown and play messenger of peace. Next few turns I Basically goes on the same he gets in a few hits cannon soldier and but I keep removing. Then it comes down to a point where im at bout 2400 and hes at 2900. Drains been forever nothing good to use it on he tries to bring back a Jinzo which he discarded but with no hand he couldnít stop the drain. He now has no hand Im in control of the duel I beat him in this turn by Reviving my Jinzo and Summoning a Shining Friendship to hit him for the win.


2nd duel

Bah Bad hand 3 magicians and no other monsters whats this. So basically through out the whole duel we are trading hits in and out. It comes down to a point where im at 1000 and hes at like 2350. I play a messenger to stop his Jinzo which was like the only monster forever. But with all my good cards like mass removal at the bottom I couldnít hold out with messenger of peace long enough to take out the Jinzo. He wins this one.


3rd duel

Close one.Start with the Usual a Dream Clown in attack mode with a gravity bind to protect it. He plays cannon soldier to try and kill it but the gravity is too heavy for his soldier to move in for the attack. So then I kill it by shifting the summoning another dream clown in attack mode to attack him. He then proceeds by stealing my clown and using it against me I donít like that. He has it for 2 turns then I put a crass facedown and then bring it back to my hand got 2000 and the clown back what a deal. The I basically start controlling his hand with White Magical Hats. Then proceed to the win with The Master of Mayhem (a.k.a Android Psycho Shocker a.k.a Jinzo).


3rd Match Me vs. Marcus


He basically just plays a beatdown with some other stuff in it like nobleman of exterminations and stuff.


1st Duel


This duel goes straight to me. I come out with gravity bind which basically stops him while my clowns and hats go to work. There were some points where he tried to turn the game on his side like when he got my Jinzo and used it against me, yea that didnít last long. Eventually I got back my Android Psycho Shocker and won the game with it.


2nd Duel

This is one of those were hits were traded on and off. Eventually he won by taking and removing all my stuff. Messengers or the bind didnít come through for me.


3rd Duel

Alright this one is just weird half the time I just get my stuffed used against me. The Clowns turned on its master. I have bout 400 lp I draw a pot of greed hoping to get a game breaking card dosenít help. I place my hand over the deck and concede the duel.


Aim: AzNBrAd876



Sup to all Duelist at World of books.

Shout out to all Xperts at A world of books. Donald, Jeff, Kevin, Alan, Steffon, Geraldine, Serf, Edmond, Nick, Marcus