Subject: Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament Report

Subject:  Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament Report by Kid Echo

Deck Name:  The Porcelain Potty

Location:  Heroes Comics and Collectibles in Sugar Land, TX

Entry Fee: $3.00  Prize: percentage of all entry fees paid

# of Participants: about 20

Official Upper deck Tournament


Deck:  40


Monsters: 19

2 Summoned Skull

2 Dark Elf

2 La Jinn

2 7 Colored Fish

2 Cannon Soldier

2 Wall of Illusion

2 Hane- Hane

2 Man-Eater Bug

1 Witch of the Black Forest

1 Magician of Faith

1 Cyber Jar


Magic: 13

1 Dark Hole

1 Change of Heart

1 Pot of Greed

1 Monster Reborn

1 Snatch Steal

1 Heavy Storm

1 Giant Trunade

1 Nobleman of Crossout

1 Tribute to the Doomed

1 Megamorph

1 Card Destruction

2 Fissure


Trap: 8

1 Mirror Force

1 Ceasefire

1 Imperial Order

1 Solemn Judgment

1 Dust Tornado

1 Waboku

2 Trap Hole



This morning I was watching Yu-Gi-Oh, and for some reason I just felt the need to change my beatdown deck. So I took out a Summoned Skull, Sangan, and 2 Harpies Brother. I put in 2 Cannon Soldier and 2 Wall of Illusion (don’t ask me why… I was just bored). I also took out 2 Magic Drain, because it sucks a*s, and put in 2 Trap Hole. Now, you’re probably wondering about the deck name. First of all a porcelain potty is a toilet. My deck has so much monster removal (17 cards last time I counted) that I send a lot of monsters down the proverbial “toilet”. I have a theory about how much monster removal should be in a beatdown deck, maybe I’ll write an essay about it later. When I get to Heroes to sign up they tell me that there is now an Advanced Bracket and that I have to play in it. They made an Advanced Bracket so that all the newbies would get a chance to duel, otherwise they would be knocked out in the 1st Round by the better duelist as usual. Anyways, on to the tournament.


Round 1: Kid Echo vs. Garrett (or something like that) beatdown deck


Garrett is good, it’s just that he gets really cocky and it sometimes clouds his judgment

In the first duel I didn’t pull any useable monsters until my fourth turn. Good thing I pulled Mirror Force, Waboku, and my other monster removal magic. He hits me once for 1800 with a La Jinn. I finally get a Wall of Illusion and I set it. He attacks it and gets his La Jinn sent back to him. Here comes my all time favorite move. I trib Wall for Summoned Skull, equip Megamorph, and proceed to jack him up with it. I forgot everything else after this, but I won.

4600 – 0


In the second duel Garrett gets the ULTIMATE hand, or so he says… He shows his hand to everyone in the store, and they all gawk at the power of his cards. I only laugh at him, because in my hand I have a Change of Heart, Dark Hole, Fissure, and a Trib to the Doomed. So, I’m like, “Whatever man, just play”. For about five turns he brags about how he’s gonna win, all the while he’s making no progress. He only had hit me for 400 when he killed my Cannon Soldier. Once again I get to use my all time favorite move. Yup, you guessed it… A Summoned Skull with a Megamorph. Once Again I hit him for 5000 LP. Some other stuff happens and he ends up with 50 LP. I could have beat him, but I still wanted to see his ULTIMATE hand. I allow him to bring me down to 3150, but he still hasn’t impressed me with anything from his hand. I start to get annoyed, so I proceed to posterize him with my Dark Elf.

2150 – 0


Round 2: Kid Echo vs. Law (beatdown deck)


Man… This is starting to get old. He has eliminated me 3 of the last 4 tournaments.

In this duel we trade blows so quickly that I forget everything that happens. He wins with about 1000 LP to spare.


In the second match I get to hit him with a Skull with a… yeah you guessed it… a Megamorph equipped. We start killing each other’s monsters left and right. Neither of us can keep a monster on the field for more than a turn. He turns both of my Summoned Skulls on me by using Monster Reborn and then he flips Magician of Faith and uses it again. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. He wins with 450 LP left.

450 – 0


Oh well… On to Props and Slops



To Heroes for making an Advanced Bracket

To Summoned Skull, “You’re still my best friend”

To Megamorph. Is this card hilarious or what?

To Law for beating me once again

To me for only spending $3.00. It’s a new record for least money spent.



To Heroes for not making an Advanced Bracket when I was a newbie. I had to learn the hard way.

To me for not bringing my trade bait.

To Law for beating me once again. “I shall beat you some day”


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